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Best Natural Organic Mattress 2019

See the expert's choice for side sleepers, most comfortable and affordable latex mattress
Andy David
Guide by Andy DavidUpdated September 2019

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Quick Summary - Top Natural and Organic Mattress Ratings

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:
You don’t want to be sleeping on a bed made with toxic chemicals. It’s dangerous. It’s bad for your health too.
Today thanks to online shopping you can buy a non-toxic and 100% natural mattress at affordable prices.
And in the ratings below, I’m going to show you the best affordable, certified non-toxic natural mattresses. But only the good ones. Lets dive right in.

If you need more information and details, below are reviews for each mattress.

Best Natural Organic Mattress Reviews

Avocado Green is a luxury hybrid mattress made from organic latex and pocket coils. Durable construction and 100% natural materials make it a great value choice.
  • Combination Sleepers – The medium-firm feel works well for combination sleepers. Back, side, and stomach sleepers find the mattress comfortable.
  • Competitive Price – A premium latex bed at an affordable price. The mattress ships in a box and is cheaper than in-store brands.
  • Non-Toxic Materials – GreenGuard Gold certified materials. Contains no heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, or formaldehyde. Any off-gassing is 100% safe.


  • Durable construction at an affordable price
  • 100% natural latex and recycled steel coils
  • 25-year manufacturer warranty


  • Too firm for some people (about 7 out of 10 firmness)
  • The mattress is heavy to move around
  • Customers sometimes report delivery delays
Latex for Less is an affordable, 100% organic latex mattress with dual firmness (medium and firm). The king size is competitively priced at $1,299.
  • Fantastic Value – One of the most affordable natural latex mattresses. A great value and more affordable than in-store brands.
  • 100% Organic Materials – Made from certified organic Dunlop and Talalay latex. All the materials are eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • Two Firmness Options – Customers can flip the mattress over to get a firmer or softer feel. This works well for people who need different levels of firmness.


  • A great value mattress made from quality materials
  • Made in the USA from certified 100% organic latex
  • 20-year manufacturer warranty


  • Some customers mention a strong off-gassing smell
  • Medium side has weak edge support for couples
  • Customers may find the mattress too thin (9-inch height)
Botanical Bliss is 100% organic latex mattress available in medium and firm options. The mattress provides great comfort and support for all sleeping styles.
  • Great Comfort – A cool and comfortable mattress that gives good support for all body weights. Most customers report excellent comfort and pain relief.
  • Non-Toxic – Organic latex is eco-friendly and contains no synthetic chemicals. Off-gassing is 100% non-toxic. The mattress is perfect for allergy sufferers.
  • Split Firmness – A good choice for couples who need different levels of firmness. Botanical Bliss is available in Split King, Split Queen, and Split Cal King.


  • Certified 100% organic latex gives good back support
  • GreenGuard Gold certification protects allergy sufferers
  • Natural latex sleeps cool on warm nights


  • Very heavy mattress due to premium latex layers
  • 30-night minimum trial period before returns are accepted
  • Some customers report problems when returning the mattress
Zenhaven is a competitively priced natural latex mattress with dual firmness. One side is medium-firm. The other side is medium. This makes it great for side sleepers of different body weights.
  • Natural Latex – Latex gives side sleepers great comfort and support. The material lowers pressure in the hips and shoulders and keeps the spine aligned.
  • Zoned Comfort – The mattress has a 5-zone comfort layer with different latex densities. This provides the perfect level of comfort for side sleepers.
  • Health Benefits – Zenhaven is hypoallergenic and resistant to mold and dust mites. A healthy choice for allergy sufferers or buyers wanting non-toxic materials.


  • Relieves pressure in the hips and shoulders (important for side sleepers)
  • Works well for lightweight, average, and heavy side sleepers
  • Durable construction with a 20-year warranty


  • Some customers cannot find the ideal firmness level
  • Customers find the soft side tricky to move around on
  • Heavy mattress makes flipping the bed difficult
Botanical Bliss is an organic latex mattress in medium and firm options. Customer reviews say the mattress provides great back pain relief.
  • Pain Relief – Customers say the latex material is comfortable and supportive. Many people say their back pain went away after sleeping on Botanical Bliss.
  • Great Support – Organic latex is responsive and supports the body well. Customers enjoy good lumbar support and perfect spinal alignment.
  • Competitive Price – The mattress is cheaper than premium in-store latex beds. It ships directly from the factory and saves customers money.


