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Purple Hybrid Review - Worth The Price?

Review by Andy David
Mattress expert Updated Jan 2020


  • Purple Hybrid works best for back sleepers, combo sleepers, and couples. It keeps different body weights afloat in most positions. But lightweight and petite sleepers can save money by choosing the original Purple.
  • The Purple Grid layer has a unique feel that takes a while to get used to. Not everybody likes the responsive gel-like feel. People who prefer more body contouring should consider all-foam or foam hybrid mattresses.
  • For sleepers who like the Purple Grid, Purple Hybrid is worth considering. But better value, similar quality foam hybrids are available. Brooklyn Signature costs $949 for queen-size (compared to $1,599 for Purple Hybrid).

What’s unique about Purple Hybrid?

Purple Hybrid is made from Purple’s proprietary Purple Grid layer and pocket coils. The Purple Grid is a hyper-elastic polymer with a flexible, gel-like feel. It is different from any other mattress material.

The Purple Grid is more responsive than memory foam. The material bounces back into position once pressure is removed. Memory foam reacts slowly to pressure and provides more of a body-hugging feel.

Purple Hybrid is also made from pocket coils. Together with the Purple Grid, this gives the mattress a “soft yet firm” feel. Most customers report the firmness as being around 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Not everyone can find comfort on the Purple Grid. The unique feel can take a while to get used to. Many people prefer the feel of a foam hybrid mattress like Brooklyn Signature or Leesa Hybrid.

Is the Purple Grid durable?

The Purple Grid layer has similar durability to quality memory foam. It works best for lightweight and average weight sleepers. Heavy body weights sometimes push too far through the material.

Some sleepers report a softening of the material after a period of use. People who sleep with a partner or in one position may encounter sagging. This can also happen on similar quality memory foam mattresses.

Memory foam hybrids are more affordable and appeal to a wider audience. A queen-size Purple Hybrid costs $1,599 while similar quality mattresses like Brooklyn Signature cost only $949.

Purple Hybrid Vs Purple Original

Purple Hybrid and the original Purple mattress are made from a 2-inch Purple Grid comfort layer. The hybrid version has a pocket coil system instead of a foam base.

Purple Hybrid is better quality and more durable than the original Purple. The mattress feels more responsive and bouncy due to its hybrid design. Pocket coils help to prevent sagging and work better for couples and heavy people.

The original Purple mattress still feels responsive but allows sleepers to sink in more. The foam base layer does not provide as much support for couples or heavy people. But lightweight sleepers can save money by choosing the original Purple.

Who is the mattress best for?

  • Back Sleepers – Most sleepers get good back and lumbar support on the mattress. But some people do not like the feel of the Purple Grid. Some sleepers would prefer a softer or firmer feel (especially lightweight and heavy people).
  • Combination Sleepers – The mattress works well for combination sleepers of all body weights. The Purple Grid is responsive and makes switching positions easy. There is no “stuck in the mud” feel on Purple Hybrid.
  • Couples – Many couples will enjoy Purple Hybrid’s medium firmness and responsive feel. There is good back support and pressure relief. But the single firmness option (medium) means some couples cannot find perfect comfort.
  • Hot Sleepers – Purple Hybrid is a good choice for hot sleepers. The Purple Grid layer and pocket coils provide great airflow. People who overheat and sweat will find the mattress excellent for cooling.
  • Heavy People – The mattress works well for heavy people who like medium firmness. Pocket coils keep heavy weight sleepers afloat to prevent back pain. But many heavy people prefer a firmer hybrid mattress like Titan.

Who should avoid this mattress?

  • Strict Side Sleepers – Strict side sleepers can get better value and pressure relief with alternatives like Brooklyn Signature. The 2-inch Purple Grid does not always provide enough cushioning for the hips and shoulders.
  • Lightweight Side Sleepers – Purple Hybrid is too firm and responsive for most lightweight side sleepers. Nectar is more affordable and provides better pressure relief. Nectar also has a softer feel that contours well to the hips and shoulders.
  • Heavy Stomach Sleepers – The medium firmness lacks support for heavy stomach sleepers. There is some sinkage around the hips and abdomen. But slightly overweight stomach sleepers are usually okay.

