Nest Alexander Signature Series Mattress Review

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Nest Alexander Signature Mattress Review

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Linda Anderson

We receive referral fees when readers use our links to buy a mattress

Alexander Signature Series Review Summary 

The Nest Alexander Signature Series mattress is highly rated by customers for comfort, value and quality

  • Customers find this mattress greatly improves their sleep quality and comfort
  • 100 night risk free trial with free returns to make sure the mattress is perfect
  • Made in the USA with premium, luxury quality materials by reliable manufacturer

Alexander Signature Series Review Summary 

The Nest Alexander Signature Series mattress is highly rated by customers for comfort, value and quality

  • Customers find this mattress greatly improves their sleep quality and comfort
  • 100 night risk free trial with free returns to make sure the mattress is perfect
  • Made in the USA with premium, luxury quality materials by reliable manufacturer

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The Complete Nest Alexander Signature Series Mattress Review

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The Nest Alexander Signature Series is a durable, 100% foam bed made from luxury materials. Thanks to its factory-direct production, though, it’s extremely affordable and offers unparalleled comfort for the price. A better value than traditional foam beds, it also has enhanced cooling capabilities that make it an attractive choice for customers who are looking for a top-tier foam bed.

Luxury Comfort With an Extremely Supportive Base

One of the features that really stands out on the Alexander Signature Series—and any bed by Nest Bedding, really—is the quality. It is a very sturdy bed with great support, and this is due to its ingenious design.

The bed is made of various layers, either four or five, depending on the level of firmness. Regardless of the feel, the first layer is a quilted cover that has thermic phase change cooling fabric built into it. This will leave you feeling refreshed at night, and will help transfer your body heat to the layers below.

The next layer is a contouring memory foam infused with cooling gel, though the thickness of this layer will vary depending on the version of the mattress. On the Soft and Luxury Firm versions, it is only 2” thick, while it is a plush 4” on the Medium.

This layer helps cool the sleeper even further, and also transfers the pressure of the body onto middle layers. It contours nicely along your body and helps cradle your shoulders and hips especially.

The next layer on the Soft and Medium versions is made of Visco Foam. This is a transitional layer of sorts, but it also helps relieve some more pressure. It’s actually missing from the Luxury Firm version, which is in part what makes it a little harder than the other versions.

All of the mattresses have a SmartFlow air flow layer that enhances breathability, though again they differ in thickness. This layer helps cool the mattress, drawing heat from above and dissipating it.

It is more porous than other kinds of foam and keeps the bed well aerated. This is also the last layer of foam that provides pressure relief and contouring before transferring your weight to the harder support layer.

Finally, at the very bottom, there is a slab of support foam. This is very dense foam that is built to prop up the other layers, as well as even very heavy sleepers. It gives the bed its shape and helps to stay stable all night. It also is responsible for keeping your back aligned so that you wake up feeling rested and without any pain.

Thanks to this thick support foam, the bed doesn’t sag or form any uncomfortable dents while you’re sleeping. This base layer is thickest in the Luxury firm version of the mattress at 6”, while it is a little thinner in the Soft and Medium versions. All firmness levels do a great job of keeping your back supported, though.

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Pick the Perfect Feel For You

As already mentioned, you can actually choose from a number of firmness levels, depending on your needs. The mattresses are handmade to order, so you simply choose what firmness you want during the checkout process when you’re customizing your bed.

The Soft version of the mattress roughly a 3.5 out of 10, on a scale where 10 is the most firm. The Medium version is right in the middle at around a 5.5, and the Luxury Firm version is quite firm at an 8.5.

Most people will probably find that the Medium style is just right for them. It is neither so soft that you feel that you’re sinking into the bed, nor is it so hard that you feel too much pressure on your body.

Still, it might be too firm if you like that extra contouring. The Soft version works well if your primary concern is pressure relief. On the other hand, people who need extra back support might consider the firm version, since it is one of the firmest foam mattresses available.

