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Purple PowerBase Review

Andy David
Reviewed by Andy DavidUpdated September 2019

Our Review Process

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Quick Overview

Purple PowerBase is a good quality, feature-rich adjustable bed. It has a 5-speed massage function, zero-gravity setting, and backlit wireless remote.

But there is no risk-free trial period. The price is high compared to budget brands.

  • Good – High-quality, durable base with most features that customers want.
  • Bad – Above average price and no trial period. Customers cannot claim a refund.
  • Buy or not – Buy for innovative features, quick setup, and many incline options. Shoppers on a budget or want a free trial should consider other brands.


  • Excellent zoned massage function
  • 4 programmable preset buttons
  • Strong, durable base with good motors
  • Zero-gravity and anti-snore presets
  • Split king design available for couples


  • No risk-free trial period (and no refund)
  • High price but good quality materials
  • Heavy base (buyers need help with lifting)
  • Setup instructions could be more detailed
  • PowerBase app works on Apple iOS only

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Customer Experience Summary



The base has most features that customers want. But there is no wall-hugging functionality



The quality is good and reflected in the price. Most customers think the base is durable and built to last



The range of features makes the base a good value buy. But the price is higher than many competitor bases



There is a 20-year limited warranty. But full coverage is only available in year 1



The base has good durability. The frame is strong and the components are above average

Ease of setup


Installation is quick and easy. Customers can assemble the base within 15 minutes



There is free shipping to mainland USA. But delivery delays sometimes happen

Motor noise


The motors are quiet. Almost silent. There are few complaints about the sound



The zoned massage function is excellent and better than most competitors. But it turns itself off after 30 minutes of use

Company reputation


Overall Purple has a good company reputation. Customer services are usually helpful

Quality, Feature-Rich Base With Customizable Settings

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Purple PowerBase has many advanced features. It is one of the most feature-rich adjustable bases on the market.

  • Many Features – The base has better features than most competitors. It has a backlit wireless remote, 5-speed massage function, and even a smartphone app.
  • Durable Design – The materials are robust and of good quality. Customers say the base feels strong and supportive.
  • Preset Buttons – The wireless remote has anti-snore, flat position, and zero-gravity preset buttons. Customers can save up to 4 personal incline positions.

Purple PowerBase Feature List



Wireless remote


USB ports


Custom position memory




Zero gravity position


TV recline


Under-bed lighting


Adjustable leg height


Wall hugging


Anti-snore setting


Fast & Easy Installation - Assemble Within 15 Minutes

Installation of the base is easy. Customers can complete the setup within 15 minutes.

The main part of the frame is pre-built. Just attach the legs and plug the base into a wall socket. 

  • Quick Setup – Most people can assemble the base in minutes. Instructions are provided to help with the process.
  • Height Adjustments – The base comes with two sets of adjustable legs: 3-inch and 5.25-inch. These can be used on their own or combined to make the bed taller.
  • Heavy Base – The base is heavy and difficult to move. Most customers need help with lifting.

Purple PowerBase Value

Shoppers think Purple PowerBase is a great value with its many features. But the price is higher than some people want to pay.

  • No Trial Period – There is no risk-free trial available. Customers must decide whether the value is worth the investment.
  • Above Average Price – The base is more expensive than budget brands. But the price is in line with other quality adjustable bases.
  • Financing Available – Customers who want to spread the cost can apply for 0% APR finance. This is popular for buyers on a budget.

Purple PowerBase Pricing And Dimensions

The base is available in Twin XL, Queen, King, and Split King sizes. Prices start from $1,399.

Split King accepts 2 Twin XL size mattresses. This is a good option for couples who want separate incline positions.

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Twin Extra Long (XL)









Split King



Where Is The Purple PowerBase Made?

Purple PowerBase is made in the USA by Reverie. The company makes adjustable bases for different brands.

A few customers worry that the bed is not made by Purple. Some people have concerns about this.

Purple PowerBase Quality

Most customers say Purple PowerBase is high-quality. People like the USA construction and 20-year warranty.

  • Durable Design – The base has a strong metal frame and reliable components. Most customers find the base works for many years.
  • Good Motors – The motors are great quality and almost silent. Reports of defective motors are rare.
  • Weight Capacity – There is an 850 lb weight limit on Purple PowerBase. This shows the bed is strong and durable.

Purple PowerBase Complaints

Most customers are happy with Purple PowerBase. But there are some complaints.

  • Durability Of Components – Some customers worry about the durability of components. There are reports of motors failing. But this is rare.
  • Delivery Delays – A few people report delivery delays. In some cases, customers waited for several weeks.
  • Massage Feature – The massage feature lasts for 30 minutes before switching off. Customers find it annoying to have to turn it back on again.

Trial Period And Full Warranty Details

Sleep trial

Not available


Not available



Purple PowerBase comes with a 20-year limited warranty. But full coverage is only available for 1 year.

Customers are responsible for return transportation costs. After 1 year, replacement parts are subject to a fee.

Risk-Free Trial Details

Purple PowerBase has no risk-free trial available.

Customers cannot test the base and then return it for a refund.

Warranty Details

  • 20-year limited warranty
  • Full materials and parts cover for 1 year
  • Company will repair or replace a defective base

Shipping & Payment

Shipping Method

Ships by courier

Where does the Purple PowerBase ship?

Contiguous United States

White Glove Delivery

Not available

  • Ships by courier (usually UPS or FedEx)
  • Free shipping to the contiguous USA
  • Ships part-assembled in a box
  • White glove delivery is not available

Should You Buy A Purple PowerBase?

Shoppers wanting a good quality adjustable bed should consider Purple PowerBase. It has many popular features and is quick and easy to set up.

But the price is high and there is no trial period available. Customers on a budget should consider other brands.

Consider Before Buying:

  • High Price Tag – The price is higher than budget brands. Shoppers must consider the value against the cost.
  • Good For Couples – Couples can choose the Split King design. This works well for customers who want separate incline positions.
  • Wide Range Of Features – The base has many features, including massage function, a wireless remote and docking station, under-bed lighting, and a smartphone app.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the range of features, Purple PowerBase is a good value. But more affordable adjustable bases are available.

Purple PowerBase works with most mattress in a box brands. But it has been designed to work best with Purple mattresses.

There is a 20-year limited warranty. Full coverage is only available in the first year.

The base is delivered part-assembled in a box. Customers just need to screw the legs on and plug the base into the wall.

The motor is quiet (almost silent). Customers do not find the noise annoying.

Purple PowerBase review summary

Overall rating

4.8 out of 5
4.8 out of 5
Andy David
Rated & Review by Andy David
Ease of setup
Company Reputation


High-quality, durable base with most features that customers want


Above average price and no trial period. Customers cannot claim a refund

Buy or not

Buy for innovative features, quick setup, and many incline options. Shoppers on a budget or want a free trial should consider other brands

Where To Buy The Purple PowerBase?

The best place to buy the Purple PowerBase is on the official website. Click the button below to get the lowest price.

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