Back Pain Relief

  • Purple Hybrid distributes weight well and supports the hips, lumbar area, and shoulders. Most people report good support and back pain relief. But some sleepers find the Purple Grid layer uncomfortable.
  • Side sleepers of all body weights get good body alignment. The mattress contours to the hips and shoulders to keep the spine in a neutral position. This is key to preventing upper and lower back pain.
  • Purple Hybrid is a bit firmer than the original Purple mattress. It does not always work as well for lightweight back and side sleepers. But lightweight stomach sleepers will have no problems.
  • The mattress is a good choice for heavy back and side sleepers with back pain. The pocket coils work well to keep heavy people afloat on the bed. But heavy stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress for back pain relief.

Side Sleepers

  • Average weight side sleepers find the best comfort on Purple Hybrid. The 2-inch comfort layer gives pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. But some side sleepers prefer the softer body contouring of more affordable foam mattresses like Nectar.
  • The mattress can be too firm for lightweight side sleepers. Some people do not get enough body contouring from the Purple Grid layer. Lightweight side sleepers find good comfort on softer all-foam alternatives like Tuft & Needle.
  • Some heavy side sleepers get good pressure relief. But others prefer extra cushioning depth (such as on the Purple Hybrid Premier). Brooklyn Signature is better value and more suitable for heavy side sleepers.


  • Purple Hybrid is a great choice for couples. The medium firmness is a sensible compromise for most people who sleep with a partner. There is a good mix of pressure relief and back support for average weight couples.
  • The Purple Grid layer and pocket coils give good bounce and response. The mattress works well for sexual activity and is easy to move around on. Couples never feel “stuck in the mud” on Purple Hybrid.
  • Motion isolation is decent but not as good as on memory foam mattresses. People can move around without causing too much disturbance. Better motion isolation can be found on the similarly-priced Leesa Hybrid.
  • There is good edge support on Purple Hybrid. The reinforced edges and pocket coils mean couples can spread out and take advantage of a bigger surface area. There is no dip or sinking feeling when lying near or sitting on the edge.


  • Purple Hybrid is one of the best mattresses for cooling. The Purple Grid and pocket coils have amazing airflow and temperature regulation. Only 100% organic latex mattresses have a similar level of cooling.
  • The mattress cover is breathable and helps to wick away sweat. Side panels also improve airflow. All these features ensure sleepers never overheat on warm nights.

Heavy People

  • Purple Hybrid is most comfortable for heavy back sleepers. The mattress distributes weight well and gives good lumbar support. Strong pocket coils keep heavy back sleepers over 250 lbs afloat on the mattress.
  • Heavy stomach sleepers may find their hips sink too far down (a common cause of back and neck pain). Brooklyn Signature is more affordable and works better for heavy stomach sleepers and people who prefer a firmer feel.
  • Heavy side sleepers can press too far into the 2-inch grid. This can cause hip and shoulder pain for some people. Heavy side sleepers who need more cushioning depth should consider Casper Wave or Leesa Hybrid.
  • The 11-inch height is below average for hybrid mattresses at this price point. Although pocket coils keep heavy sleepers afloat, the thickness may be too thin. Taller mattresses have better durability and can withstand heavier weight loads.


Purple is more affordable and made from the Purple Grid and a foam base layer. Purple Hybrid uses pocket coils for its support layer and is more expensive.

More Affordable – The Purple mattress is more affordable for value shoppers. Purple costs $1,099 for queen-size and Purple Hybrid costs $1,599. People on a low budget who do not need extra support should consider Purple.

Unique Feel – Both Purple and Purple Hybrid have a unique feel. Purple is made from the Purple Grid and a high-density foam layer. Purple Hybrid is made from the Purple Grid, pocket coils, and foam. Each mattress has a 2-inch Purple Grid comfort layer.

Better For Lightweight Sleepers – Purple is more suitable for lightweight sleepers. People of lower body weight do not always need a hybrid. But most lightweight sleepers get better comfort on more affordable memory foam beds like Nectar.

Less Support For Stomach Sleepers – Purple is not as good for average or heavy weight stomach sleepers. The mattress can cause the hips to sink too far down, causing back pain. But lightweight stomach sleepers are usually okay on Purple.

Same Trial & Warranty – Both Purple and Purple Hybrid come with a 100-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty. Customers can test the mattresses at home, free from risk. But there is a 21-night minimum trial period.

Less Cooling Features – Purple has better cooling than all-foam mattresses due to the Purple Grid. But Purple Hybrid has better airflow and temperature regulation. Customers wanting great cooling should choose Purple Hybrid.

