Puffy Mattress Review (HP Link)

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Puffy Mattress Review

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Nicole Bradford

We receive referral fees when our readers click on our links and buy a mattress

Puffy Mattress Review Summary 

The Puffy mattress is a very comfortable mattress that feels like you're sleeping on clouds and is widely praised by customers

  • Customers say it's like sleeping on clouds making Puffy by far the most comfortable mattress they have ever slept on
  • 101 night risk-free trial with free returns so you can make sure Puffy is right for you
  • Excellent value for money for a high-quality mattress made in the USA

Puffy Mattress Review Summary 

The Puffy mattress is a very comfortable mattress that feels like you're sleeping on clouds and is widely praised by customers

  • Customers say it's like sleeping on clouds making Puffy by far the most comfortable mattress they have ever slept on
  • 101 night risk-free trial with free returns so you can make sure Puffy is right for you
  • Excellent value for money for a high-quality mattress made in the USA

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Internet's #1 Most Comfortable Mattress

Sleep Cupid 2018 Award Winner

Internet's #1 Most Comfortable Mattress

Sleep Cupid 2018 Award Winner

The Complete Puffy Review

If you are in a hurry, skip to the review summary at the bottom of this page. But it's better to read the complete review to get a clear picture of this mattress.

The Puffy Mattress is a hand-crafted, made-to-order bed built with body-adaptive materials that help conform to your curves and support your spine. It features patent pending Cooling Cloud technology, which helps wick away heat all night, as well as a special pressure-reliving formula to keep sleepers extremely comfortable.

It’s an all-around great foam mattress for a good bargain, considering all its features.

A Simple Design of Pressure-Relieving Foam on a Supportive Foundation

The Puffy has a deceptively simple design, but that’s exactly what makes it so powerful. Made of only two layers of foam, both layers work in synergy to keep you comfortable and cool all night long.

The fist layer is made of comfort foam with special Cloud Gel that is meant to help spread your body heat across the surface of the mattress, so that it can then dissipate. This layer contours around your body lightly, providing a lot of pressure relief. It does a great job of keeping your shoulders and hips cradled, so that you don’t wake up with any aches or pains.

Below that is the thick support layer. This also relieves pressure, but at the same time it provides a supportive base for your spine. It aligns your back perfectly and keeps the mattress from sagging, adapting to the exact weight of your body and giving you the right amount of support.

These layers are wrapped up in a soft, breathable cover that has little clouds printed on it. This cover is very comfortable and stays cool, since it’s thin enough to make good contact with the Cloud Gel layer.

Overall, the bed is extremely comfortable. It is a bit on the soft side, but this contouring really helps if you tend to experience joint pain. You never feel like you’re trapped in any dips formed by the foam, either, which is an added plus for both comfort and cooling.

This balance in the mattress provides a host of benefits. According to Puffy, the bed helps improve circulation, relieve joint paint, and even increase your energy levels as a consequence of a good night’s sleep. With a bed that reduces pressure points so well, you will naturally find yourself falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.

Softer Than Average, But Firm Enough to Keep You Afloat

When it comes to the firmness of this bed, it is about medium, which makes it slightly softer than the average mattress-in-a-box. It falls at around a 5 or 6 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest level. It’s perfect for people who need that extra contouring.

Of course, the subjective experience of the firmness will vary depending on how much the sleeper weighs. If you weigh more than average, it will probably feel a bit more like a 7 or 8 because you will have more contact with the firm base layer. On the other hand, if you weigh less, you will float softly on the top layer and may not experience the firmer base layer with much intensity.

Supports Many Different Sleeping Positions

Because it is fairly close to medium firmness, it supports a lot of different sleeping positions. It works especially well for side sleepers, because the soft hug of the mattress keeps you from feeling pressure points on your shoulders and hips.

At the same time, it has a firm enough base to provide good back alignment for back sleepers. Even some stomach sleepers may find that the Puffy works for them, though some might opt for a firmer mattress.

