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Best Soft Mattress 2019

See the expert's choice for side sleepers, memory foam and luxury
Andy David
Guide by Andy DavidUpdated September 2019

Our Review Process & Trust Policy

Our team researched and analyzed over 150,000 verified mattress customer reviews. We tested and sleep trialed mattresses to help with research. We’re committed to honesty and trust – showing you the truth about mattresses. This research is made possible by our readers. When readers use our links to make a purchase, we receive referral fees that fund our research.

Quick Summary - Best Soft Mattress Ratings (2019)

To help you find the best soft mattress, we read over 150,000 genuine mattress customer reviews. Our top recommendations are based on verified customer reviews and our mattress testing.

If you need more information and details, below are reviews for each mattress.

Best Soft Mattress Reviews

Novosbed is a quality memory foam mattress with a competitive price. It is popular with lightweight sleepers who like a body-hugging feel.
  • Soft Option – The soft option provides good support and pressure relief. It works well for back and side sleepers.
  • Joint Pain Relief – Many customers report joint pain relief. People say pain in their hips and shoulders disappeared.
  • Free Firmness Adjustment – Buyers can request a free firmness adjustment kit during the trial period. This allows customers to fine-tune the level of comfort.


  • High-quality memory foam mattress
  • Soft option suitable for lightweight sleepers
  • Free Comfort+ Kit firmness adjustment


  • Weak edge support (like most foam beds)
  • Above average price for memory foam
  • Memory foam material can sleep hot
Brooklyn Aurora is a high-quality hybrid mattress that is made in the USA. The soft option provides great pressure relief for side sleepers.
  • Pressure Relief – Memory foam gives pressure relief around the hips and shoulders. Pocket coils add extra support for side sleepers of all body weights.
  • Excellent Cooling – Customers who get hot at night say Aurora keeps them cool. The mattress is one of the best on the market for cooling.
  • Hybrid Design – The hybrid design has a soft yet supportive feel. Quality memory foams hug the body. Pocket coils keep the spine in perfect alignment.


  • Pressure relief for side sleepers
  • Good back and joint pain relief
  • Great temperature regulation


  • More expensive than budget brands
  • Thick mattress is a problem for some
  • Delivery delays occasionally happen
Layla is a great value, dual firmness memory foam mattress. Customers can flip the bed over to get a soft or firm feel.
  • Great Comfort – The soft side of the mattress contours to the body to relieve pressure. Customers of different body weights report great comfort.
  • Copper-Infused Foam – Layla’s memory foam layers are infused with copper. This is said to have health and cooling benefits.
  • Good Value – The mattress costs $599 for a Twin. This is an excellent value for a high-quality memory foam mattress.


  • Great motion isolation for couples
  • High-density, durable foam layers
  • Good pressure relief and back support


  • Copper foam can still sleep hot
  • Weak edge support for couples
  • Soft side can still be too firm for some
Alexander Hybrid is an affordable, great quality hybrid mattress. The soft option has a plush yet supportive feel.
  • Plush Feel – The soft option provides body-hugging comfort. This works well for people who need good cushioning.
  • Extra Support – Pocket coils provide great support to prevent sagging. The mattress is a good option for heavy people who like a plush feel.
  • Good Value – Alexander Hybrid is well-priced for a quality hybrid mattress. It is more affordable than similar in-store brands.


  • Soft, comfortable and supportive
  • Luxury, highly durable mattress
  • Great value, USA-made hybrid


  • Well-priced, but not a budget brand
  • 30-night minimum trial before returns
  • Slight odor on unboxing (but goes away)
Brooklyn Aurora is a competitively priced, luxury hybrid mattress. It has a soft firmness option that feels plush yet supportive.
  • Comfort & Support – Aurora’s hybrid design provides great comfort and support. Luxury foams reduce joint pain while pocket coils keep the body afloat.
  • Luxurious Design – The mattress is made in the USA from high-quality materials. This gives Aurora a premium look and feel.
  • Great Cooling – Customers say Aurora sleeps cool, even on warm nights. The mattress has great airflow and temperature regulation.


  • Soft yet supportive mattress
  • Sleeps cool on warm nights
  • Luxurious, high-quality hybrid


  • Heavy mattress that is hard to move
  • Taller than most mattresses (13-inch)
  • Good value, but not a budget brand
Alexander Hybrid is a competitively priced, great quality hybrid mattress. The soft firmness option provides a plush, supportive feel for all body weights.
  • Soft Yet Supportive – Customers enjoy the soft yet supportive feel. The hybrid design gives a mix of pressure relief and back support.
  • Bounce & Response – There is good bounce and response on Alexander Hybrid. This makes it popular with couples.
  • Made In USA – The mattress is made in the USA from premium materials. Customers think Alexander Hybrid is a great value.


  • Good quality, affordable hybrid
  • Split firmness options for couples
  • Great durability for all body weights


  • 30-night minimum trial before returns
  • Heavy mattress that is hard to move
  • Delivery delays can happen at busy times
Brooklyn Signature is a great value hybrid mattress with 3 firmness options. The mattress is more affordable than in-store hybrid beds.
  • Excellent Value – The mattress costs $599 for a Twin. This is a lower price than most similar hybrid mattresses.
  • Good Support – The soft option provides good pressure relief for different body weights. Pocket coils prevent sagging and discomfort.
  • Responsive Feel – Customers say the mattress is responsive and easy to move around on. There is no “stuck in the mud” feel on Brooklyn Signature.