No White Glove Delivery – Purple ships compressed in a box directly from the factory. Purple Hybrid has white glove delivery available (and old mattress removal). But there is a $149 upcharge for Purple Hybrid delivery.

Purple Mattress Review: See Review

Leesa Hybrid has a similar price to Purple Hybrid and appeals to a wider audience. Purple Hybrid has better cooling and a slightly cheaper price.

Easier To Adapt To – Leesa Hybrid’s foam comfort layers make it an easier mattress to adapt to. People get comfortable quicker on Leesa due to the foam and pocket coil construction. The Purple Grid material can take longer to get used to on Purple Hybrid.

Better For Side Sleepers – Leesa Hybrid’s upper memory foam layers work better for side sleepers. Lightweight side sleepers get better pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. There is also more cushioning depth for heavy side sleepers.

Made In USA – Both Leesa Hybrid and Purple Hybrid are made in the USA. Each brand uses CertiPUR-US certified materials. This ensures no harmful chemicals like formaldehyde exist in the mattresses.

Similar Firmness – Leesa Hybrid has a similar firmness to Purple Hybrid. This is about 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The medium firmness is not too soft and not too firm. It is a good compromise for couples.

Same Trial & Warranty – Both mattresses have the same trial and warranty. A 100-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty. Customers can test their chosen mattress at home, then return it for a full refund.

Similar Price – Leesa Hybrid costs $1,699 for queen-size while Purple costs $1,599. The prices are aimed at shoppers who have a higher budget to spend. But better value, more affordable options like Brooklyn Signature appeal to a wider audience.

Ships Compressed – Leesa Hybrid ships compressed in a box directly from the factory. Purple Hybrid is delivered non-compressed and ready to sleep on. But there is an upcharge cost for Purple Hybrid’s white glove delivery.

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Casper Wave is better quality, more luxurious and expensive than Purple Hybrid. But Purple Hybrid is cheaper and has better cooling properties.

More Expensive – Casper Wave is more expensive than Purple Hybrid at $2,295 for the all-foam version and $2,495 for the hybrid version (queen-size). Customers who have more to spend and want high-end luxury should choose Casper Wave.

Two Design Options – Casper Wave is available in two versions: all-foam and hybrid. Purple Hybrid only has one design option. Casper Wave gives more flexibility for different body weights and sleeping styles.

Better For Side Sleepers – Casper Wave is better for side sleepers of all body weights. There is good pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. The ergonomic design supports the body at 27 key points to promote perfect spine alignment.

Taller Height/Thickness – Casper Wave has a 13-inch height while Purple Hybrid is 11 inches tall. The thicker mattress works better for heavy side, back, and stomach sleepers. Lightweight and average weight sleepers stay supported on both mattresses.

Same Trial & Warranty – Both Casper Wave and Purple Hybrid come with a 100-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty. This allows customers to test the mattresses at home. If the mattress is unsuitable, it can be returned for a full refund.

Lesser Cooling – Casper Wave has good cooling for a hybrid mattress. But Purple Hybrid has better temperature regulation. The Purple Grid and pocket coils are some of the best materials on the market for cooling.

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Purple Hybrid is good for back pain relief. But not everyone can get comfortable on the Purple Grid layer. Good alternatives for back pain relief are foam hybrid mattresses.

The mattress works well for some average and heavy weight side sleepers. But some people need more cushioning and pressure relief. Lightweight side sleepers prefer softer all-foam mattresses.

Purple Hybrid has a medium firmness. About 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This is not too soft and not too firm.

The mattress is 11 inches thick. This is below average for many hybrid mattresses at this price point. Some heavy people will prefer a taller mattress.

Purple Hybrid has excellent temperature regulation. The Purple Grid and pocket coils provide great airflow to keep sleepers cool.


Overall rating
3.6 out of 5
Rated & Review by
Andy David

Shoppers wanting a good quality, cooling hybrid mattress should consider Purple Hybrid. It has a medium firmness and works for most body weights and sleeping positions. But the Purple Grid comfort layer does not appeal to everyone.

Key reasons to buy and not buy:

Unique Feel – The Purple Grid layer has great cooling and provides a responsive feel. But the material can take a while to adapt to.

Better Value Elsewhere – Similar quality, better value foam hybrid mattresses appeal to a wider audience. Brooklyn Signature costs $949 and suits more types of sleepers.

Great Cooling – Purple Hybrid is one of the best cooling mattresses on the market. The Purple Grid layer and pocket coils provide great airflow.

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