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Best Mattress For Sex 2019

Andy David
Guide by Andy David
Mattress expert Updated Oct 2019

Quick Summary - Best Mattress for Sex Ratings

Sexually active couples need to consider many factors when choosing a mattress. Good response and bounce are important. As is durability and great value pricing.

Online mattress-in-a-box brands are good for sex. And since they ship directly from the factory, they are highly affordable. Most have a risk-free trial that lets couples test the bed at home.

If you need more information and details, below are reviews for each mattress.

Best Mattress For Sex Reviews

DreamCloud is a competitively priced hybrid mattress with medium firmness. It has a luxurious feel to suit most sleeping styles.
  • Great Comfort – The mattress provides great pressure relief and back support. For sexual activity or sleep, DreamCloud is a popular choice.
  • Responsive & Bouncy – Pocket coils give great response and bounce. Couples can move around on the surface with no problem.
  • Good Value – Customers say the mattress is a great value for the quality of materials. It is more affordable than in-store luxury mattresses.
Brooklyn Aurora is a competitively priced hybrid mattress with advanced cooling technology. It is good for couples who get hot during night-time fun.
  • Excellent Cooling – The hybrid design has good airflow. Gel and copper-infused memory foam stop trapped heat.
  • Luxury Feel – The mattress comes in 3 firmness options. This makes it suitable for couples of different body weights.
  • Good Edge Support – There is excellent edge support. This is useful for couples who move around during sex.
Alexander Hybrid is a great value, good quality hybrid mattress. It sleeps cool and provides good bounce and response for sex.
  • Hybrid Construction – Pocket coils and memory foam give a soft yet supportive feel. Sexually active couples enjoy great bounce and response.
  • Great Edge Support – The edges will not sag under heavy weight. This allows couples to use the whole bed.
  • 3 Firmness Options – The mattress comes in 3 firmness options. Couples of different body weights find the mattress comfortable and supportive.
Brooklyn Aurora is a luxury hybrid mattress that is made in the USA. It has a competitive price that appeals to sexually active couples.
  • Affordable Luxury – Couples think the mattress is luxurious, supportive, and comfortable. The price is cheaper than similar in-store brands.
  • Hybrid Design – The hybrid design is great for sex. Pocket coils provide plenty of bounce and response.
  • Sleeps Cool – Aurora is designed to sleep cool. Couples who get hot during sex enjoy the cooling sensation.
Alexander Hybrid is a good value hybrid mattress with great edge support. It works well for couples who like to spread out during sex.
  • Strong Support – Pocket coils give great support across the whole mattress surface. Couples can use all areas of the mattress during sexual activity.
  • Excellent Bounce – The hybrid design gives couples fantastic bounce and response. Customers think Alexander Hybrid is one of the best mattresses for sex.
  • Great Value – The mattress is a great value for the level of quality. Couples get a USA-made mattress at an affordable price.
Brooklyn Signature is an affordable, high-quality hybrid mattress. It is made in the USA and works well for sexually active couples.
  • Excellent Value – Signature costs $599 for a Twin. This is a lower price than most similar competing mattresses.
  • Good Cooling – The mattress has good airflow and cooling foams. Together these help couples stay cool during sex.
  • 3 Firmness Options – The mattress comes in soft, medium, and firm options. This allows couples to choose their perfect feel.
Nectar is a quality memory foam mattress with medium firmness. Responsive foams give decent bounce for a memory foam bed.
  • All-Around Comfort – Most sexually active couples enjoy Nectar. It works for most people and is easy to move around on.
  • Responsive Foams – There is better bounce and response than on most foam beds. This works well for couples who like fun between the sheets.
  • Great Value – The mattress costs around $500 for a Twin. This is excellent value for a good, durable mattress.
Brooklyn Aurora is a hybrid mattress with a soft yet supportive feel. It has 3 firmness options that work well for couples of different sizes.
  • Soft Yet Supportive – The memory foam gives a body-hugging feel. This provides a luxury, supportive sensation during sex.
  • Bounce & Response – Pocket coils give great bounce to the mattress. Responsive foams allow couples to easily move positions.
  • Decent Value – Aurora is not a budget brand. But it is reasonably priced for a high-quality hybrid mattress.
Avocado Green is an eco-friendly, quality hybrid mattress. It has a medium-firm feel that keeps couples afloat during sex.
  • Natural Materials – The mattress has no toxic chemicals or ozone-depleters. Couples who suffer from allergies will get a better night’s sleep.
  • Excellent Cooling – Latex is naturally cooling for sexually active couples. Pocket coils improve the airflow for good temperature regulation.
  • Comfort & Support – Pocket coils and latex give great comfort and support. Couples enjoy bounce, response, and solid back support.
Botanical Bliss is a 100% organic latex mattress with 2 firmness options. The mattress stays firm and supportive during sexual activity.
  • Strong Support – Latex is responsive and keeps the body afloat. Heavy couples will not sink too far down during sex.
  • Height Options – The mattress comes in 3 height options. The tallest 12-inch option provides the best support for sex.
  • Excellent Cooling – Latex is the coolest material for mattresses. Botanical Bliss will not overheat during sexual activity.

