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Lineal Adjustable Bed Review

Andy David
Reviewed by Andy DavidUpdated September 2019

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Quick Overview

Lineal Adjustable Bed by Saatva is a quality adjustable bed with good durability. It has a 25-year warranty and a competitive price tag.

But there are no anti-snore settings or USB ports. Some people say the movement is slow and motors are louder than expected.

  • Good – Good quality bed with excellent massage feature and many incline positions. 
  • Bad – No free trial available (and no refund). Moving positions is slower than expected. 
  • Buy or not – Buy for a high-quality bed that will last for many years. The bed is a good long-term investment. Customers wanting a free trial should look elsewhere.


  • 3-speed massage function
  • Customizable position settings
  • Adjustable legs to change the height
  • Under-bed lighting feature
  • Split option available for couples
  • Wall-hugging functionality


  • No risk-free trial available
  • Movement is slower than expected
  • Some motor noise (but not much)
  • No anti-snore setting available
  • No USB ports for phone charging

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Lowest Price For Lineal Adjustable Bed!

Lineal Adjustable Bed customer ratings



Customer Experience Summary



Lineal Adjustable Bed comes with a good selection of features. But the lack of an anti-snore preset and USB ports can be an issue



The bed is made in the USA. It uses high-quality materials. Steel, polyester, and polyfoam are used to build the bed



The price is competitive and in line with other beds at this price point. Considering the quality, the value is good



The adjustable bed has a 25-year limited warranty. This gives full coverage for the first 5 years



The bed is made from high-quality materials. Durability is above average. The bed should last a long time

Ease of setup


Free white glove delivery makes installation easy. Customers do not pay extra for this service



Shipping is free throughout the USA. Delivery is fast and includes in-home setup

Motor noise


The motor makes a slight noise. But it is not annoying. The sound is quieter than some competing brands



A 3-speed massage function is provided. This can be set to head, feet, or full body

Company reputation


Saatva has an excellent reputation. There are few complaints about the company

High-Quality, Well-Priced Bed - Packed With Features

Lineal Adjustable Bed is competitively priced and great quality. It has many incline positions and an excellent massage function. 

  • Great Value – Lineal Adjustable Bed has a durable frame and quality components. It is a great value buy for individuals and couples. 
  • Zero-Gravity Setting – The bed has a preset zero-gravity setting. This provides a “weightless” feel and provides pressure relief for the back and joints. 
  • 3-Zone Massage – The massage function can be targeted to the head, feet, or full body. It has 3-speed settings for perfect relaxation.

Lineal Adjustable Bed Feature List



Wireless remote


USB ports


Custom position memory




Zero gravity position


TV recline


Under-bed lighting


Adjustable leg height


Wall hugging


Anti-snore setting


Quick & Easy Setup - Free White Glove Delivery As Standard

The bed is easy and quick to install. Free white glove delivery is available.

This means a team will deliver and assemble the bed. The process from start to finish takes less than 30 minutes.

  • Setup On Delivery – The bed will be set up by a delivery team. This is a free service. They can also remove old mattresses free of charge. 
  • Simple Setup – Customers who want to set the bed up themselves can do so. But it will take longer. It is best to allow the delivery team to install the bed. 
  • Feature Demo – The delivery team can show the basic functionality of the bed. This gives customers a good idea how to operate the bed.

Lineal Adjustable Bed Value

Lineal Adjustable Bed is not a budget brand. But it is competitively priced and a good investment. 

  • Competitively Priced – The prices for Lineal are competitive. The bed is well-priced for a high-quality adjustable bed.
  • Feature-Rich – Customers enjoy many features, such as 3-zone massage, under-bed lighting, and zero-gravity. But the bed still lacks some popular functions. 
  • Durable Design – The durability of the bed is excellent for the price. The frame and components are made in the USA. This gives increased value.

Lineal Adjustable Bed Pricing And Dimensions

The bed has a price point in line with other quality beds. For the number of features and durability, the bed is a great value.

