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Purple Mattress - Better Than Memory Foam?

Review by Andy David
Mattress expert Updated Jan 2020


  • Purple has a unique feel that is best for average weight back and side sleepers. Lightweight side sleepers find Purple too firm around the hips and shoulders. Most heavy people need a firmer, more supportive mattress like Purple Hybrid.
  • Purple’s “Purple Grid” design has similar durability as quality memory foam. But the medium firmness is not comfortable for everyone. Better value, more affordable memory foam mattresses like Nectar appeal to a wider audience.
  • Purple sleeps cooler than memory foam mattresses. The unique design has good airflow to prevent overheating. Hot sleepers on a low budget should consider Purple.

Why is Purple unique?

Purple has a unique design unlike any other mattress. The top comfort layer is known as The Purple Grid. It is made from what Purple calls a hyper-elastic polymer.

It is gel-like, squishy, and highly flexible. The material is “soft yet firm” and provides good support, cooling, and pressure relief.

Some sleepers like Purple’s unique feel. But others cannot find the right comfort. Many people say the material takes a while to get used to.

The Purple Grid vs Memory Foam

The Purple Grid has advantages and disadvantages compared to memory foam. What feels comfortable to one person will not feel comfortable to another. The best material depends on factors such as body weight, sleeping position, and personal preferences.

  • The Purple Grid is more responsive than memory foam. It quickly snaps back into place once pressure is removed. Memory foam reacts slowly to pressure and gently cradles the curves of the body.
  • Purple’s grid material sleeps cooler than memory foam. It has many air holes to keep air flowing through the mattress. Memory foam is more likely to trap heat with its close contouring and lack of airflow.
  • Lightweight side sleepers prefer the soft, gentle contouring of memory foam. But there is still decent pressure relief with Purple. Heavy weight sleepers and couples can get better comfort and support on hybrid mattresses.

What about durability?

The durability of Purple compares to quality memory foam mattresses. Most lightweight and average weight people find the Purple Grid durable. But heavy weight sleepers should consider more supportive mattresses.

People who sleep in one position may encounter sagging. The Purple Grid layer can soften and become uneven under constant pressure. But the chances of this happening are rare.

Who is the mattress best for?

  • Average Weight Sleepers – Purple provides the best comfort and support to average weight sleepers. Many lightweight sleepers find the materials too firm and bouncy. Heavy weight sleepers prefer firmer, more supportive mattresses. 
  • Back Sleepers – Average weight back sleepers get good lumbar support. But heavy people may need the support of a hybrid mattress like Purple Hybrid. Lightweight back sleepers who prefer a firm feel can enjoy Purple.
  • Side Sleepers – The unique Purple Grid design provides pressure relief for average weight side sleepers. This helps to relieve pressure in the hips and shoulders. But heavy side sleepers push too far down into the bed.
  • Hot Sleepers – The Purple Grid has better airflow than memory foam. This prevents heat getting trapped between the layers. But hybrid mattresses like Purple Hybrid have better cooling.

Who should avoid this mattress?

  • Stomach Sleepers – Average and heavy stomach sleepers should avoid Purple. It is too soft to support the abdomen and hips (important to prevent lower back pain). Combination sleepers and lightweight stomach sleepers should be okay. 
  • Lightweight Side Sleepers – Lightweight side sleepers find Purple too firm. Memory foam mattresses like Nectar are more suitable. They have better cushioning and pressure relief for the hips and shoulders.
  • Heavy Side Sleepers – Heavy side sleepers push through Purple’s 2-inch grid and hit the denser layers below. This often causes hip and shoulder pain. Taller memory foam and hybrid mattresses will give better pressure relief.
  • People Who Like Memory Foam – The Purple Grid layer feels more responsive and firm than classic memory foam. People who want the mattress to “hug” them should avoid Purple. Nectar is a great value alternative.
  • Budget Shoppers – Purple retails at $1,099 for queen-size. People on a low budget can get better value with other brands. Nectar is a comfortable, good quality alternative and costs $799 for queen-size.


  • Purple’s medium firmness is a good compromise for most couples. The mattress has a “soft yet firm” feel. But other brands have more firmness options available.
  • Purple has good motion isolation. Couples who toss and turn will notice almost zero vibrations across the mattress surface. This means people can switch positions without disturbing their partner.
  • The Purple Grid layer has more bounce and response than memory foam. This works well for sexually active couples. Moving positions is easy and there is no “stuck in the mud” feeling.
  • The mattress has reinforced sides to increase edge support. This is good for couples who like to spread out. But better edge support is available on hybrid mattresses like Purple Hybrid.

Heavy People

  • Most heavy sleepers prefer a firmer, more supportive mattress. The Purple Grid and foam materials lack the support that hybrid mattresses provide. Better mattresses like Purple Hybrid keep heavy weight sleepers afloat on the bed.
  • Heavy back sleepers enjoy the best support on Purple. Heavy stomach sleepers need better support around the hips and abdomen. Heavy side sleepers sink too far into the materials and experience hip and shoulder pain.
  • The long-term durability of Purple is questionable. There are some customer reports of sagging to be aware of. Heavy people over 250 lbs should consider more supportive hybrid mattresses, such as Purple Hybrid.