  • Great value, affordable hybrid mattress
  • Supports different body weights
  • Cozy feel that relieves pressure well


  • Soft option still too firm for some
  • 30-night minimum trial before returns
  • Sleeps hotter than some hybrid beds
Layla is a quality memory foam mattress that is made in the USA. It provides great comfort and support for different body weights.
  • Dual Firmness – The mattress has a soft side and a firm side. Customers can flip the bed over to fine-tune their comfort.
  • Comfort & Support – Customers report great pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. Layla also provides good back support in different positions.
  • Copper-Infused Foam – Layla is made from high-density, copper-infused foam layers. These have better comfort and cooling than standard foam.


  • 2-in-1 firmness (soft and firm)
  • Works for all sleeping positions
  • Good durability at an affordable price


  • Only 2 firmness options available
  • Weak edge support for couples
  • Soft side has a medium-soft feel
Botanical Bliss is a 100% organic latex mattress. The medium option provides a plush, responsive feel for different sleeping styles.
  • 100% Natural Materials – The mattress is made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. This includes organic latex, wool, and cotton.
  • Supportive & Plush – Natural latex has a plush yet supportive feel. It is easy to move around on and has decent bounce.
  • Competitive Price – Botanical Bliss is a premium quality latex mattress. It is priced competitively and is more affordable than in-store brands.


  • 100% non-toxic, organic materials
  • Good support with a soft feel
  • Natural latex is temperature neutral


  • Not suitable for buyers on a budget
  • No soft firmness option available
  • Heavy and difficult to move mattress
Brooklyn Signature is a good quality, durable hybrid mattress. The soft option provides great comfort and support for heavy people.
  • Pressure Relief – The mattress works well for heavy people who need pressure relief. Heavy side sleepers like Brooklyn Signature’s soft option.
  • Reliable Support – Strong pocket coils keep heavy people afloat. There are few reports of sagging on the mattress.
  • Quality Materials – Brooklyn Signature is made in the USA in a dedicated factory. This ensures a good quality, durable mattress.


  • Strong and supportive for heavy people
  • Good mix of pressure relief and support
  • Great quality, durable hybrid mattress


  • Heavy mattress that is hard to move
  • 30-night minimum trial before returns
  • No split firmness option for couples

Best Soft Mattress Buying Guide

Top 3 Shopping Tips For Soft Mattresses

Before buying a soft mattress, consider mattress type, body weight, and price.

Consider Before Buying:

Mattress Type – Memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses all feel different. The most suitable mattress will depend on many factors.

Body Weight – Lightweight and average weight sleepers find comfort on most mattress types. But heavy sleepers often need a hybrid mattress.

Price – Memory foam is the most affordable option. Latex and hybrid mattresses cost more but have better support.

Buyer’s Pro Tip

Andy David

Andy David

Soft mattresses tend to be best for lightweight sleepers. But heavier side sleepers are also suitable. Choose a supportive mattress that provides good pressure relief.

Andy David

Benefits Of A Soft Mattress

Soft Vs Firm – Lightweight and side sleepers enjoy a soft mattress. Firmer options put more pressure on the hips and shoulders.

Back Pain – For some sleepers with back pain, a soft mattress is a good option. But soft mattresses can sag too much for heavy sleepers.

Couples – Lightweight couples may prefer a soft mattress. But edge support is often weak with soft mattresses.

Mattress Materials For Different Body Weights

It is important to consider body weight alongside mattress materials. This is especially true for sleepers who favor a soft mattress.

Lightweight sleepers have their pick of materials. Including memory foam, which is often a cheaper option.

Heavier sleepers should consider a hybrid mattress. Pocket coils give extra support and keep the body afloat.

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Body Weight

Best Material


Memory foam/latex/hybrid

Average weight


Heavy weight


Soft memory foam mattresses can lack support. Heavy people usually find they sink too far down.
Hybrid mattresses work well for heavy people who like a plush feel. Pocket coils will ensure the body stays afloat.

Soft Mattresses For Back Pain

Sleepers with back pain need good lumbar support. Hybrid mattresses often work best for back pain relief.

Best Option: Hybrid mattresses with pocket coils give the best support. They prevent sagging and keep the spine in alignment.

Worst Option: Soft memory foam is the worst option for sleepers with back pain. The material can sag over time and lead to backache.

Also Consider: Soft mattresses are not always recommended for sleepers with back pain. Consider firmer mattresses with more support.

Side sleepers need good pressure relief. Softer mattresses protect the hips and shoulders to prevent joint pain.

Soft Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need good pressure relief and spinal alignment. Softer mattresses are often the best option for side sleeping.

Best Option: Memory foam is the best material for pressure relief. But heavy side sleepers get better support on hybrid mattresses.

Worst Option: Side sleepers should avoid traditional polyfoam. It sleeps hot and has poor durability.

Also Consider: Latex is a good alternative to memory foam. It is more durable and easier to move around on. But latex is more expensive.

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Side Sleeping Rating


Soft Mattresses For Hot Sleepers

Soft mattresses can trap heat. This is especially true of memory foam beds.

Many mattress brands have features to keep sleepers cool. Hybrid and latex mattresses provide the best temperature regulation.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora and PlushBeds Botanical Bliss are recommended for cooling. They receive the most positive comments from customers.

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Cooling Rating

 Not good

Frequently asked questions

Side sleepers enjoy many soft mattresses. But Novosbed and Brooklyn Bedding Aurora are excellent options.

Stomach sleepers should consider firmer options. Soft mattresses can cause stomach sleepers to sink too far down.

Lightweight sleepers prefer softer mattresses. Memory foam, latex, and hybrids are all good choices.

Heavy weight sleepers and couples should consider hybrid or latex mattresses. Memory foam, latex, and hybrids are suitable for light and average weight sleepers.

Soft mattresses are good for lightweight and side sleepers. But heavy people may enjoy firmer options.

Lightweight couples can be comfortable on a soft mattress. But edge support can be poor.

A hybrid mattress will cost around $1,000 for a Twin. Memory foam is an affordable alternative to latex or hybrid mattresses.