  • 100% certified organic latex mattress
  • Relieves back pain in all sleeping positions
  • Available in different height options


  • Heavy to move around for back pain sufferers
  • Average edge support for couples with back pain
  • Delivery delays happen from time to time
Zenhaven is a competitively priced natural latex mattress with a luxurious look and feel. Zenhaven offers great comfort and dual firmness (medium and medium-firm).
  • Affordable Luxury – A premium quality latex mattress that ships directly from the factory. It is more affordable than luxury in-store brands.
  • Made In USA – The materials are high-quality and built to last. Zenhaven is made in the USA from American Talalay latex.
  • Great Customer Service – Zenhaven provide a premium level of service to customers. Buyers report a positive experience when dealing with the company.


  • Organic cotton-wool cover feels soft and luxurious
  • Free white glove delivery and old mattress removal
  • Made in the USA from 100% natural latex


  • Too firm for customers who like a soft firmness
  • Not suitable for people wanting a memory foam feel
  • A bit expensive for buyers wanting a budget bed
Luxury Bliss is a hybrid mattress made from organic latex and pocket coils. Medium and firm options give good support for heavy people
  • Excellent Support – Heavy weight sleepers stay afloat in all sleeping positions. The mattress lowers back pain and has good pressure relief.
  • Sleeps Cool – Latex and pocket coils provide great temperature regulation. Heavy weight sleepers keep cool all night long.
  • Quality Materials – Luxury Bliss is made from high-quality materials in the USA. The mattress is robust and built to last.


  • Supportive for heavy back, side, and stomach sleepers
  • No ‘stuck in the mud’ feel due to responsive latex
  • Split King option available for heavy couples


  • 30-night minimum trial period before refund
  • Returned mattresses are collected at curbside
  • Unsuitable for people who like a memory foam feel
Eco Terra is a great value mattress made from natural latex and pocket coils. The hybrid design is available in medium and medium-firm options.
  • Comfort & Support – Provides back support and pressure relief for all body weights. The mattress works well for side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Bounce & Response – Natural latex and pocket coils give the mattress great response. This keeps the body afloat and makes the bed easy to move around on.
  • Sleeps Cool – Eco Terra regulates temperature well. Latex is naturally cooling. Pocket coils increase airflow in the mattress.


  • Customers say the mattress is good for back pain
  • Latex and pocket coils give strong edge support for couples
  • Eco Terra has excellent bounce and response


  • People who like a plush feel say the mattress is too firm
  • Delivery delays may happen during busy periods
  • 30-day minimum trial period. Returns are curbside pickup only

Best Natural Organic Mattress Buying Guide

Top 3 Shopping Tips For Natural Mattresses

Before buying a natural bed, consider the type of mattress, materials used, and certifications available.

Consider Before Buying:

Mattress Type – The most popular types are all-latex and hybrid (latex and pocket coils). Hybrids sleep cooler and provide extra bounce and support.

Natural Materials – Popular natural materials include latex, wool, and cotton. But some brands use a few synthetic materials. It is important to be aware of this.

Certifications – Guarantees the mattress contains certified organic materials. Also look for non-toxic and eco-friendly certifications.

Buyer’s Pro Tip

Andy David

Andy David

Choose a mattress with certified organic latex and the GreenGuard Gold certification. This guarantees a healthy mattress that sleeps cool and provides good support.

Andy David

Natural Mattress Types & Materials

Natural mattresses are 100% latex or a hybrid design (latex and pocket coils). Both give good back support and pressure relief. Hybrids with coils give extra support and bounce.

Latex is more responsive than memory foam. Customers find latex easier to move around on. But they still get great pressure relief and comfort.

Mattresses made from natural latex are durable and sleep cool. Hybrid designs with latex and pocket coils provide greater airflow in the mattress.

All-Latex – Uses 100% latex for the main layers. Provides good all-around comfort and support for different sleeping styles.

Latex Hybrid – Made from latex and pocket coils. Supportive and comfortable. Works well for couples who need extra edge support and bounce.

