DreamCloud Mattress Review

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DreamCloud Mattress Review

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Linda Anderson

We receive referral fees when readers use our links to buy a mattress

DreamCloud Mattress Review Summary 

The DreamCloud mattress is a premium quality, luxury mattress that offers luxury comfort, an amazing 365 night risk-free sleep trial and premium quality backed by a lifetime warranty

  • Customers often comment how sleeping on the DreamCloud mattress has given them much better sleep and they wake up more refreshed than ever
  • 365 night risk-free trial with free returns and a lifetime warranty (best offer in the mattress industry)
  • High feedback and customer ratings for pain relief, couples (including for intimacy) and luxury comfort at an affordable price

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DreamCloud Mattress Review Summary 

The DreamCloud mattress is a premium quality, luxury mattress that offers luxury comfort, an amazing 365 night risk-free sleep trial and premium quality backed by a lifetime warranty

  • Customers often comment how sleeping on the DreamCloud mattress has given them much better sleep and they wake up more refreshed than ever
  • 365 night risk-free trial with free returns and a lifetime warranty (best offer in the mattress industry)
  • High feedback and customer ratings for pain relief, couples (including for intimacy) and luxury comfort at an affordable price

Full details and video review below

The Complete DreamCloud Mattress Review

If you are in a hurry, skip to the review summary at the bottom of this page. But it's better to read the complete review to get a clear picture of this mattress.

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress from Nectar Sleep delivers a luxurious feel and highly comfortable construction. The mattress features 8 hand-crafted layers, which contour to your body shape, providing the support and comfort where you need it the most.

With a patent-pending support system, 365-night trial, and lifetime warranty, the DreamCloud could be the most comfortable mattress you’ve slept on.

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Multi-layered Construction For Ultimate Comfort

As the only mattress on the market with a cashmere tufted top, the DreamCloud appears soft and inviting on first appearance. Being a hybrid mattress, it uses a combination of materials to provide a high level of comfort and support.

The cashmere tufted top not only looks great, it allows the mattress to breathe. This means the DreamCloud is suitable for both warm and cooler climates. In summer, the mattress will help to keep you cool. In winter, the mattress will perform equally as well due to its combination of specially selected materials. In addition, the cashmere tufted top gives the mattress a natural resistance to bed bugs.

A gel memory foam forms part of the mattress and offers a sturdy but comfortable feel. If you or your sleeping partner tosses and turns throughout the night, a gel insert minimises the impact on the other person. The low motion transfer within the DreamCloud ensures that movement across the mattress is limited, ensuring a great night’s sleep for all.

This type of memory foam is also beneficial if you suffer from back pain. Since the layer equalizes the pressure on your body, you will likely encounter fewer aches and pains, especially in areas such as the back, neck and hips. The deep contouring support within the DreamCloud mattress cradles the body all night long.

In addition to gel memory foam, the DreamCloud also includes a natural latex layer, which brings extra responsiveness to the mattress. This hypoallergenic layer brings a comfortable level of cushioning, providing just enough bounce without going to excess. This hybrid approach means you gain the best of both worlds: the benefits and support of memory foam, with the bounce and feel of a hypoallergenic latex layer.

The DreamCloud uses a mixture of coil technologies in its construction and this provides a high level of support for your whole body. In fact, many customer testimonials have said the feeling actually does feel like sleeping on a cloud!

A Medium to Firm Feel For All Sleeper Types

At 15 inches thickness, the mattress is taller than many others on the market. As a result, it manages to pack a mixture of technologies that combine to produce a unique feel that is both solid and responsive. The high density of materials used in the mattress ensures your back is aligned correctly, providing you with a comfortable, rejuvenating sleep, whatever your posture.

An all-rounder, the DreamCloud offers a medium to firm feel and has a high level of responsiveness. Upon touch, it is clear to see the high level of bounce and spring-back, thanks to the combination of gel memory foam, coil springs, and latex. However, the mattress can by no means be considered ‘soft’. This responsive but medium to firm feel ensures a high level of comfort, whether you are sleeping on your side, back or front. And as mentioned previously, the mattress is equally impressive at reducing pressure on key areas of the body.

A Great Night’s Sleep From Day One

The DreamCloud may actually change the way you sleep forever. Thanks to its unique ability to accomodate all sleeping types, your body will feel cradled no matter what the position. The luxury hybrid construction of the mattress provides a marked improvement in terms of comfort, support and feel. As such, if like many people you suffer from back, hip or neck pain, the DreamCloud will enable you to try out new sleeping positions.

Likewise, since the mattress sits on the Firmness Scale at 6.5, the medium to firm feel will support your body and reduce pressure on key areas, giving you a comfortable night’s sleep from day one.