Most popular size options are available. These include Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. A Split King design is available for couples.

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14″ to 18″

Twin Extra Long (XL)


14″ to 18″



14″ to 18″



14″ to 18″



14″ to 18″

Cal King


14″ to 18″

Where Is Lineal Adjustable Bed Made?

Lineal Adjustable Bed is made in the USA. The bed is made using high-quality materials.

The steel frame and adjustable legs give strength and flexibility. The foundation fabric feels luxurious and durable.

Lineal Adjustable Bed Quality

High-quality materials and USA construction make Lineal Adjustable Bed a good long-term investment. The 25-year warranty gives protection from defects.

  • Quality Materials – The steel frame is strong and supportive. Antimicrobial polyester and polyfoam give comfort and extra durability. 
  • Weight Capacity – The bed has an 850 lbs weight limit. This supports heavy people and is better than other beds at this price point. 
  • Good Components – The electronics and motors are above average quality. The bed should adjust comfortably over its lifespan.

Lineal Adjustable Bed Complaints

There are few complaints about Lineal Adjustable Bed. Most negative comments focus on the lack of a free trial period. 

  • No Free Trial – Customers would like a chance to test out the bed. Some people do not like paying without a risk-free test. 
  • No USB Ports – There are no USB ports on the bed. Many competing beds have this feature. 
  • Slow & A Little Noisy – Some customers say the bed is slower than expected when moving positions. There is some motor noise but this is not annoying.

Trial Period And Full Warranty Details

Sleep trial

Not available


Not available



A 25-year warranty is available on Lineal Adjustable Bed. All repairs and replacements are free within the first 5 years.

For the following 20 years, there is a limited warranty. There is a charge for repairs and replacement components during this time.

Risk-Free Trial Details

Lineal Adjustable Bed has no free trial available. Customers cannot test the bed or request a refund. Some other brands provide this service.

Warranty Details

  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Full material and parts cover for the first 5 years
  • Limited warranty for the following 20 years

Shipping & Payment

Shipping Method

Ships by courier

Where does the Lineal Adjustable Bed ship?

United States

White Glove Delivery

Free white glove delivery

  • Free shipping throughout the USA
  • Free unboxing and setup on delivery
  • Company can remove old mattress (if needed)
  • Courtesy call to arrange a delivery window

Should You Buy Lineal Adjustable Bed?

Shoppers looking for a great value, competitively priced bed should consider Lineal Adjustable Bed. It is a good quality and reliable long-term investment.

But the bed lacks some key features. There is no free trial period. And the incline movements are slower than expected.

Consider Before Buying:

  • Good Value – The bed is well-priced for the quality. But it is not cheap. Buyers should see the bed as a long-term investment. 
  • Great Features – Many features are available: zero-gravity, 3-zone massage, under-bed lighting, and more. But there are no USB ports. 
  • No Trial Period – Customers cannot take advantage of a free trial period. This is unpopular with some buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lineal Adjustable Bed is a good value. The price is affordable but not cheap. Customers say it is competitive for the level of quality.

It works best with Saatva mattress brands. But most mattress in a box beds fit the bed.

The bed comes with a 25-year warranty. This is a full-cover warranty for the first 5 years. The warranty is limited for the next 20 years.

Lineal Adjustable Bed is delivered by an assembly team. Free white glove delivery is available as standard. The team will install the bed in the home.

The motor makes some noise when moving. But it is not loud. Few people complain about the sound.

Lineal adjustable bed review summary

Overall rating

4.5 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
Andy David
Rated & Review by Andy David
Ease of setup
Company Reputation


Good quality bed with excellent massage feature and many incline positions.


No free trial available (and no refund). Moving positions is slower than expected.

Buy or not

Buy for a high-quality bed that will last for many years. The bed is a good long-term investment. Customers wanting a free trial should look elsewhere.

Where To Buy The Lineal Adjustable Bed?

The best place to buy the Lineal Adjustable Bed is on the official website. Click the button below to get the lowest price.

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