Zenhaven Mattress Review

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Zenhaven Mattress Review

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Nicole Bradford

We receive referral fees when readers use our links to buy a mattress

Zenhaven Mattress Review Summary 

The Zenhaven mattress is a popular luxury mattress that offers you the comfort of sleeping in luxury every night

  • Conforms to your body and cradles you lightly as you sleep in comfort
  • 120 night risk-free trial period with free returns (shipping fee non-refundable)
  • Made in the USA with premium quality luxury materials that customers praise

Zenhaven Mattress Review Summary 

The Zenhaven mattress is a popular luxury mattress that offers you the comfort of sleeping in luxury every night

  • Conforms to your body and cradles you lightly as you sleep in comfort
  • 120 night risk-free trial period with free returns (shipping fee non-refundable)
  • Made in the USA with premium quality luxury materials that customers praise

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The Complete Zenhaven Review

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The ZenHaven mattress is a 100% natural mattress, made of American Talalay latex, organic cotton, and New Zealand wool. It is the perfect bed for sleepers who are looking for a safe, natural alternative to the synthetic chemicals that are often used in commercial beds.

Not only is the ZenHaven an organic bed, but it’s also comfortable and surprisingly affordable considering its high quality materials.

Perfectly Balanced With a 5-Zone Comfort Top Layer

The ZenHaven is made with carefully-designed layers, all of which are 100% natural. These layers work together to give you a balanced feel of strong support, good responsiveness, and a soft pressure relief that leaves you sleeping comfortably all night.

This mattress is flippable, so the arrangement of the layers depends on your desired feel. Overall, though, it is made of four high quality latex foam layers, not counting the cover.

Assuming you use the softer side, the top layer of the bed is a 5-zone comfort layer of well-aerated Talalay latex foam. It’s quite responsive and is what gives the bed its “weightless” feeling that many people enjoy. It is breathable and helps keep the mattress cool, as well. Its 5 zones add extra support in areas of your body where they are needed and give a softer feel in other areas.

Underneath that is another layer of Talalay foam. This one is slightly denser than the top layer, and offers a lot of pressure relief, while still helping to prop you up so that you don’t sink into the mattress.

Next is an even denser layer of natural latex foam that serves two important purposes. When the soft side is up, it will offer added support, while transitioning your body weight to the lowest layer. If you’re sleeping on the firm side, though, you’ll have more direct contact with this dense layer, which means you’ll have a dense, more responsive feel.

The layer at the very bottom mirrors the top layer, since it is actually also the “top” layer when you are sleeping on the firm side. It is also very airy and comfortable, while offering pressure relief.

The whole bed is wrapped in a plush cover made of 100% organic wool and cotton. This helps keep the bed cool, and it’s also comfortable and soft to the touch. These fabrics naturally wick away moisture and keep away heat without the need for any synthetic chemicals. Because of this, the bed feels comfortable immediately and doesn’t give off any weird smells.

Your Choice of Luxury Plush or Gentle Firm—On the Same Mattress

As mentioned above, the firmness of this mattress differs. You can flip to one side and experience what ZenHaven calls their “Luxury Plush” feel, or you can sleep on the other side, which is “Gentle Firm.”

The Luxury Plush side is quite soft, falling at around a 4 or 5 on a firmness scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the firmest level). The Gentle Firm version of the mattress is 18% firmer than the Plush version, according to ZenHaven. It falls at around a 7 or 8.

In other words, neither side of the bed is too soft or two hard. Both fall close enough to the middle to be comfortable to most people. If you need a bit extra padding—say, if you have sensitive joints—then you can go with the Luxury Plush. If you want to prioritize spinal alignment, then the Gentle Firm might be up your alley.

Perfect for a Variety of Sleeping Positions

The ZenHaven works well for a lot of different positions. Because it is flippable, it can appeal to a wide variety of sleepers. For example, if you tend to sleep on your side, the Luxury Plush may give you the exact kind of pressure relief that you need.

