Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review

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Nicole Bradford

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Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review Summary 

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress is a premium quality mattress that provides excellent comfort and value for money

  • 120 night trial – one of the longest mattress trials available on the market
  • Sleeps cool with excellent air flow to give you a better nights sleep
  • Affordable price for a premium made in the USA mattress backed by 10 year warranty

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review Summary 

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress is a premium quality mattress that provides excellent comfort and value for money

  • 120 night trial – one of the longest mattress trials available on the market
  • Sleeps cool with excellent air flow to give you a better nights sleep
  • Affordable price for a premium made in the USA mattress backed by 10 year warranty

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The Complete Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review

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Would you like a mattress that offers choice of firmness? Are you looking for a bed that can give you support and durability, but not at the sacrifice of comfort?

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress—otherwise known as “#TheBestMattressEver”—can fulfill all of these needs and more without breaking the bank.

The mattress has innovative foam technology inside and offers excellent comfort. For a lot of customers it is living up to its name as The Best Mattress Ever.

How Comfortable is the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress?

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress was designed with a strong focus on comfort, and is built with high-quality materials that will keep you sleeping through the night instead of tossing and turning.

The first and most obvious sign of this quality is the outer cotton pillowtop cover, which is breathable and extremely comfortable. Below that, there are two layers of TitanFlex foam—one that his highly responsive to your body and contours as soon as you lay down, and one that serves as important support underneath.

You are probably wondering what is TitanFlex? TitanFlex is an innovative high quality foam that contours to your body whilst remaining supportive. The foam also sleeps cool thanks to thermal titanium beads inside.

Brooklyn Bedding put plenty of research and development into creating a superior quality foam exclusively available in their mattresses. So it's little surprise that TitanFlex foam sleeps cooler than latex and provides superior comfort.

Underneath all this TitanFlex foam is a core of high-density foam, which props everything up gently.

Because of this careful design, the Brooklyn Bedding mattress can conform to your body without leaving you with the feeling that anything is sagging underneath. The TitanFlex foam is soft, but not exactly squishy, a perfect middle ground for most types of sleepers.

In addition, Brooklyn Bedding offers choices on the amount of firmness that you would like on your bed. There are soft, medium, and firm styles to choose from, depending on how deeply you want to be able to sink into your mattress.

The “medium” style works well for the greatest range of sleepers, though, and it can accommodate those who tend to sleep on their sides, on their backs, or even their stomachs. Regardless of the type that you choose, all provide great support and won’t leave you with the annoying dips that spring mattresses can sometimes create over time.

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Does the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Sleep Cool or Hot?

If you’re the kind of person who wakes up swimming in their own sweat when using a conventional or memory foam mattress, the Brooklyn Bedding mattress may be perfect for you.

This mattress naturally sleeps cool thanks to the way it is built and the technology the mattress has been created with. Air can easily flow and keep heat from building up, and TitanFlex doesn’t tend to retain heat. The outer cotton covering also has a cooling effect and tends to wick away sweat.

What Trial Period Does Brooklyn Bedding Offer?

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress comes with a 120-night trial. That’s a third of a year to decide if this mattress is for you.

If it turns out that you don’t like it, they will pick it up for free and refund your money, so there’s no risk in trying it out.

Is the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Good Value for Money?

Is the Brooklyn Bedding mattress a good value for money choice? It certainly is when you take into account the fact that it is made of one of the most expensive materials for a mattress.

High quality, innovative beds are not cheap at all, yet the Brooklyn Bedding mattress manages to actually cost less than many conventional mattresses.

This is great news if you’ve always wanted a comfortable, high quality bed, but have been holding out because you thought it would be too costly. This bed costs roughly the same as a decent quality memory foam mattress, but with the benefits of an innovative, high quality foam, such as more support and better cooling.

There are few innovative and comfortable beds on the market that offer this kind of value.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Discounts

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Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Manufacturing Quality & Warranty Period

As stated before, the mattress is made of a high-quality material that is not cheap to manufacture. They seem to be able to keep the costs down, however, by cutting out as much of the fat as possible and shipping directly from the factory.

The mattress is made in the USA by very experienced manufacturers who have been in the business for two decades.

From the covering to the deep foam core, it is made of the best materials and includes no harsh chemical sprays that can ruin the purity of your sleeping experience.

The Best Mattress Ever comes with a simple 10-year warranty that will cover any damage from defects. Considering the great materials and construction, though, it may not wear out before then.

Customer Feedback After Sleeping on the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

The majority of Brooklyn Bedding’s customers seem quite satisfied with the bed, and have a lot of great things to say about it; for example:

  • The bed can help relieve back pain. Some customers who had suffered lower back pain for extended periods of time while using their old mattress saw a marked improvement after transitioning to the Brooklyn Bedding mattress.
  • It doesn’t activate pressure points. This means that you are much less apt to toss and turn in your sleep and you’ll feel overall better rested in the morning.
  • It had a great sense of bounce and support compared to mattresses of other materials. Instead of sinking down as you lay on it, it contours to your body slowly.

The Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Ordering Experience

The online ordering system is straight forward and only takes a few minutes to complete. The shipping is free (and so are returns). Once the mattress arrives at your doorstep, you can pull its squished form out of the box and let it take its shape.

It might smell a bit weird at first, but this “fresh from the factory” scent usually does go away within a few hours or days. It’s a little heavier than, say, a metal spring bed, so it may be slightly harder to lug it into your bedroom, but it’s well worth it because it’s such a solid bed.

Would You Recommend the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress to Family & Friends?

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress is highly recommended to family and friends. If you know someone who is looking for a mattress that offers good support, doesn’t sag over time, and sleeps cooler than other materials, then this may be the ideal buy.

For a mattress with high quality innovative foam that offers superior comfort, this is a great value for money mattress offered at a very affordable price point.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review Summary

Mattress Comfort Rating

  • Made with premium quality TitanFlex foam that offers superior comfort but does not sag or sink too much
  • Available in 3 choices of firmness to suit your mattress firmness choice
  • Engineered to sleep cool with quality materials that keep the air flowing

Trial Period and Value for Money

  • 120 night risk-free trial – one of the best trial periods offered for any mattress
  • Excellent value for money for premium quality mattress made in the USA
  • 10 year full replacement warranty and manufactured by experienced, reputable USA mattress company

Where to Buy the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress?

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