On the official website itself, Puffy recommends the mattress for back and side sleepers, though they do say that it will work for a variety of sleeping positions, including stomach sleeping, and even some more unusual positions.

A Refreshing Night’s Sleep From Day 1

Lying on the Puffy for the first time is very pleasant and comfortable. As soon as you lie down, the foam contours around you in a very adaptive way. You feel “hugged” by the mattress, but not in a way that leaves you feeling trapped or like you’ve fallen into a dip in the bed. It’s just the right amount of sink, and it’s well supported by the firm base.

From the first night, it relieves pressure very well and keeps things reasonably cool. There’s no sweating and the gel layer seems to move the heat away efficiently. In the morning, there are no aches and pains, as it does a good job of keeping the spine aligned.

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Keeps Cool Thanks to Its Cooling Cloud Technology

The Puffy mattress sleeps cooler than traditional memory foam. Both the upper Cloud Gel layer and the lower base layer are very breathable, and of course the cooling gel infusion will keep your body heat from accumulating around you.

It’s not the coolest mattress available on the market, in part because of its simplicity, but it will cool adequately for most people. For a mattress of its price, it actually has some nice temperature regulation features.

Responsive Enough to Keep the Love Alive

Though the Puffy is soft, it doesn’t leave you feeling trapped in the mattress. Because of this, it’s perfect for couples who want a contouring foam mattress, but don’t want the lack of coils to interfere with their love life. While it’s not very bouncy, you can freely move around without being hindered. The supportive base layer is also responsive enough that you won’t sink too deeply into the bed.

Edge support is also good on this bed, so most people won’t feel like they’re going to fall off the mattress if they move towards the sides. Like any foam mattress, it will sink a bit if you lay right on the very edge, but it still feels fairly stable. Naturally, this depends on your weight. If you’re a bit heavier than usual, it’s best not to sleep right on the edge.

Never Wake Your Partner Thanks to Advanced Motion Isolation

Another common feature of most foam beds is their tendency to not transfer a lot of motion. The Puffy is not different in this regard. Thanks to its shock-absorbing top layer and its extremely stable base layer, you will hardly feel anything if your partner is moving around slightly during the night. This means better sleep for the both of you, especially if you have different sleeping schedules.

With more vigorous tossing and turning, you will probably feel some vibrations, but for most people it wouldn’t be enough to wake them up. This is sort of expected when it comes to a softer bed. Again, the weight of the sleepers is a definite factor here, though the bed doesn’t nearly transfer as much motion as a traditional coil bed would.

Try For 101 Nights Before You Commit

The Puffy comes with a generous free trial that lets you use the bed for 101 nights before you decide whether or not you want to keep it. If you feel that it’s not right for you at any point in the trial, you can just send it back and get a refund—no hassle, and no questions asked. There’s no return shipping and Puffy will donate the mattress to a charity on your behalf.

Although Puffy doesn’t require you to sleep on the bed for a certain amount of time before returning, it’s probably a good idea to try out the bed for at least a few weeks before you try to send it back. This is because it might take your body some time to get used to a new mattress, so you’ll need to give it a chance before you can really experience its benefits. You have over three months to evaluate the mattress, though, which is more than enough time for your body to get used to it.

Note that very few people return the Puffy, though. It has a feel that is “just right” for the vast majority of the customers who try it.

Backed By a Lifetime Warranty and Made in the USA

The Puffy mattress is a quality bed made by a company that is committed to doing the basics extremely well. It is made of safe materials, is Certi-Pur US certified to not contain heavy metals, ozone depleting chemicals, formaldehyde, and other noxious substances. It’s completely safe for you and your family, as well as for the environment.

In addition, the Puffy is made in the USA and follows all of the relevant standards required of a mattress. Because it is hand-crafted locally, the mattress spends less time compressed in a box on its way to you. This means that the foam will be in better condition when it arrives, which is a huge advantage over getting foreign-made foam.