If you’re more of a back or stomach sleeper, then the Gentle Firm version will support your back quite well, and should feel comfortable to you.

The nice thing about the ZenHaven is that you can change the feel at a moment’s notice. If you need to change your habitual position for any reason, you can simply flip the bed over.

Zenhaven Mattress Risk-Free Trial

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A Weightless First Night

When first lying down on the ZenHaven, you get the impression that you’re floating weightlessly. It really supports your body well, with an effortless sensation, while at the same time protecting you from painful pressure points.

On the first night, it’s easy to fall asleep and stay asleep until the morning. When waking up, there are no sore spots or any neck kinks to speak of.

Sleeps Cool Thanks to Naturally Breathable Fabric

The top layer of the ZenHaven is perforated and very breathable. It has a light, spongy texture that doesn’t trap heat at all, and it’s covered with wool that does a great job at wicking away moisture.

The fact that it has very little sinkage also helps to keep your temperature regulated. Overall, it sleeps surprisingly cool, especially considering that it doesn’t contain any of those artificial cooling gels that you might find in other mattresses.

Responsive Latex Lets You Stay Active in Bed

The 100% natural Talalay latex offers more bounce than typical foam. Thanks to this, your more amorous nighttime activities won’t have to suffer from an unresponsive bed. You won’t feel like you’re trapped in quicksand, and since your body floats lightly over the bed, you’ll be able to roll over freely as much as you want. The edge support is also quite decent, though it can be enhanced with a solid foundation, of course.

Superior Motion Isolation With Open Cell Design

Since the ZenHaven is an all-foam mattress, it’s extremely quiet and very good at isolating motion. It may be bouncier than traditional memory foam beds, and so it will transfer motion slightly better than some poly foam beds, but this is sort of expected from a bed that doesn’t cause sinkage and doesn’t make you feel stuck.

Under most circumstances, you won’t feel your partner moving around, and you’ll be able to sleep soundly through the night without any trouble.

120 Night Risk-Free Trial

ZenHaven offers a 120-night risk-free trial. You basically get four months to try out the bed, and if you don’t like it, you can simply make a no-hassle return. They will pick up the mattress from your house and there are no return shipping fees.

If you made a mistake and ordered the wrong size or something similar, they will also exchange the mattress for you within the 120-night window—you just have to pay for shipping.

Zenhaven Mattress Risk-Free Trial

Get a 120 Night Risk-Free Trial

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Made in the USA With High Quality, Organic Materials

If you’re familiar with Saatva, ZenHaven’s parent company, then you know that they make high quality beds. With the ZenHaven, they really bring things to the next level. It uses all-natural latex with no petroleum-based foams. Unlike other companies, it doesn’t mix natural and synthetic materials and then slap an eco-friendly label on it. This really is a natural bed, with latex tapped from real trees in the tropics and minimal processing.

Instead of artificial fire retardants (which can sometimes be toxic), the ZenHaven uses 100% organic wool on their mattress cover to comply with safety standards. Wool is flame-retardant by nature, and it also has the extra bonus of being breathable.

Saatva is a reputable company and their beds are all made in factories in the USA. They also use as much raw material as possible from the US, to cut down on costs and to also keep their carbon footprint low. If you want to support the local economy instead of importing your bed from who-knows-where, the ZenHaven certainly fits the bill.

It’s also backed by a 20-year warranty, which is a lot better than what you get with most mattress companies. If your bed turns out to be defective within the first two years, just give them a call and they will replace it free of any charge. After the first two years, they will repair it for you, and they do charge a small shipping fee, but it’s much less than the real cost of shipping a mattress—they absorb most of it for you.

They also offer an interesting “Fairness Replacement Option.” Basically, after the first two years, you can choose to have your mattress replaced instead of just repaired. It will cost you a little bit of money, but you’re basically re-buying your mattress at an extremely heavy discount.

