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Endy Mattress Review Summary

The Endy mattress is a well-made memory foam mattress with a 100 night trial

  • High quality memory foam mattress made in Canada
  • 100 night risk-free trial so you can try out the mattress first
  • Made in Canada with a 10 year warranty against defects

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Endy Mattress Review Summary

The Endy mattress is a well-made memory foam mattress with a 100 night trial

  • High quality memory foam mattress made in Canada
  • 100 night risk-free trial so you can try out the mattress first
  • Made in Canada with a 10 year warranty against defects

Full review below

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The Complete Endy Review

If you are in a hurry, skip to the summary of key points at the bottom of this page. But it’s better to read the complete review to get a clear picture of this mattress.

Do you hate buying mattresses from the sleazy salesmen at the local mattress store? Then forget about dealing with the sleazy salesmen at the mattress store.

The Endy Mattress is a comfortable, memory-foam mattress made by a Canadian company that cuts out the middle man, is sold online and delivers an affordable bed that can give you quality sleep.

Lets take a look….

How Comfortable is the Endy Mattress?

Since this mattress is made of memory foam, of course you don’t have to deal with any of the pressure point issues of a coil mattress.

Instead of air or coils, it has three layers: the first and thickest layer is very firm foam that provides a lot of support, the second layer is a “transition” layer that is not as dense, and the final layer is soft memory foam that focuses on comfort.

In total, the mattress is 10 inches thick. Inside the top layer of memory foam, there is a cooling gel that is meant to keep you from overheating. For most people, this cooling gel does indeed work.

While some customers do feel that this mattress is a bit too soft for them, the majority of them feel that it provides just the right amount of support, while still providing a cushy top layer.

If you want  something exceptionally firm, this is perhaps not the one for you, though.

Also, some users who have a tendency to sleep towards the edge of the mattress report that it doesn’t have as much support there are will tend to push your body towards the middle of the bed, but of course this will be a small percentage of people.

Does the Endy Mattress Sleep Cool or Hot?

For the user who tends to release an unusual amount of body heat, this mattress may sleep hot, but for most people the cooling gel is more than enough to keep the sweat from coming.

If you find that you overheat with this bed, you’re probably not going to fair much better with another foam mattress, as these tend to absorb more heat than traditional ones.

For a foam mattress, Endy Sleep has done a great job with reducing this common flaw. Granted, if you live in a hotter climate, you may fair differently from someone who lives in a colder one.

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What Trial Period Does Endy Offer?

You can use the Endy mattress for 100 nights to see if you like it. If you don’t, then you can just give them a call and they will pick it up from your front door, then give you your money back.

The return process is just as easy as the ordering process. In other words, there’s no risk or hassle if it turns out that the mattress isn’t for you.

Is the Endy Mattress Good Value for Money?

Since this mattress comes straight from the manufacturer with very few middle men, it’s on the less expensive side. It is a great value for the money, especially considering how elaborate the mattress is.

It is more than just a simple block of memory foam like many knock-offs are; you can tell that it is the product of mindful design and that it was made for luxury and comfort. Compared to other mattresses made in North American, you get a lot for the money, and even the shipping is free.

Endy Mattress Manufacturing Quality & Warranty Period

The bed is no doubt high quality, straight from a Canadian factory, so you know you’re getting something that was carefully put together by well-paid workers.

The company stands behind their product, and they offer a 10-year warranty that covers any unusual break-down of the material. So if you find that your mattress is falling apart way before its time, you can easily get another one.

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Customer Feedback After Sleeping on the Endy Mattress

By far, most people who have used this mattress seem to love it. Whether they needed back support or were looking for something to cradle their body with the adjustable cells of a foam mattress, people are impressed by how comfortable this mattress is.

Some customers even say that it’s so comfortable that they don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning.

This is what people seem to have liked most about it:

  • It is very similar to other ultra-comfortable, modern foam mattresses, except that it is a much better value.
  • It is soft while providing good support. It is right in between the “soft” and “firm” spectrum, so it easily suits most people’s desires. This can be important especially if you sleep with a partner. This mattress could accommodate both of you without having to resort to two mattresses.
  • It is extremely easy to order and you don’t have to deal with face-to-face interaction. This is also partially why it is cheaper than going to a mattress dealer. It truly is hassle-free.

The Endy Mattress Ordering Experience

Most customers report that the ordering experience and delivery are extremely simple. You can order from your computer, tablet, or phone, and within a few days you will be ready to unpack your mattress.

The size of the package will of course vary depending on what size you chose for your mattress, but the box will be roughly 14” thick and between 43” and 81” long. It conveniently comes with a tool to cut the package open.

Like a lot of foam mattresses, you just pull it out of the box and let it unfold into its natural shape. After a few hours, it should have gained most of its “inflated” size.

Usually, mattresses like these will have a bit of a “factory smell” at first that one needs to air out for awhile, but actually most people who ordered the Endy don’t notice any weird smells coming from the mattress.

Would You Recommend the Endy Mattress to Family & Friends?

Mattresses are very personal items, and everyone has their odd preferences when it comes to how a mattress should be. Having said that, the vast majority of people who lie down on an Endy mattress should find that it suits their needs well. Whether they are are fan of firm or soft, it offers enough support and comfort to accommodate either.

Considering the comfort, great customer support, and the extreme value of this mattress, we would definitely recommend it to family and friends.

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Endy Mattress – The Key Points

Mattress Comfort Rating

  • Supportive and comfortable memory foam mattress
  • Cooling gel inside the memory foam so it sleeps cool
  • May be too soft if you like a very firm mattress

Trial Period and Value for Money

  • Comes with 100 night risk-free trial period
  • Made in Canada with quality materials and workmanship
  • 10 year warranty from a reputable mattress company

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