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Casper Mattress Review Summary

Casper are the original ‘online’ mattress brand and offer a good quality mattress at a fair price

  • Good combination of soft yet also firm comfort and support
  • Generally positive feedback by customers and well-known brand
  • 100 night trial with easy and free returns if you are not happy

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Casper Mattress Review Summary

Casper are the original ‘online’ mattress brand and offer a good quality mattress at a fair price

  • Good combination of soft yet also firm comfort and support
  • Generally positive feedback by customers and well-known brand
  • 100 night trial with easy and free returns if you are not happy

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The Complete Casper Review

If you are in a hurry, skip to the summary of key points at the bottom of this page. But it’s better to read the complete review to get a clear picture of this mattress.

The Casper is a breathable mattress with an airy feel and a modern design. It makes vast improvements on traditional memory foam, with enhanced cooling and comfort.

One of the Most Comfortable Foam Beds Available

The first obvious advantage of the Casper bed is the fact that it’s made of 100% foam. Since it doesn’t contain coils, it greatly reduces pressure points and cradles your body gently. That’s not to say that the Casper is overly soft, though. In terms of firmness, it’s actually a little bit above average with a 6 out of 10.

The Casper achieves this balance with the design of its layers. The first layer is made of responsive polyurethane foam. This makes it springier than most foam mattresses and you don’t feel like you’re sinking deeply into it when you lie down. It’s more breathable than most kinds of foam and so it manages to stay cooler as well.

The second layer also helps in this regard by drawing heat away from the top. This layer is made of memory foam, so its primary purpose is to reduce pressure and allow the mattress to contour around your body.

Image Source: Casper

Below this, the third layer is made of polyurethane foam like the top layer, but it is denser to provide more support. It serves basically as a transition layer that compresses and allows you to comfortably float on top of the foundational layer.

This fourth layer is 5” thick and serves as the base. It is what gives the mattress most of its support, but it is still soft enough to allow for minimal pressure.

All of these layers are closed up in an attractive cover that is also very breathable and soft.

The mattress keeps its shape well and is firm enough for all kinds of sleepers, especially back and side sleepers. Since there is minimal sinkage, even heavier people will find that it is preferable to traditional memory foam mattresses.

Image Source: Casper

It is bouncy and responsive enough that you don’t have to worry about getting “stuck” and you can easily roll around the mattress. The edges are also strong enough to keep you from accidentally rolling off the bed, though.

Even with this extra bounce, it does a good job of not transferring too much motion, so your partner won’t be disturbed if you decide to get up in the middle of the night.

It sleeps cool because it is built differently from most memory foam mattresses, so if you tend to sweat a lot, but still want the benefits of a foam mattress, the Casper is a good compromise.

Overall, the Casper could be seen as an improvement on many of the previous downsides of foam mattresses.

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Easy to Try With No Risk At All

Casper knows that buying a mattress sight unseen is a big decision, so they let you try it risk-free. Their trial lasts for 100 nights, and if you decide that you don’t like the mattress for any reason, they will take it back.

This is a pretty good trial period, especially since most sleepers will only need about a month or two to really get a feel for how their body adapts to the mattress.

If you decide to return it, the return shipping is free and Casper will come pick it up at your house. (Note that if your bought something other than a mattress or a foundation, you may have to take the product to a return center, though.)

You don’t have to feel guilty about returning your bed, either, since Casper will donate or recycle the mattress, resulting in little impact to the environment.

The shipping to your house when you first buy it is also free, and Casper has optional same-day delivery for people in certain areas. If you live in these select locations, they also offer removal of your old mattress.

For those who prefer to pay over time, Casper has flexible payment plans, too.

Casper mattress unboxing is easy and simple | Image Source: Casper

Top of the Line Quality With a Great Warranty

This bed is made in the USA—besides a few components, which are assembled in Belgium and Mexico—and is built from high-quality materials. It is Certi-Pur certified and manufactured in an environmentally conscious way, so you don’t have to worry about toxins affecting your health.

The Casper mattress comes with a limited 10 year warranty. This covers manufacturers defects and applies only to the original purchaser of the mattress. They will repair or replace any defective components for free as long as the warranty applies.

While it’s not the longest warranty in the industry, it still covers the basics and you will be protected for most issues that aren’t your fault.

The Casper pricing sits comfortably in the middle of the mattress market and compares well with other online mattress companies | Image Source: Casper

Customers Sleep Longer on the Casper

Many customers were happy to report that the Casper allowed them to sleep for longer stretches without waking up.

Users found that it helped back injury pain, especially in the lower back. The vast majority of customers find that it is comfortable and firm enough to keep the body aligned without sinking too much. It is also easy to roll around without getting stuck.

Other customers praise the Casper for its superior heat dispersal compared to traditional mattresses. People who previously had classic memory foam beds were pleasantly surprised to find that the Casper did not “cocoon” them in a layer of warmth like their old beds had.

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Recommended for Fans of Foam Beds Who Want More

For people who like the comfort and pressure relief of a foam bed, but don’t want to sleep hot or get trapped in quick sand, Casper is the answer. It is soft and leaves you feeling like you’re floating, but it also provides great support with a dense foundation.

Unlike other memory foam offerings, it sleeps cool and is able to dissipate heat thanks to its well-designed top layer.

With a slightly above average firmness level, it is perfect for most sleeping positions, and keeps the sleeper’s back straight throughout the night. In fact, many customers find that the bed offers great back pain relief.

The Casper comes highly recommended both for those who are skeptical of foam mattresses and fans of memory foam who want to give this innovative design a try. With a 100 night trial, there really is no risk.

Image Source: Casper

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Casper Mattress – The Key Points

Comfort Feedback by Customers

  • Hits the spot with the right combination of firm and soft comfort
  • Generally positive feedback by customers
  • Overall most customers like the mattress support, firmness and comfort

Trial Period and Value for Money

  • Middle of the market pricing similar to other mattress in a box online brands
  • 100 night trial period with free shipping and free returns
  • The first well known ‘online’ mattress brand

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