Purple Mattress Review

Should you buy one?

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You probably don’t want to lose sleep or money with a bad mattress.

So before buying a Purple mattress you need to know if the mattress is comfortable to sleep on. And you may want to know what customers really think about their Purple mattresses after the trial period ends.

Sleep Cupid answers these important questions and more right here. Lets see whether the Purple mattress is right for you or not…

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Thinking about buying a new mattress?
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The Clever Technology Behind the Purple Mattress

Purple was founded by two brothers – one who worked in aerospace materials and the other in manufacturing.

They combined this experience to create a new technology – hyper-elastic polymer™.

The new technology is pictured above

This technology is the unique difference for the Purple mattress – no other mattress has it.

A mattress with advanced aerospace materials technology sounds pretty cool right?

This new polymer technology is in the top layer of the mattress right under the cover.

But how comfortable is it?

How Comfortable is the Purple Mattress?

Comfort is the most important feature for any mattress. If a mattress is not super comfortable, the price and other features simply don’t matter. No one wants to buy a mattress that isn’t comfortable.

Luckily the Purple mattress delivers on comfort. Close to 85% of Purple mattress customers are happy with their mattress based on our research.

That’s a pretty awesome level of customer satisfaction for any mattress on the market. So lets take a closer look.

Like the Casper mattress, the Purple mattress has a mix of soft and firm at the same time feeling.

This is what we call the ‘super-comfort feeling’. Where the mattress is firm so you don’t sink in like a cheaper poor quality mattress. Yet has a soft cushioning feeling at the same time.

The super comfort feeling comes from the unique polymer technology. Yes – the advanced aerospace materials technology actually works.

The Purple Mattress is a 7/10 for firmness (10 being the hardest).

The Purple mattress is suitable for all types of sleepers – side, back and stomach sleepers.

What we did find is some side sleepers were not in love with the mattress. But every mattress on the market has some customers who did not like it.

On the flip side, many side sleepers also loved the mattress.

Some customers note that there is an adjustment period – because they had been sleeping on such poor quality mattresses before the Purple Mattress that their body actually needed to adjust to sleeping on a quality mattress.

As with any new mattress, we suggest trailing the mattress for a good period of time first because of potential adjustment periods.

Does the Purple Mattress Sleep Cool or Sleep Hot?

The Purple mattress sleeps cool.

Many of the mattresses that people complain sleep hot are foam based mattresses. Often with memory foam top layers which is known to sleep hot because it holds heat.

The Purple mattress has the unique polymer technology top layer directly under the cover which lets the mattress sleep cool.

Risk-free Purchase Guaranteed

The Purple Mattress comes with the standard 30-day Amazon guarantee.

Is the Purple Mattress Good Value for Money?

Like most of the other mattresses available online, the Purple mattress is well priced.

Considering the high level of design and engineering, a mattress like this could easily run into the 1000s at a big retail store.

The Purple mattress represents excellent value for money. A well thought out, comfortable mattress at a very attractive price.

Not many mattresses at similar price points have unique comfort technology either.

The mattress is well made, well engineered and it clearly shows

What’s the Purple Mattress Quality & Warranty Period?

The Purple mattress is a quality bed. It’s not surprise that given one of the founder’s backgrounds in manufacturing, Purple have made their mattress to the highest quality standards.

Purple manufacture in the USA. The technology behind the mattress has a number of patents and patents-pending.

Lots of design and engineering effort has gone into the mattress. The Purple is definitely one quality mattress.

The Purple Mattress is backed with a 10 year warranty. After 10 years it is fair to say most mattress should be updated anyhow. Purple provides your mattress with a warranty for those 10 years.

The Purple company is also highly reputable and will be around should you need to make a warranty claim in the future. The same cannot be said for all online mattress companies who may not be around tomorrow to honor warranties.

Customer Feedback After Sleeping on the Purple Mattress

What customers liked the most?

  • Firm and soft at the same time comfort provided by unique technology
  • Sleeps cool not hot unlike other foam mattresses
  • Easy returns process if you decide mattress is not right for you

Close to 85% of Purple mattress customers are happy with their mattress based on Sleep Cupid’s research. That’s a pretty awesome level of customer satisfaction for any mattress on the market.

Customers really like the ‘super-comfort feeling’ provided by the firm and soft at the same time comfort of the Purple Mattress.

Customers really like their Purple mattresses

One of the most complained about things in the entire mattress industry is mattresses that sleep hot. Luckily the Purple Mattress sleeps cool.

The top layer with the unique polymer technology keeps the mattress cool and temperature neutral.

While some side sleepers did not like the mattress, many side sleepers loved the Purple Mattress.

We suggest you take advantage of Purple’s risk free trial period to find out if the Purple Mattress is the right one for you.

If you decide the mattress is not the perfect match for you, you can easily get a full refund without any hassles. Purple have a great customer service team.

The Purple Mattress Ordering Experience

The Purple Mattress is not delivered in a box like most other online mattress companies. Instead the mattress comes in a long roll.

One thing you should note is that the Purple Mattress is about 20% heavier than most other online mattresses. All the mattresses in a box sold online are heavy and bulky either way.

The queen size Purple Mattress is approximately 115 pounds. As with any mattress, you may want to have another person help you get the mattress into the bed frame.

Delivery is free in the USA which does not hurt either.

Setting up the mattress is easy. Get the mattress on to your bed frame, take the purple outer cover off it, remove the clear plastic and the purple inner cover and roll the mattress out. That’s it – your new mattress will almost ‘spring’ to life and is now ready to go.

The Purple Mattress comes rolled up and is easy to setup

Would You Recommend this Mattress to Friends?

With a risk-free trial, close to 85% customer happiness and easy returns if you are not happy, the Purple Mattress is an easy recommendation to friends who want a well-priced, comfortable mattress.

Bottom line: Yes we would happily recommend the Purple Mattress to friends.

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