Where Do You Go To Bed Survey

Ever thought about doing it somewhere other than on a mattress? Well turns out you are not alone. Plenty of women do too.

Curious to see just where women most fantasise about having sex, Sleep Cupid asked 3,000 adult women in the US and UK about the places they most wanted to have sex. We even threw in a couple of other interesting questions about women's fantasies.

See the results for yourself below…

Top Places Women Fantasise About Having Sex

Partners, you may wish to consider the stairs next time to be adventurous. Stairs took out the number 1 spot for places women fantasise about having sex.

Big events like weddings came in third place. Women surveyed indicated joining the mile high club was a popular fantasy too.

The office claimed a place as well…we will see why shortly…

Top Places Women Fantasise About By Sexual Orientation

Women's fantasises depend heavily on sexual orientation. Bisexual women were most interested in trying it on the beach and showed a preference for bathrooms.

Gay women told us they were most open to doing it in garages and closets but were not as keen on a little fun at a big event.

Doing it on the stairs was universally well liked by all sexual orientations we surveyed.

Straight women were most likely to fantasise about having sex at a big event.

Women Who Fantasised About Office Colleagues

Survey results show the office romance is still alive and well – at least in many women's fantasises. Most women who completed the survey admitted to having fantasised about office colleagues.

But that was hardly shocking compared to the next question we asked….and answers we got…

Women Who Fantasised About Having Sex With the Boss

Yes that's right…many women do think about having sex with a boss. 71.3% of women reported that they had fantasised about having sex with the boss. 

Some of those rumors you hear at the office may be true after all…

But here is what stops many women…

What Stops Women Following Through on Fantasises

Just because we think about doing something…does not mean we can.

When Sleep Cupid asked women what stopped them following through on fantasies – there were many reasons given.

The HR department and presumably being fired weighed heavily on most women's minds – which is understandable. No one wants to risk losing their job.

Many women (39.8%) answered that they were in a relationship and this prevented them going outside the relationship. Loyalty is still alive and well.

Public shaming came in third place. With the popularity of social media and how quickly rumors spread, public shaming is a real threat for any modern woman.

Time of Day Most Women Think About Sex

Survey respondents think about sex in the morning but by lunchtime thoughts turned to having something to eat.

Results show that food comes before sex for most of us. Lunchtime was not popular for thinking about sex. No food, no energy right?

The afternoon and evening are the most heightened times of day for women's sexual thoughts. This is only natural with women preparing to finish work most days, going out in the evening or back home to partners.

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