The way it works is that if you have owned your mattress for 3 to 5 years, you can have it replaced for just 25% of the original amount you paid for it. If you’ve had it for 6 to 10 years, this bumps up to 50%, and if you’ve had the bed for 11 to 20 years, then you pay 75% of the original price.

Of course, this option was implemented just to give you a choice. You can always just use the original standard warranty and have your mattress repaired for just the cost of shipping.

Contact Their Responsive Customer Service Every Time You Have a Question

Customer service with ZenHaven is very responsive. They have a phone number you can call, an e-mail address you can reach them with, and they also have a chat box right on their website.

Using the chat function, you can ask them anything you want if you get stuck during the ordering process. Their representatives are non-commissioned, so you won’t face any annoying hard sells while you’re just trying to get more information.

More often than not, though, you;ll find the content on their website more than thorough enough to make a decision about whether the mattress is right for you.

If you do have problems though once you get the mattress, or even if you need to return it, they’re really quick to respond. Just let them know what’s going on and they’ll try to fix the issue or send for someone to come pick up the bed and give you a refund.

Easily Works With Most Types of Bases—Including ZenHaven’s Own

This mattress can work with different types of bases, assuming that the base is stable and flat. According to their warranty, you need to have a perfectly flat base—such as a platform—and if you have a slat foudnation, then you need to cover up the spaces between the slats by adding a piece of plywood or something similar.

Since it is made of latex foam, it needs a base that won’t cause sagging, but otherwise not much is required. It will work both on traditional foundations and adjustable ones.

You can also buy an adjustable base from ZenHaven to go along with your mattress. It’s incredibly durable and fully adjustable. It uses a minimalist, single-piece design that makes it easy to adjust, and comes with a few interesting extras.

For example, there’s a convenient light underneath that you can remotely activiate, in case you need to find anything under the bed. It has a massage function for your head, legs, or whole body, but it’s actually surprisingly quiet.

In addition, there are stationary foundations that you can get from ZenHaven. They also offer bed frames. Basically, anything that you need can be added relatively inexpensively at the time of checkout. Though the ZenHaven has anti-microbial properties, it’s a good idea to get one of these bases to raise your mattress up off the floor, so that it lasts longer and it has better aeration.

A Great Value for an All-Natural Mattress

This bed is not the cheapest that you will find on the market. This isn’t too shocking, though, considering that it comes with so many features. The ZenHaven is a luxury bed with extremely high quality, organic materials.

No expensive is spared with getting the best, healthiest fabrics and latex for the mattress. Almost everything on the bed is 100% natural and organic. The only exception are some perfectly safe inorganic substances that need to be used in the production of the latex.

Taking all of this into account, the bed is an incredible value. There are lower quality foam beds with tons of artificial chemicals that are more expensive than the ZenHaven. When you factory in customer service and the relatively low cost of a lot of their extras, then it’s easy to see that this mattress is a great value for what you get.

Zenhaven Mattress Risk-Free Trial

Get a 120 Night Risk-Free Trial

Try the Zenhaven Mattress Risk-Free in Your Home

Customers Enjoy the Pain Relief of the ZenHaven

The ZenHaven has so far received a lot of positive customer feedback. It’s no wonder that they’re quite popular, considering the high quality of their materials and the affordable price. Many customers found the ZenHaven to be the perfect mattress for them, and some of the most common feedback includes:

  • The ZenHaven offers a lot of pain relief. Some people who had been sleeping on other mattresses and tolerating daily muscle and joint aches found that they disappeared after a few days or weeks on the ZenHaven.
  • It offers great back support. The incredible support of this mattress means that it can ease back pain as well. Many customers found that the ZenHaven did a great job at aligning their backs.
  • The dual comfort option is very useful. Customers like having the choice of soft or firm, though most people say that both sides are very comfortable. (Neither hard nor droopy.)
  • The Talalay latex is very responsive. Customers found that it was more comfortable that other kinds of foam and that it had less sinkage. It was the perfect balance of soft and firm.
  • The bed is cooler than a lot of other foam mattresses. Many customers found that ZenHaven’s natural cooling system was perfect for them, and kept them from sweating even in warm weather. It tends to have a “neutral” to “cool” feel, according to feedback.