Hot or Cold, the DreamCloud Mattress Delivers

Thanks to its unique hybrid construction, the DreamCloud mattress can deliver both exceptional comfort while keeping you cool at night. It features an inbuilt cooling system throughout the foam and spring coils, which combine to ensure you never get too hot.

The gel inserts within the memory foam help to prevent the layer from becoming overheated, which is ideal if you live in a warm climate. In addition, the cashmere tufted top cover has a high level of breathability, further helping to keep the mattress at a cool, comfortable temperature.

A Firm and Supportive Bounce For Night-Time Fun

Although the DreamCloud can be classed as a medium to firm mattress, it still caters for plenty of bounce. The responsiveness of the 15-inch mattress is impressive, providing great feedback while supporting you or your partner. The multi-layer construction that uses latex and coils as key components brings a natural bounce to proceedings. And thanks to the hybrid construction, pressure points are a thing of the past.

DreamCloud Mattress Discounts

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Partner Disturbance – No More

For couples, the DreamCloud is the gift that keeps on giving. If you are using your bed as a couple, you will already be aware how some mattresses transfer movements from one side of the bed to the other.

The DreamCloud’s hybrid technology provides enough bounce to maintain adequate comfort while isolating excessive motions. And due to the unique construction methods used within the mattress, there is little recoil from one area to another. This provides minimal disturbance for you and your partner, helping you both get a great night’s sleep.

Try DreamCloud For a Whole Year – Risk Free!

One of the most attractive aspects of the DreamCloud is the year-long trial period. This is among the most generous on the market and allows you to test out the mattress in a variety of seasons, from spring to winter.

Testing out the DreamCloud for 365 days will enable you to fully experience the benefits of the mattress, such as its breathability, health benefits, and extraordinary comfort. If for whatever reason you are not happy with it, you can return the product and gain a full refund.

Quality Workmanship and Lifetime Warranty

The DreamCloud features high quality workmanship with great attention to detail. The materials selected in the construction of the mattress have a long lifespan, making the mattress a worthwhile investment for years to come.

The DreamCloud mattress includes an ‘Everlong’ warranty. This means the mattress is covered for as long as you own it. If in the first 10 years your DreamCloud mattress suffers any defects, the company will replace it free of charge. This is provided the product has been used as intended and not subjected to neglect, burning or any other misuse.

Even after 10 years, if the mattress shows signs of damage due to general use, the company will repair or replace the item. The warranty also includes shipping and any other transportation charges, such as transportation for repairs and recovering. A full list of warranty terms and conditions can be found on the official DreamCloud website.

First Class Customer Service 7 Days a Week

Should you need any assistance before, during or after the order process, the DreamCloud customer service team is ready and waiting to answer your questions. Available 7 days a week, the company provides three main methods of contact. You can either call the company using a dedicated telephone number, send a query by email, or get in touch using a live chat session.

In fact, the company takes customer support so seriously that they have a dedicated team called the DreamCloud Sleep Concierge, which focuses entirely on providing friendly customer service. Therefore, whether you have a pre-sales question or need support in gaining a repair or replacement mattress, there is somebody available every day of the week.

Aside from the main methods of contact, DreamCloud also has a large social media presence on popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This allows DreamCloud users to compare notes and experiences, plus get in touch with the company in a more informal manner.

Gain Amazing Comfort On Any Suitable Bed Base

One of the most attractive features of the DreamCloud mattress is its versatility. The 15-inch mattress can be placed on virtually any flat surface, frame or box spring capable of supporting the product. You can even place the mattress on the floor.

This brings countless options when looking where to situate the DreamCloud. However, please note that when selecting a location, you avoid invalidating your warranty. Be sure to choose a flat surface that fully supports the mattress weight and structure.

Premium Feel At An Attractive Price

In comparison to similarly constructed mattresses, the DreamCloud delivers excellent value for money. While not the cheapest mattress on the market by any stretch, when compared to similar premium mattresses in-store, the company claims you can achieve a 30% saving. Leading edge materials and a hand-crafted construction with soft spun flax yarns and cashmere make the DreamCloud stand out from the crowd.

This, combined with reliable manufacturing, have resulted in a premium mattress at a competitive price point. As a result, the DreamCloud brings a fantastic return on investment without compromising quality. In fact, the mattress is nearly half the price of some leading in-store mattresses, and equal or more affordable than most online models.

Although the DreamCloud is competitively priced for its level of quality, finance options are available if you prefer to spread payments over a fixed term. The company will allow you to pay a fixed monthly fee for 6 months.

Customers Cannot Recommend DreamCloud Highly Enough!