Because of its quality construction, Puffy backs it up with a lifetime warranty. This is definitely a feature that stands out from the crowd in the mattress market. While you’ll find that most vendors offer a 10 or maybe 15 year warranty, Puffy goes all the way and covers you for as long as you own the mattress.

If there is any damage to your mattress due to manufacturer's defects within the first 10 years of your ownership, they will replace the mattress completely, free of charge. After those first 10 years for the rest of the life of the mattress, they will either repair or replace the bed, also free of charge.

They also have an interesting “Quick Sleep” plan that comes with the warranty: After the first 10 years that you’ve had the mattress, instead of having your mattress replaced or repaired, you can instead buy a brand new one for 50% off. The advantage to this is that you would also get to keep the old one, which is great.

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High Quality Customer Service From a Reputable Company

Puffy takes their customer service very seriously. You can contact them by e-mail or phone, and they also have a chat window right on their website for your convenience. If you have any questions about the bed or aren’t sure if it’s right for you, Puffy’s knowledgeable representatives will be happy to discuss your options with you.

Naturally, they also process returns quickly, if you ever find the need to take advantage of the 101 night trial. Should you ever have a problem with your mattress at all after you’ve bought it, contacting them and they will help you out immediately. They even frequently respond to the customer reviews that are posted on their site, so they really do care about keeping an ongoing relationship with the customer base.

Lay the Puffy on Almost Any Base

One of the nice things about the Puffy is that it works with almost any kind of base, Because it is so durable, it will work with almost any flat surface, including a slatted frame (as long as the slats are close together), a box spring, a flat frame, or an adjustable frame.

You can even place it on the floor, and it will work just fine. The only requirement is that there shouldn’t be any wide spaces in your foundation, as this could cause the sags in the bed that could compromise its structural integrity.

For its part, Puffy sells its own Puffy Foundation. This is the perfect complement for the bed. It’s reasonably priced, made of sturdy metal, and doesn’t require any tools to set up. You can unfold it and start using it in just a few minutes. It’s a good option if you’d rather raise your bed up off the floor so that you can stow things underneath. It can take 1,000 pounds of weight, but is still surprisingly quiet for a metal frame.

One of the Best Values on the Market for a Premium Foam Bed

The Puffy is a very reasonably priced mattress, especially for the features that it comes with. It’s much more affordable than similar mattresses that you might find in a retail store. Because it comes direct from a factory in the USA, you skip a lot of the middle men and you end up paying a lot less for a premium mattress.

When you consider the Quick Sleep option that they offer with their warranty, then the bed is even more of a value. Few companies allow you to buy a second mattress for such a deep discount.

It may not have a lot of extras compared to some other mattress-in-a-box offerings, but that’s part of its advantage. If you just want a simple, comfortable mattress that keeps you cool at night and keeps your back aligned, then this is one of the best choices out there. It’s definitely a huge value for what you get.

Customers Love the Pressure-Relieving Foam

The Puffy has a lot of fans among the customer base, and it’s no wonder considering that it’s a high quality, affordable bed. In particular, customer response is very positive about:

  • The generous trial. Some people were hesitant at first, but felt much more confident when they realized that puffy was offering a risk-free trial.
  • How the Puffy can help you stay asleep longer. Some people who normally had trouble staying asleep and tended to wake up easily during the night found that the Puffy helped them sleep more soundly.
  • Improved circulation. Some customers found that their arms and legs weren’t falling asleep and that they were much more comfortable.
  • Reduced pain. Many people find that the Puffy reduces their shoulder, hip, and back pain. It also leaves plenty of people with less joint pain.
  • Its sturdiness. Customers were often surprised at how sturdy the mattress felt. Even heavier sleepers felt stable on the bed and were able to feel comfortable in a variety of positions.
  • The easy set up. Because the bed comes in a compact package, it’s easy for customers to move around the house and set up where they need it.
  • No feeling of sinking in. Unlike traditional foam mattresses, customers report that the bed doesn’t have that sinking or sagging feeling. It offers firm support and keeps the spine well aligned. This results in less pain and fatigue in the morning.