Any Sleeper Can Enjoy the Combination of Firm Support and Soft Contouring

Since you have so many options when it comes to the feel of the mattress, it’s no surprise that a variety of customers find that the Alexander Signature Series beds are very comfortable.

If you’re a side-sleeper in particular, the Soft version of this mattress would probably be a perfect fit. It does a great job of softly hugging the curves of your body, so if you suffer from a lot of hip pain on other mattresses, this version of the Signature Series should alleviate a lot of that.

For back sleepers and even a lot of side-sleepers, the Medium is a good compromise. It lets you float on the mattress weightlessly, but it still offers some nice cushioning to protect you from pressure. In fact, Nest Bedding says that 92% of people prefer the Medium style.

Finally, if you’re a stomach sleeper, the company suggests that you try the Luxury Firm, since you will need more back support than most people.

Enhanced Pressure Relief Can Ease Your Aches on the Very First Night

The Medium style version of this bed had a comfortably firm feel to it when first lying down. It’s a very sturdy and responsive bed with a well-balanced feel. There is no uncomfortable sinking, though there is a light hug from the top layer.

It offers great spine support all night, and doesn’t leave the sleeper with back pain in the morning. In addition, thanks to the pressure-relieving layers, it keeps ones hips, shoulders, and other joints pain-free. Overall, it was a restful night’s sleep from the very first night.

The Alexander Signature Series is Surprisingly Cool

When it comes to temperature control, this has traditionally been a problem with foam mattresses. Nest Bedding creatively solved this issue with a few different techniques.

First of all the top foam layer is infused with thermo-regulating gel that helps collect and dissipate your body heat faster. The Medium version of the mattress also has a highly breathable, stretchy fabric. The other styles have a more simple cover, but it is still thin and simple enough to allow good contact with the cooling gel-infused layer below.

All versions of the mattress also feature a layer with SmartFlow technology, which contains air pockets that allow for much better breathability. This helps the heat that comes from above to disperse faster, keeping you from sweating at night.

The dense layer of support foam also helps to keep your body hovering on top of the mattress, instead of sinking too deeply into it, where heat could start to accumulate.

Overall, the mattress is built from the ground up to be able to sleep cooler than most traditional memory foam beds. It’s a great choice if you’ve been looking for a cool bed that still offers the health benefits of foam.

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Responsive Foam Will Never Put a Damper on Your Love Life

All of the versions of the Alexander Signature Series have a dense feel to them, with minimal sagging. This means that they keep their shape very well and are quite responsive, so you won’t feel stuck in any one spot when you’re enjoying a nighttime romp with your partner. You can easily move from one side of the bed to the other.

The only minor issue here is that the mattress doesn’t have the greatest edge support, which is where it differs from its cousin, the Alexander Signature Hybrid. However, this isn’t too different from most foam mattresses out there, and it’s kind of expected.

For a foam mattress, it actually does an adequate job, and you won’t feel like you’re slipping off the bed unless you’re very close to the edge. We would say that it has slightly above average edge support for a foam mattress of its kind.

Enhanced Motion Isolation Thanks to High Quality Foam

Another nice feature of the Alexander Signature Series is that all versions of the bed have decent motion isolation. While you do sacrifice a bit of motion isolation when you have a responsive bed like this one, it does a more than acceptable of keeping the movement to a minimum.

So if you sleep with a partner and need to slip out of bed regularly, you can probably do so without disturbing them, especially on the soft version of this bed. If there’s an extreme amount of movement—like jumping—the other person will probably feel some vibrations, but this isn’t too unusual in any kind of bed.

100 Nights of Great Sleep, or You Get Your Money Back

The Alexander Signature Series mattresses come with a long trial period of 100 nights. Try out your bed for more than three months, and if it just doesn’t suit you, you can always return it. If you’re really hesitant to get the bed without trying it first, in spite of its long trial period, Nest actually has some showroom locations where you can test their beds. This gives them a huge leg up over other online mattress companies.

If you do decide to give the trial a go, Nest Bedding simply asks that you give the bed an honest try for 30 days before you consider sending it back. This is because it can take time for your body to adapt to the new bed, especially if your old mattress was totally different. Though we saw great results on our first night, it’s a good idea to have some patience while you’re breaking in a brand new mattress.