There is no shortage of positive customer reviews for DreamCloud. The Internet is awash with comments fully endorsing this luxury hybrid mattress. In particular, customers are turning to DreamCloud for:

  • Superb back support: The majority of customer testimonials mention DreamCloud’s ability to relieve back, hip and neck pain. Thanks to its pressure-relieving construction, the mattress is highly regarded for its health benefits and ability to support the body while sleeping.
  • A better night’s sleep: A large number of customers have commented on how the mattress has given them a new lease of life. Customers felt refreshed after a good night’s sleep and more eager to face the day. Additionally, at the end of the day, customers looked forward to climbing into the cloud-like bed.
  • The Everlong warranty: DreamCloud’s ‘Everlong’ warranty is a major talking point. Customers feel secure in the knowledge that should the product require replacing or repair, the company will arrange this at no extra cost.
  • Couples bedtime: Some customers even said the mattress has helped save their marriage! A number of commenters said the mattress had helped with their snoring. The low motion transfer is also helping many couples get a better night’s sleep.
  • Firmness and bounce: Since the DreamCloud is a medium to firm mattress, it suits the vast majority of customers. The 8-layer construction has resulted in a mattress that feels not too soft and not too hard. As a result, this major selling point has resulted in many a happy customer.
  • Flexible installation: A number of customers are pleased that the bed can be installed on the majority of frames, box springs or surfaces. Some people are even using it on the floor, thanks to its above average 15-inch height.
  • Fast and supportive delivery: People have been very impressed by DreamCloud’s ability to not only deliver the mattress, but to complete the setup process, then remove all trace of excess packaging.

In summary, customer experiences toward the DreamCloud have been highly positive, especially in terms of sleep quality and its ability to support the body no matter what the preferred sleeping position.

DreamCloud Mattress Discounts

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Super Easy To Order Online!

The official DreamCloud website makes it simple to order online. The website’s homepage provides an overview of the product and the major benefits. From here, you can click through to the shopping cart to complete the order. The site is user-friendly and fast, enabling you to order online in minutes.

The secure, easy to navigate site allows you to select from a range of sizes. You can purchase the mattress upfront or select a 6-month financing option. The following sizes are available:

Twin (39in x 75in x 15in), Twin XL (39in x 80in x 15in), Full (54in x 75in x 15in), Queen (60in x 80in x 15in), King (76in x 80in x 15in), and Cal King (72in x 84in x 15in).

The company claims the mattress will be delivered to your home within 7 days. All the popular payment cards are accepted. These include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Free, No-Hassle Shipping and Setup

The DreamCloud website offers fast, no-nonsense shipping within the United States. However, the company goes beyond simply delivering the mattress to your home. Thanks to the fully-featured delivery service, you will not have to lift a finger.

Instead, the company will deliver, unpack, and set up the bed in a location of your choice. If necessary, they will take away your old mattress, and they will even remove all the packaging materials, leaving you with your brand new bed.

Recommended For Those Who Want A Premium Mattress At A Competitive Price

The DreamCloud is without doubt one of the most desireable mattresses on the market today. We recommend it to people who want a mattress with premium construction at a competitive price. In particular, the DreamCloud is:

  • An all-rounder that will suit the vast majority of people, regardless of sleeping style. Due to the 8-layer construction of gel memory foam, latex and a micro coil compression system, the product is both firm and responsive.
  • Super dense. The high level of density in the layered construction can bring fantastic health benefits to your back, neck, hips and other joints. No matter what your preferred sleeping position, the mattress will support you.
  • Value for money. Despite its high quality materials and construction, the mattress is up to 30% cheaper than in-store rivals. When combined with free delivery, a 365 day trial period, an ‘Everlong’ guarantee and after sales service, few mattress can compete with the DreamCloud.

To sum up, we can recommend the DreamCloud to anyone wanting a luxury mattress that combines a mixture of firmness and responsiveness. The competitive pricing of the DreamCloud and return on investment is a major bonus. Together with added health benefits and great customer support, it is easy to see how the mattress has achieved so many positive customer testimonials.

DreamCloud Mattress Review Summary

Overall Rating 4.7/5

Mattress Comfort Rating

  • Customers often comment how their DreamCloud mattress has given them a new lease on life and they wake up more refreshed for the day ahead than ever before thanks to DreamCloud
  • Widely praised by customers for relieving hip, back and neck pain due to DreamCloud's pressure-relief materials
  • Medium to firm feel that is rated a 6.5-7 out of 10 (10 being the firmest) and works well for most sleepers including side, back and stomach

Trial Period and Value for Money

  • 365 night risk-free trial with free shipping and free returns (returns are made easy and hassle-free by the company)
  • Lifetime warranty combined with the 365 night risk-free trial make this the best value offer in the mattress industry
  • Unbeatable value for money on an affordable luxury mattress that provides luxury comfort every night

Where To Buy The DreamCloud Mattress?

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