  • Purple has great cooling for the price point. The Purple Grid helps to stop heat getting trapped within the layers. There is better airflow and cooling than on memory foam mattresses.
  • Purple Hybrid is a quality, more supportive option for people who sleep hot. The hybrid design has better airflow than the original Purple mattress. Pocket coils and the Purple Grid makes it one of the coolest mattresses.


Purple Hybrid has the same Purple Grid layer as the original Purple. But the hybrid design with pocket coils gives better cooling and support.

  • Better Support – Purple Hybrid’s pocket coils give better support for a wider range of sleepers. There is also a firmer feel than on the original Purple. Heavy people will prefer how Purple Hybrid keeps them afloat.
  • Taller Height/Thickness – Purple Hybrid is 11 inches in height. Purple is 9.5-inch thick. Taller mattresses give better support and more comfort, especially to heavy weight sleepers.
  • Better For Stomach Sleepers – The pocket coils in Purple Hybrid work better for stomach sleepers. The mattress keeps the hips, abdomen and spine in neutral alignment. This helps to prevent lower back pain.
  • More Expensive – Purple costs $1,099 for queen-size. Purple Hybrid is more expensive at $1,599. Shoppers on a low budget should consider more affordable, quality alternatives like Nectar.
  • Sleeps Cooler – There is better cooling on Purple Hybrid. Pocket coils and the Purple Grid ensure great airflow. Few mattresses on the market provide better temperature regulation.
  • Same Trial & Warranty – Both Purple and Purple Hybrid come with the same trial period and warranty. Customers can test out the mattresses risk-free for 100 nights. A 10-year warranty protects against material and manufacturing defects.

Purple Hybrid Review: See Review

Nectar is better value and has a longer trial and warranty period. Purple is more expensive but sleeps cooler and is made in the USA.

  • Better Value – Nectar is better value than Purple. The materials are high-quality yet the price is significantly cheaper. Nectar retails at $799 for queen-size while Purple costs $1,099.
  • Better For Side Sleepers – Lightweight side sleepers get better pressure relief on Nectar. It protects the hips and shoulders to relieve aches and pains. Purple is not the best mattress for lightweight or heavy side sleepers.
  • Easier To Adapt To – The memory foam materials of Nectar are easier to adapt to. The Purple Grid has a unique feel that some people dislike. Purple is also more responsive and bouncy than Nectar.
  • Made In China – Nectar is made in China from good quality materials. Purple is made in the USA. Both are similar quality but people who prefer American-made beds should consider Purple.
  • Taller Height/Thickness – Nectar’s 11-inch thickness is taller than Purple’s 9.5 inches. The taller height works better for more body weights and sleeping styles. Heavy sleepers get better support on Nectar.
  • Longer Trial & Warranty – Nectar has the best trial period and warranty in the industry. Nectar’s 365-night risk-free trial and lifetime warranty is the best deal available. Purple has a 100-night risk-free trial and 10-year warranty.

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Leesa is better value than Purple and has a responsive memory foam feel. Purple is more expensive but has better temperature regulation.

  • Better Value – Leesa is better value than Purple. The cost for a queen-size is $849 with a discount. Purple costs more and retails at $1,099 for queen-size.
  • Taller Height/Thickness – Leesa has a 10-inch height compared to Purple’s 9.5 inches. This gives a little extra pressure relief and support. Taller mattress options also work better for heavy sleepers.
  • Similar Firmness – Both mattresses have a medium to medium-firm feel. This works best for average weight sleepers. Lightweight or heavy weight sleepers can get better comfort on other mattresses.
  • Better For Side Sleepers – Leesa provides better pressure relief for lightweight side sleepers. The proprietary foam material gently hugs the hips and shoulders. Lightweight side sleepers find Purple too firm and responsive.
  • Less Cooling Features – Purple sleeps cooler than Leesa. The Purple Grid layer provides great airflow to regulate temperature. People who overheat at night will get better cooling with Purple.
  • Same Trial & Warranty – Leesa has a 100-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty. This is the same trial and warranty period as Purple. Customers can test both mattresses and return them for a full refund.

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Purple is good for back pain. Most sleepers get decent support in this position. But heavy back sleepers need better support for the hips and abdomen.

Average weight side sleepers like Purple the best. But most side sleepers need better pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. Lightweight and heavy side sleepers should consider other mattresses.

Purple has a medium firmness. About 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Many customers describe the mattress as feeling “soft yet firm”.

The mattress is 9.5 inches in height. This is below average for most mattress-in-a-box brands. Competitors like Nectar are thicker with 11-inch height.

Purple is one of the best affordable mattresses for cooling. The unique Purple Grid design has good airflow. The cooling is better than on memory foam mattresses.


Overall rating
3.8 out of 5
Rated & Review by
Andy David

Shoppers wanting a quality, affordable mattress that sleeps cool should consider Purple. But the unique Purple Grid design is not comfortable for everyone. Better value memory foam options are available that appeal to a wider range of sleepers.

Key reasons to buy and not buy:

Unique Feel – Purple’s unique design is not comfortable for everyone. Affordable memory foam options like Nectar are easier to adapt to.

Good Cooling – For the price, the mattress has great temperature regulation. The Purple Grid layer has good airflow to keep hot sleepers cool.

Too Soft Or Too Firm – Lightweight side sleepers find Purple too firm. Most heavy people need firmer support. The mattress works best for average weight back and side sleepers.

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