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Layla Mattress - Most Over-Rated?

Review by Andy David
Mattress expert Updated Jan 2020


  • Layla works best for light and average weight side sleepers. The mattress provides good pressure relief for the joints. But heavy people, couples and stomach sleepers need better support.
  • The mattress is over-rated and over-priced compared to competitors like Nectar. Shoppers can get better durability and superior value with other brands. Longer risk-free trial periods and warranties are also available.
  • Copper-infused foam does not help with cooling or pressure relief. It is a marketing gimmick used to sell the mattress. Hot sleepers should avoid Layla because it overheats and causes sweating.

Why the mattress is over-rated:

  • Above-Average Price – Layla is more affordable than mattresses in physical stores. But other online brands like Nectar provide greater value. Buyers can find better deals by shopping around.
  • Lacks Durability & Support – The mattress lacks support for some types of sleepers. Couples find weak edge support (typical of foam material). Heavy people will bottom out the mattress and encounter sagging.
  • Copper Technology Doesn’t Work – Copper-infused foam does not give extra cooling or pressure relief. There is no solid evidence to support this claim. There is also no credible research to confirm copper has health benefits.

The mattress is best for:

  • Side & Back Sleepers – Side and back sleepers get the best comfort and support. The mattress promotes good spinal alignment to prevent back pain. But heavier sleepers will need the support of a hybrid bed.
  • Joint Pain Sufferers – Layla’s proprietary foam gives great pressure relief. Side sleepers get good protection for the hips and shoulders. People recovering from injury or with joint conditions often like this mattress.
  • Lightweight Sleepers – The 10-inch height and fluffy feel works best for lightweight sleepers. Especially lightweight side and back sleepers. Since the foam contours to the body and sinks in, it is unsuitable for heavy weight loads.

Who should avoid Layla:

  • Heavy People Heavy people should avoid Layla. The 10-inch height and foam materials lack support and sink too far down. Firmer memory foam alternatives like Bear work better. But hybrids work best.
  • Most Couples – Most couples need the support of a hybrid mattress. There is limited bounce and edge support for sex on Layla. The motion isolation is good but the “soft” side lacks response for switching positions.
  • Stomach SleepersStomach sleepers find the material sinks and sags over time. This can lead to back pain, especially on the soft side of the mattress. Only lightweight sleepers and children get decent comfort on their stomachs.
  • Hot Sleepers – The Layla mattress overheats at night. There is little airflow to prevent trapped heat. Copper-infused foam and the Thermo-Gel cover lack the temperature regulation the company claims.

Value & Durability

  • Layla will usually last between 5 and 8 years. This is normal for all-foam mattress brands at this price point. The support will lessen over time as the materials lose firmness.
  • The price is more affordable than memory foam mattresses in physical stores. But the cost is still higher than some online competitor brands. Shoppers can get better value by choosing brands like Nectar or Bear.
  • Layla’s proprietary foam works well for lightweight sleepers. But average and heavy people experience sagging over time. Heavy people will bottom out Layla’s 10-inch height (a common cause of back pain).
  • Nectar is more affordable and has better durability. It also supports a wider range of sleeping positions and body weights. Medium firmness with 11-inch thickness makes it a great value for couples and individuals.


Nectar is better value and more durable than Layla. It has a longer trial period and supports more body weights/sleeping positions.

  • Better Value – Nectar is more affordable than Layla but still provides great durability and support. It is made in China from high-quality gel memory foam. This means customers can take advantage of a cheaper price point.
  • Longer Trial Period – Nectar’s 365-night risk-free trial is the best in the industry. Customers can test the bed and return it for a full refund. Layla only provides a 120-night money-back guarantee.
  • Better Durability – There is greater durability on Nectar. The 11-inch thickness gives better support and weight distribution than Layla’s 10 inches. Back, side and stomach sleepers find decent comfort on Nectar.
  • Good Cooling For Foam – The mattress sleeps cooler than Layla because of the firmer feel. People sink less into the foam and this reduces trapped heat. Nectar’s gel memory foam works better than Layla’s copper-infused foam.
  • Better For Couples – The medium firmness of Nectar is a good compromise for couples. It is a true medium (about 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale). This works well for most body weights and sleeping positions.

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Bear has a similar price and trial period to Layla. But it’s firmer feel works better for combo sleepers and couples.

  • More Supportive – Bear mattress has a firmer, more supportive feel than Layla. The thinner comfort layer gives firmer support for back and stomach sleepers. But side sleepers still get enough pressure relief for the hips and shoulders.
  • Better Durability – The denser, more solid feel of Bear’s foam gives better durability than Layla. Couples and average weight sleepers will find the mattress lasts longer. But heavy people should still avoid Bear.
  • Similar Price Tag – The mattress has a similar price tag to Layla. Although a discount or sale can make one brand cheaper than the other. The firmer materials on Bear will last longer for average weight sleepers.
  • Similar Risk-Free Trial – Both brands have a similar risk-free trial period. Bear has a 100-night trial and Layla has a 120-night trial. But Layla has a lifetime warranty compared to Bear’s 10-year warranty.
  • Better Response – Bear works better for combination sleepers and couples. The foam is responsive and easier to move around on. Layla has a classic fluffy memory foam feel that makes it harder to switch positions on.

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The mattress can provide good back pain relief. It works best for lightweight side and back sleepers. Layla will keep the spine in alignment to minimize back pain.

Side sleepers get the most comfort from Layla. Especially lightweight and average weight side sleepers. The mattress provides good joint pain relief.

Layla has dual firmness. Customers can flip the bed to get a soft or firm feel. But there is no true medium firmness available.

The mattress is 10 inches in height. This is average for a memory foam mattress. But competitors like Nectar are taller and more affordable.

The memory foam material on Layla can sleep hot. People who overheat will not get much benefit from copper-infused foam. Hybrids and latex mattresses sleep cooler.


Overall rating
3.2 out of 5
Rated & Review by
Andy David

Shoppers who like a classic memory foam feel should consider Layla. The mattress feels squishy yet has enough support for side sleeping. Lightweight and average weight sleepers get the best comfort and support.

Key reasons to buy and not buy:

  • Joint Pain Relief – Layla provides great pain relief for the hips and shoulders. Especially for lightweight and average weight side sleepers.
  • Lacks Support For Some – Heavy people, stomach sleepers and couples need better support. Hybrid and thicker mattresses work better.
  • Better Value Options Exist – Other mattress-in-a-box brands like Nectar are better value. They also come with a longer risk-free trial period.
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