Overall, customers love the ZenHaven and for some people it has even changed their lives, allowing them to get a good night’s sleep and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.

Ordering Takes Just a Few Clicks

To cut out the middle man and make it more affordable, this mattress is available online. You can order it straight from the website, and even check out some add-ons if you would like (such as the optional foundation).

Once you input your location, you will have a delivery time estimate. You will also be asked what size mattress you want and what firmness level you prefer. Though the mattress has double-sided firmness, they ask you in order to know what side their delivery team should place your mattress on when they set it up.

After that, you just add the bed to your cart and input your financial details. Security on ZenHaven is top notch, by the way—they secure the whole website with SSL, so even the most mundane information, like which pages you were browsing, is encrypted and safe from hackers.

They Deliver and Set Up Your Bed For You

ZenHaven will deliver your mattress anywhere in the US and do all of the setting up for you. They’ll even haul away your old mattress, so you never have to lift a finger.

Shipping is a flat rate of $99 for any zip code, which is clearly a lot less than what it actually costs them to ship. With the added white glove delivery with every order, it’s easy to see why it’s not totally free like a lot of other mattress offerings. This is a luxury, high quality bed, so their shipping method is high-end as well.

Shipping times themselves vary. It can take as little as a week or more than two, depending on where you live and what the demand is for the mattress at the time. Keep in mind that these mattresses are carefully handmade to order, so you can’t expect delivery to be instant. It’s fairly reasonable, though.

Receiving your mattress is extremely easy. They will give you a call and let you know a day before they will deliver, then they will deliver the next day within a 4 hour window. They take care of all of the muscle work after that, so all you have to do is enjoy your mattress once it comes.

Recommended to People Who Want a Natural, High Quality Mattress That is Extremely Comfortable

We recommend the ZenHaven to people who are worried about all of the artificial chemicals found in consumer products these days. If you want a modern foam mattress that relieves pressure points better than traditional innerspring, and yet doesn’t contain the fire retardants and other possibly noxious chemicals that you find it a lot of foam beds, then the ZenHaven may be perfect for you.

This mattress is:

  • Natural and sustainable. It is built from materials that are both good for you and your health, and are gentle towards the environment. None of their manufacturing processes create harmful chemicals, and because they produce and ship the mattress in the US, there is a lower carbon footprint compared to imported beds.
  • A luxury mattress with a customizable feel. You can change the feel of your bed at a moment’s notice by simply flipping it over. This means that you almost have two beds in one, and you can switch things up depending on your evolving needs.
  • Extremely supportive. The latex foam is created with 5 zones that give each part of your body the support that it needs. Most sleepers feel weightless on the mattress, like they are supported on a soft, yet resilient, cloud.

Because of these features and many more, we recommend the ZenHaven to anyone who is looking for a luxury mattress at an affordable price. Though it is made of extremely high quality, natural materials, it’s a better value than many of the mattresses that you will find in a retail store, since Saatva completely cuts out the middle man. With a 120-night trial, giving it a try isn’t risky at all, either.

Zenhaven Mattress Review Summary

Mattress Comfort Rating

  • Luxury mattress that offers luxury level of comfort
  • Conforms to your body and gently cradles you lightly as you sleep
  • High quality latex that sleeps fairly cool

Trial Period and Value for Money

  • 120 night risk free trial period (shipping fee non-refundable)
  • Made in the USA with premium quality materials
  • 20 year warranty from a reputable manufacturer

Where To Buy The Zenhaven Mattress?

The Zenhaven mattress is available exclusively on the official website. Click the button below to get a 120 night risk-free sleep trial.

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