Overall, customer response towards this bed is extremely positive. The Puffy offers a high quality alternative to more expensive retail foam mattresses, and in fact improves on a lot of traditional foam models.

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Order Using the Simple Online Shopping Cart

You can order the Puffy from the official website very easily. It is exclusive sold online, which is partly why they can make it so affordable. The entire Puffy website is secured with SSL, so you don’t need to worry when you put in your credit card information.

The ordering process just takes a few minutes, and you simply choose what size you want and any other accessories that you want to add to your order. Once you order, the bed is hand crafted for you and shipped out quickly.

In addition to paying up front, Puffy also has a financing option that it offers through Klarna. Naturally, how much your payments will be and whether you will be charged any interest depends on your credit. The approval process is very fast, though, and you will know within a few minutes during the checkout process if you qualify for financing.

The Puffy is Easy to Set Up and Ships Worldwide

Once you have ordered, it’s only a matter of a few days until you will be able to sleep on your new mattress. They are made to order, but should be at your door within 3 to 6 days and are delivered via FedEx. Shipping is not necessarily free for the Puffy, and this depends largely on your location and shipping method. They offer a few different methods, and, unlike a lot of mattress companies, they ship worldwide.

When the mattress arrives, it’s very simple to set up. It comes compressed in a box for easy and environmentally-friendly transfer. All you have to do is move it to your bedroom and pull it out of the box.

From there, you can easily unroll it onto the foundation that you want. If you also ordered the optional Puffy Foundation, then of course you would need to set this up first. Luckily, it’s just as easy to set up as the bed itself, and only takes about 5 minutes with no need for tools.

Recommended For Those Who Want a High Quality Mattress for Less Than Retail Prices

We highly recommend the Puffy for people who are looking for a basic foam mattress for an affordable price that still has helpful features like temperature regulation. The Puffy goes above and beyond what traditional foam mattresses provide, and it manages to do so for a fraction of the retail price. It’s also consistently popular with customers, and most people love their Puffy after only a few nights.

Some of the best features of this bed include:

  • The combination of the pressure-relieving top layer and the firm, supportive bottom layer. This mattress offers good contouring, but not at the expensive of spinal alignment. This makes it great for people who suffer from lower back pain, and we highly recommend it to those who are trying to relieve random body aches.
  • Sturdy construction, so you always feel secure. The Puffy is not flimsy like many traditional foam beds. Even people who are on the heavier side can feel secure sleeping on this mattress. In addition, it has quite decent motion isolation to go along with this general stability.
  • One of the best things about the Puffy is that it won’t cost an arm and a leg, and yet it does what much more expensive mattresses do—and more. Unlike traditional memory foam, it says cool at night and doesn’t cause the sleeper to feel like they’re sinking into the mattress. It is durable and comes with a lifetime warranty, as well, and yet it doesn’t cost nearly as much as what you would pay in a retail store.

Overall, the Puffy is a great option for people who simply want the benefits of a foam mattress without the temperature issues and without over-paying.

Puffy Mattress Review Summary

Mattress Comfort Rating

  • Feels like you are sleeping on clouds in the air with special foam technology
  • Customers say Puffy is the most comfortable mattress they have ever slept on
  • Supportive and comfortable with a 7-8 out of 10 firmness level

Trial Period and Value for Money

  • Comes with 101 night risk-free trial period and free returns to make sure Puffy is perfect for you
  • Made in the USA with advanced patent-pending foam and high quality materials
  • Lifetime warranty on the Puffy is far longer warranty than industry standards

Where To Buy The Puffy Mattress?

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