If you decide at some point after the 100-night window that you’d rather have a different bed—perhaps a different size or firmness—Nest Bedding has some options for you, too. As long as you bought a bed from them, you can buy another at a deep discount. It’s called their Lifetime Comfort Guarantee, and it gives you 50% off.

Premium Mattress Made in the USA

The Alexander Signature Series mattresses are made by an American-owned company in the USA. When you buy one of these beds, not only are you supporting the domestic economy, but you’re also ensuring that your bed complies with the high safety standards that you would expect from a product made in the US.

The manufacturing process that Nest Bedding uses is also eco-friendly and results in a mattress that is free of toxins. It’s safe for you and for anyone in your family. All of Nest Bedding’s mattresses are independently certified by CertiPur-US.

Instead of using toxic fire retardant chemicals, they use Hydrated Silica as their fire barrier, which is a natural mineral found in other consumer products, such as toothpaste.

In terms of quality, the bed is made of luxury foam that can last a lifetime. They actually have a lifetime warranty to back it up, which is much more extensive than most other warranties that you’ll find with “mattress-in-a-box” offerings.

Nest has a great reputation for luxury quality and maintains an A+ rating with the BBB.

Attentive Customer Service That Always Helps You Get What You Need

Nest Bedding is known for their customer service, and in fact a lot of their customers rave about it. It’s not unusual to get a personal response from the owner of the company when you make comments or reviews on their site, and they are quick to e-mail you back if you message them with any questions.

You can also call up their customer service line if you need help ordering or you have a problem with your order. They’re also rather gracious even if you need to return. Though most people like their mattresses and keep them, if you need to send it back for any reason, they will cover the costs. There is no return shipping and they’ll have a charity come and pick up the mattress right at your door.

In our opinion, Nest Bedding is the most trusted, respected and reliable company in the online mattress industry. Not only does Nest have a safe and secure website to order your mattress on, Nest also has multiple physical retail locations throughout the United States.

In addition, the CEO at Nest Bedding, Joe Alexander, takes great pride in offering the best-in-market mattress and bedding products. In the rare event a customer is unsatisfied with a mattress purchased from Nest Bedding, Joe is known to personally help them find the right mattress.

This really makes Nest stand out from the crowd in the online mattress industry.

Nest Alexander Signature Series Mattress Discounts

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Works With Most Kinds of Bed Frames

In theory, any kind of flat bed frame will work for the Alexander Signature Series. It’s a very versatile and durable foam mattress, and you can set it up on a platform bed, slats, and box spring, or even the floor if you are so inclined. As long as there are no large gaps in the platform that you lay it on, you should be fine.

However, Nest Bedding does have more detailed advice on their website about what an ideal foundation for the bed should be like.

In particular, they actually advise that you not place your mattress directly on the floor or on any non-breathable foundation, as this could cause a build-up of moisture. The Alexander Signature Series has special cooling foam that works best with a foundation that allows air to flow freely.

Of course, it’s totally your choice and depends on the climate that you live in, but your best bet is to find a breathable platform to go with your new bed. It will help it last longer and will keep you cooler.

Save Tons Over Traditional Mattress Companies, Without Sacrificing Quality

The Alexander Signature Series mattresses are a great value to anyone looking for a high quality foam mattress. With all of its features, like enhanced cooling and extra-solid support, you would expect to pay a lot more for a mattress like this if you went the retail, brick-and-mortar route.

Luckily, you can just skip the middle man and buy directly from Nest Bedding. This means you pay half—or even less—than what you might pay for similar beds in a mattress store. Nest Bedding’s designs are also superior to your typical memory foam bed. It is one of the few companies that is truly factory-direct and doesn’t outsource their manufacturing to outside corporations.

Any mattress is going to be a bit of an investment, but you really do get a lot for the money with the Alexander Signature Series.