Best Mattress For Sex Buying Guide

Top 3 Shopping Tips For Mattresses For Sex

Before buying a mattress for sex, consider overall support, the level of bounce, and cooling properties. This will improve enjoyment and sleep quality.

Consider Before Buying:

Bounce & Response – Responsive mattresses are easy to switch positions on. Bounce is also important for sexually active couples.

Edge Support – Edge support is useful for couples, especially during sex. A mattress with good edge support can make the bed seem larger.

Cooling – Materials like latex provide great cooling. This can stop couples overheating during sexual activity.

Buyer’s Pro Tip

Andy David

Andy David

Choose a mattress with good back support, bounce, and response. Couples who get hot should consider latex or hybrid mattress types.

Andy David

Choosing The Right Firmness For Sexually Active Couples

Couples can often struggle to find the perfect firmness. Suiting both partners can be challenging.

Best Option: Medium firmness is a good compromise. But consider split firmness for a different feel on both sides of the bed.

Worst Option: Soft mattresses are not a good option, except for lightweight couples. For most people, medium or medium-firm options work best.

Consider Body Weight: Heavy couples will need a firmer mattress. Lightweight couples enjoy medium-soft or medium firmness.

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Body Weight



Medium-Soft or Medium

Average weight

Medium or Medium-Firm

Heavy weight

Medium-Firm or Firm

The Best Mattress Choices For Edge Support

Couples who spread out in bed during sex need good edge support. Weak edge support makes a mattress feel smaller and limits movement.

Best Option: Hybrid mattresses with pocket coils usually have good edge support. Most pocket coil systems give support across the whole mattress surface.

Worst Option: Memory foam is the worst option for edge support. These mattresses tend to sag at the edges.

Latex Options: Hybrid latex mattresses have decent edge support. But 100% latex mattresses can sink around the corners of the bed.

Some mattresses have poor edge support. This is uncomfortable for couples who like to spread out in bed.
Mattresses with good edge support work better. Couples can spread out and use more of the mattress surface.

Best Mattress For Bounce & Response

Bounce and responsiveness are useful during sex. A responsive mattress makes it much easier to switch positions.

Best Option: A hybrid latex or hybrid foam mattress is the best option. Pocket coils give good bounce. Latex is also naturally responsive.

Worst Option: A soft memory foam mattress. Mattresses that hug the body are difficult to move around on.

Consider Body Weight: Heavy people need more support and response than lightweight sleepers. So consider body weight alongside other factors.

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 Not good

Best Mattresses For Heavy Couples

Heavy couples need better support and comfort during sex. It is important not to sink too far into the mattress. This can cause back pain.

Best Option: Firm hybrid or latex mattresses give the best support. They also have good bounce and response for sex.

Worst Option: Memory foam mattresses are not recommended for heavy people. The mattress will tend to sag under heavy weight.

Support Is Key: Support is important for heavy couples during sex and sleep. Sagging often leads to aches and pains.

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 Not good
Heavy people can sink too far down on soft mattresses. Over time, this can lead to sagging.
Firm hybrid mattresses work well for heavy couples. They keep the body afloat and ensure good spine alignment.

The Right Mattress Firmness For Sexual Activity

Choosing the right mattress can enhance sexual activity. A suitable mattress will also improve sleep quality.

Best Option: A hybrid mattress works well for most body weights. But couples on a budget should consider responsive memory foam beds.

Worst Option: Soft mattresses are not a good option. For most couples, firmer options are recommended.

Consider Body Weight: Heavy couples will need a firmer, more supportive mattress. This should prevent sagging in the mid-section.

Frequently asked questions

Hybrid mattresses tend to have the best cooling. But natural latex is also good for temperature regulation.

Memory foam mattresses often lack bounce and response. A memory foam hybrid will give more responsiveness.

Latex is the most responsive material for sex. It is easy to move around on and has decent bounce.

A hybrid mattress is usually best for heavyweight couples. Good edge support is also important for heavier sleepers.

Many latex mattresses have the bounce and comfort necessary for sexual activity. Latex provides excellent cooling to prevent overheating.