Casper Mattress Review

The Right Mattress For You?

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Trying to figure out if the Casper mattress is the perfect mattress for you?

Perhaps you also want to know what Casper mattress customers think about sleeping on Casper mattresses after the trial period ends.

You’re not alone. These are questions nearly everyone wants answers to before buying.

That’s why Sleep Cupid is here to help with the answers.

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How Comfortable is the Casper Mattress?

In today’s fast paced world getting a good sleep is priceless. And getting a good night’s sleep requires a comfortable mattress.

Casper are offering a very comfortable mattress at a great price that won’t break the bank. Getting a good night’s sleep just got a little less expensive.

Close to 90% of Casper mattress customers are happy with their mattress based on our research. Not many mattress companies have this level of customer happiness.

So Casper are definitely doing things right. Plus customers are happy with their Casper mattresses well past the trial period being offered.

The mattress stands the test of time because Casper have nailed the right combination of soft and firm with their mattress. Sounds a little odd at first. How can a mattress be firm and soft at the same time right?

The soft and firm at the same time comfortable feel comes from the high quality memory foam in the Casper mattress.

The mattress is firm and supportive – you won’t sink into it like a cheaper foam mattress. Yet has that ‘just right’ soft feel at the same time.

The Casper Mattress uses a top layer of high quality memory foam that makes the mattress super comfortable | Image Source: Casper

This works out perfectly. You don’t want to sleep on a rock after all. But you also don’t want to sleep on a soft cushion either. So being at that ‘just right’ level delivers superior mattress comfort.

The Casper firmness is mid-range. Rated a 7/10 for firmness (10 being the firmest). Combined with the memory foam, the mattress firmness gives a heavenly feeling of being soft yet firm at the same time.

One of the interesting things about Casper is they have continually improved the mattress based on customer feedback. Their product is highly engineered for customer comfort.

Does the Casper Mattress Sleep Cool or Hot?

The mattress has a breathable latex top layer which stops you from getting that hot feeling that many other memory foam mattresses suffer from.

Most customers consider the Casper mattress to sleep cool. This is definitely a positive considering the mattress is made with memory foam which can sleep hot for other mattress brands.

What Trial Period Does Casper Offer?

Casper mattresses come with a risk-free 100 night trial. Returns are free within 100 days of the mattress being delivered (only on product sold by Amazon)

Casper are obviously very confident that people who buy a Casper mattress will be happy customers.

No company could afford to offer a 100 night trial with free returns without believing that their product is what customers want.

The risk-free 100 night trial takes the risk out of buying a Casper mattress online. If you don’t like the mattress you can return it for free and get a refund.

Is the Casper Mattress Good Value for Money?

The Casper is well priced and offers you good value for money.

The mattress is not expensive or cheap. The Casper’s pricing sits comfortably at the middle of the market.

Casper’s pricing is similar to other mattress brands that come in a box and are available online.

A mattress like Casper could easily be found in retail stores marked up by $1,000s of dollars.

The Casper pricing sits comfortably in the middle of the mattress market and compares well with other online mattress companies | Image Source: Casper

Casper Manufacturing Quality & Warranty

Casper mattresses are highly engineered. The Casper team have put a lot of time into designing and engineering a high quality mattress.

Add to that, the mattress is made in the USA and comes backed with a 10 year warranty.

One of things to consider with any long warranty period is – will the company be around for the warranty period. A warranty is only good if the company is around to honor it.

Casper have taken on significant funding and are a safe bet to be around long into the future. The Casper mattress and company are widely popular.

Some other online mattress companies may not be around to honor long warranty periods.

Customer Feedback After Sleeping on the Casper Mattress

What customers liked the most?

  • Firm and soft at the same time (due to high quality memory foam)
  • Sleeps cool not hot like many memory foam mattresses
  • “Just right” perfect mattress feeling that is rare

The majority of Casper customers are happy with their mattress purchase. Close to 90% of Casper mattress are happy based on Sleep Cupid’s research.

Customers consistently like the “just right” perfect mattress feeling (which is rare to get with any mattress). This “just right” feeling comes from the firm and soft at the same time comfort the memory foam core gives Casper mattresses.

Casper has very solid customer happiness ratings | Image Source: Casper

Considering the mattress is made from memory foam. The fact that most customers consider Casper mattresses to sleep cool is a huge selling point.

Not many memory foam mattresses sleep cool. But Casper really have nailed getting a super comfortable memory foam mattress with a sleeps cool temperature.

There is one negative that seems to come up a bit with Casper mattress customers. Some customers feel the edge support of the mattress could be improved.

However commenting on the edge support has not stopped these same customers from being happy with their Casper mattresses. This may just be a case of some customers nit picking.

In reality, no one sleeps on the actual edge of a mattress. That would be uncomfortable on any mattress brand. The edge support is not a comfort issue but rather just something customers have commented on more generally.

The Casper Mattress Ordering Experience

Casper mattresses are delivered in a box. You may want to have two people move the box around and get the mattress into position.

The queen size Casper mattress is 89 pounds for example. That’s plenty of box to move around.

All mattresses sold online in a box are heavy and often require two people to move the box around (depending on your size).

Shipping is free as you would expect for an online purchase.

Getting the mattress setup is simple. Take the mattress out of the box, put in on your bed frame, roll the mattress out and remove the plastic.

That’s it. Your new bed is ready to go.

Casper mattress unboxing is easy and simple | Image Source: Casper

Would You Recommend the Casper Mattress to Friends?

Casper have really nailed the perfect mattress for most sleepers. That soft and firm at the same time comfort delivered by the memory foam core. Combined with the sleeps cools not hot feeling is a killer combination.

A combination that not many mattress can deliver – let alone at the affordable Casper mattress price point.

With a 100 night trial, free returns and close to 90% customer satisfaction, the Casper is a solid choice for your new mattress.

Bottom line: Yes we would happily recommend the Casper mattress to friends.

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