Soothes Aches and Pains, According to Customers

Most people fall in love with their new Alexander Signature Series mattress within just a few nights. With only a minimal amount of research, you can find tons of happy customers. In particular, some of the features that stood out for a lot of people were:

  • The great support. Thanks to the dense foundation, and the high quality contouring foam layers above it, all versions of the Alexander Signature Series offer great back support. This helps ease chronic pain and improve posture.
  • The long warranty. Very, very few comparable mattresses come with a lifetime warranty. It really shows that Nest Bedding believes in their product.
  • Amazing value. People often remark that, for the price, this series of mattresses are incredible products. Built in the US to very high standards, it’s hard to find a bed that offers this much value.
  • Less pain. A lot of people found that they were able to sleep the whole night pain-free and wake up rested.
  • Helpful customer service. Many people praise Nest Bedding’s customer service. They are easy to get into contact with and will answer any questions.

Ordering Takes Almost No Effort

Ordering an Alexander Signature Series mattress is very simple, and you can do it right from Nest Bedding’s website. If you’ve ever ordered anything online, then the process will be second-nature to you. Just choose your size and your firmness, then drop your new mattress into your cart before checking out.

The whole website is secured with SSL, so your credit card details are completely safe. They also offer financing if you’d like to pay in increments instead.

If you’d rather talk to a human, you can also call their toll-free number and order from there. You can also ask for more details or address any issues, and their customer support will be happy to help.

The Bed Comes Right to Your Door and Costs Nothing to Ship

For a bed that is handmade, the Alexander Signature Series actually ships fairly quickly, within a couple of days. After that, you can expect it to arrive in just a few more business days, though that depends on how far away you are from the factory. Typically, it shouldn’t take more than about a week.

Shipping is totally free in the continental US (with a small fee for Alaska and Hawaii), though you can call up their customer support and pay for an expedited option if you’re really in a rush. There’s also white glove delivery available if you want it set up for you.

The mattress will arrive directly to your door via FedEx. It comes in a relatively small box with the actual mattress compacted and rolled up inside. You will have to pull it out of the box and let it absorb some air for a few hours before it gains its final shape. (You can sleep on it before it is fully “inflated,” though.)

The bed is very easy to move around in its compact state, so it’s probably best to carry the box to your bedroom and unroll the mattress right on its foundation. There is very little off-gassing with any of Nest Bedding’s mattresses, since they are all made of high quality foam, so you won’t after to worry about any strong odor while it’s taking on its shape.

If you need to move your bed around after it’s fully formed, this is also fairly easy, since it comes with convenient handles on the sides.

Recommended For People Who Want a Luxury Mattress With No Compromises

We recommend the Alexander Signature Series mattresses to anyone who is looking for a top quality foam mattress for a value price. With this mattress, you get a lot of features that you typically don’t find with traditional foam beds, and yet it is still cheaper than most of the models you might encounter at a retail store.

  • It sleeps cool, thanks to its thermo-gel-infused top layer and its breathable SmartFlow air flow layer.
  • You can customize its feel. These beds work for any kind of sleeper, because you can choose between Soft, Medium, and Luxury Firm.
  • It has great support. The Luxury Firm version of this mattress is one of the more supportive and firm foam mattresses available on the market, and it’s perfect for people who are looking for superior back alignment. Even the Medium and Soft versions of the bed offer outstanding back support.

Overall, the Alexander Signature Series mattresses are a great line of foam mattresses that offer much stronger support than almost anything else on the market. We highly recommend it for people who are looking for a gentle, but sturdy solution to their chronic back and joint pain.

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Nest Alexander Signature Series Review Summary

Overall Rating 4.9/5

Mattress Comfort Rating

  • Customers praise the Nest Alexander for comfort, value and quality
  • People suffering from aches and pains found this mattress improves sleep quality
  • Sleeps cooler than other typical memory foam mattresses

Trial Period and Value for Money

  • 100 night risk free trial with free shipping and free returns
  • Luxury mattress made with premium quality materials at a great price
  • Made in the USA by reliable well-known manufacturer

Where To Buy The Nest Alexander Signature Mattress?

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