Dual Firmness – A two-sided mattress made from 100% latex. Customers can flip the mattress over to get a softer or firmer feel.

Green/Organic Mattress Certifications

Certifications prove that natural mattresses are free from harmful chemicals.

Shoppers should choose certifications based on their needs.

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Materials Covered

GreenGuard Gold

Certified for low chemical emissions. No harmful substances when off-gassing


Global Organic Latex Standard. Uses only certified 100% organic latex material


Global Organic Textile Standard. Certified organic cotton and wool


Certified hypoallergenic mattress materials (good for allergy sufferers)


Mattress is free from allergens and made from eco-friendly materials

Choosing The Best Value Natural Mattress

Online mattress brands ship directly from the factory. Customers can get a certified organic bed at a competitive price. Mattresses are available for all budgets.

Natural latex is more expensive than memory foam. But it is more durable and lasts longer. Budget latex beds are a great value and cheaper than in-store brands.

Choosing The Right Latex Firmness

Buyers should consider body weight and sleeping positions when choosing a latex mattress.

Most average weight sleepers find medium or medium-firm comfortable. Heavy weight sleepers usually prefer a firmer feel.

Lightweight sleepers enjoy a soft or medium firmness. Heavy stomach sleepers should choose a firm feel. This stops the hips from sinking too far into the mattress.

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Sleeping Position

Light Body Weight

Average Body Weight

Heavy Body Weight

Side Sleeper

Soft or Medium



Back Sleeper

Soft or Medium


Medium-Firm or Firm

Stomach Sleeper


Medium or Medium-Firm


Natural Mattress For Back Pain Relief

Shoppers with back pain need good lumbar support and spinal alignment. Natural latex works well for people with ongoing back complaints.

Consider body weight, mattress firmness, and sleeping style. The mattress must provide good support in each sleeping position.

Supportive mattresses provide good lumbar support support. This is important to prevent lower back pain.
Sleepers need good support to keep the spine in alignment. This is a key factor in preventing back pain.

Best Natural Mattress For Cooling

Natural latex is temperature neutral. This is great for buyers who like to sleep cool.

Hybrid designs provide greater airflow for even better cooling.

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Cooling Rating


Natural Mattress For Side Sleepers

Natural latex works well for side sleepers. The material provides good pressure relief for the hips and shoulders.

Lightweight and average weight side sleepers usually like a soft or medium firmness.

Heavy sleepers may prefer medium-firm.

Natural Organic Mattress For Heavy People

Heavy people wanting a natural mattress need plenty of support. A medium-firm mattress works well for most heavy individuals.

Mattress thickness is also important. Heavy sleepers should choose a mattress 10 inches or taller. This stops the body from sinking too far into the bed.

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Heavy People Rating

Thin mattresses are unsuitable for heavy people. They sink too far and lack deep compression support.
Taller, supportive mattresses work well for heavy people. They keep the body afloat while providing good pressure relief.

Frequently asked questions

The best non-toxic mattress is made with 100% natural materials. Every person is different. So the best non-toxic mattress will give good back support and pressure relief.

A natural mattress is made from only natural materials. Examples include organic latex, wool, and cotton. No synthetic materials are used in the construction.

100% natural mattresses are best for personal and environmental health. Mattresses certified to contain no toxic chemicals, heavy metals, or formaldehyde are safe.

The most healthy mattress is non-toxic and made from 100% organic materials. Natural mattresses that are GreenGuard Gold certified are the most healthy.

Organic mattresses are made from natural latex. This is durable and can withstand many years of use. The material is a great value choice.

It depends on body weight, sleeping style, and personal preferences. The most comfortable natural mattress will provide good back support and pressure relief.

Foam mattresses usually contain some toxic materials. Most budget mattresses use polyurethane foam. But proprietary foam blends can also contain toxic substances.

The most comfortable non-toxic mattress depends on different factors. Body weight, sleeping position, and personal preferences all play a part.

Buyers should look for certifications like GreenGuard Gold, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard).

The most common natural mattress materials are latex, organic cotton, and natural wool.

Mattresses that contain memory foam and polyurethane foam are not natural. Synthetic fibers are man-made and often used in mattresses.