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Best Mattress For Heavy People

Andy David
Guide by Andy David
Mattress expert Updated Jan 2020

If you are a heavy person (200 lbs+), you need a mattress that provides extra support. Your mattress must also be durable and able to withstand heavy pressure. Unsupportive mattresses sag and sink too far down, causing back pain.

The list below features the best value mattresses for heavy sleepers. They ship in a box and provide durable support. Each mattress has a long risk-free trial and generous warranty.


Titan is a high-quality, supportive hybrid mattress for heavy people. It has great durability and an extra firm feel.

The hybrid design works well for heavy sleepers. Strong pocket coils keep the body afloat to prevent back pain.

Hot sleepers enjoy good temperature regulation. But there is also an optional cooling top panel for extra cooling.

Titan is made in the USA from top quality, durable materials. It comes with a 120-night risk-free trial and 10-year warranty.


Brooklyn Signature is a competitively priced hybrid mattress. Heavy side sleepers report great pressure relief and support.

The hybrid design is strong and keeps heavy people afloat. This ensures perfect body alignment to prevent back pain.

There is good cushioning for the hips and shoulders. The pressure relief works well for heavy sleepers with joint pain.

Customers benefit from a 120-night risk-free trial. If the mattress is unsuitable, the company will provide a full refund.

Titan is a good quality, extra firm memory foam mattress. It provides plus-size sleepers (200 lbs+) with reliable support.

Memory foam gives good lumbar support for heavy back sleepers. While heavy stomach sleepers never sink too far into the mattress.

Customers can add an optional cooling panel top. This phase change material provides instant cooling on contact.

The 120-night risk-free trial allows people to test the mattress at home. A 10-year warranty protects against defects and sagging.


Bear Hybrid’s sturdy design gives heavy people great back support. Customers say they have less back pain and stiffness.

The 14-inch thickness and pocket coils work well for back pain relief. Heavy people stay afloat and get good spinal alignment.

The mattress has a Celliant fiber cover. Infrared yarn technology promotes body recovery and healing.

People can test the pain relief with a 100-night risk-free trial. Since the mattress is highly durable, Bear provides a 20-year warranty.

Brooklyn Aurora is a hybrid mattress designed for cooling. It has good airflow to keep heavy sleepers cool.

Cooling gel memory foam stops trapped heat. A phase change material cover wicks away sweat.

3 firmness options work for all sleeping positions. Heavy people get a perfect mix of pressure relief and back support.

Customers can test the mattress for 120-nights, risk-free. The bed also comes with a generous 10-year warranty.

Nectar is a great value, medium-firm memory foam mattress. It is more affordable than in-store brands of similar quality.

Heavy weight sleepers get good back support and pressure relief. Side, back, and stomach sleeping is possible.

High-density, premium foams are durable and supportive. This reduces the chance of sagging.

People can take advantage of a 365-night risk-free trial. This is the best trial period in the industry.

Nest Alexander Hybrid is a good choice for heavy couples. It provides excellent support and has plenty of bounce for sex.

There is good edge support on the mattress. Couples can spread out and remain comfortable, even on the edge of the bed.

The motion isolation is also good. Tossing and turning creates little motion transfer.

Split firmness options are available. As is a 120-night risk-free trial period.


Avocado Green Mattress is a medium-firm, hybrid latex bed. Heavy people like the firm, responsive feel and good support.

100% natural latex works well for people with allergies. No toxic chemicals are used in construction.

People who sleep hot say the mattress has great cooling. Natural latex is temperature neutral and never overheats.

The 25-year warranty reflects the high-quality materials. Heavy weight sleepers say the mattress feels strong and durable.

Heavy Sleepers Buying Guide

Top 3 Shopping Tips For Heavy Sleepers

Before buying a mattress for heavy sleepers, it is important to consider cooling technology, firmness, and mattress thickness.

Consider Before Buying:

Cooling Technology – Larger sleepers can overheat in the night, so cooling is important. Some cooling technologies work better than others.

Firmness – Heavier sleepers need extra support. A firmer mattress will prevent sagging and discomfort.

Thickness – A thick mattress provides good pressure relief and comfort. Especially for heavier sleepers.

Buyer’s Pro Tip

Andy David

Andy David

Choose a supportive mattress with cooling technology. Latex and hybrid mattresses have the best temperature regulation.

Andy David

Thickness & Support

Taller mattresses work best for heavy sleepers. This is because they have better support and many layers.

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10-inch / 12-inch

 Not good
Heavy people sink too far down into thin mattresses. This throws the spine out of alignment and causes back pain.
Taller mattresses provide better support for heavy people. Especially tall hybrid or latex mattresses.

Choosing The Right Mattress Firmness For Heavy Sleepers

Heavy people prefer firmer mattresses. Back and stomach sleepers should choose a medium-firm or firm model.

Heavy side sleepers often need a medium or medium-firm mattress. This will provide better deep compression support for the joints.

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Sleeping Position


Side Sleeper

Medium or Medium-Firm

Back Sleeper

Medium-Firm or Firm

Stomach Sleeper


Sleeping Cool For Heavy Sleepers

Cooling is important as a heavy sleeper. This is because high body weights often overheat at night.

Best Option: Latex or hybrid mattresses are best for keeping sleepers cool. Especially if they include modern cooling technology.

Worst Option: Memory foam mattresses can sleep hot. Hybrids and latex mattresses are usually a better choice.

Cool Means Comfortable: Heavier people tend to retain heat more. So look for a breathable cover and good airflow.

Heavy people often overheat on memory foam beds. The material molds to the body’s curves and traps heat.
Hybrid mattresses sleep cooler than memory foam. Heavy people will get better airflow and temperature regulation.

Edge Support For Heavy People

Having good edge support is important for heavy sleepers. Especially heavy couples. Some mattress types provide better edge support than others.

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 Not good

Best Mattress For Heavy Couples

Heavy couples may struggle on some mattresses. The lack of support can be an issue.

Memory foam have weak edge support. This can create problems for couples.

Latex and hybrid mattresses sag less under pressure. These options also have better edge support than memory foam.

A hybrid mattress is usually best for sexual activity. Support is good, but there is also bounce and responsiveness.

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 Not good

Quality Of Materials For Heavy Sleepers

It is important to find a mattress that will not weaken over time. Some mattresses have better durability than others.

Best Option: A latex mattress will maintain its durability for 6 or more years. There should be little wear during this time.

Worst Option: Foam mattresses can weaken quicker than other options. This can be a problem for heavier sleepers.

Be Ready to Invest: Shoppers who want guaranteed durability should be prepared to pay more. But good quality budget mattresses are available.

Heavy Sleepers With Back Pain

For heavy sleepers with back pain, support is even more important. Especially in the lumbar and shoulder areas.

Best Option: Hybrid mattresses are often the best option. They keep heavy people afloat and the spine in alignment.

Worst Option: Pure memory foam mattresses can sink under heavy weight. This can lead to sagging and backache.

Firm Is Good: A firm, supportive mattress is good for users with back pain. Especially for back and stomach sleepers.

Frequently asked questions

Hybrid and latex mattresses provide the best support. Hybrids have pocket coils to keep heavy people afloat.

Heavy side sleepers should consider a hybrid mattress. A medium-firm firmness will provide adequate pressure relief.

Steel bed frames are best for overweight sleepers. These can often take up to 4,000 lbs in weight.

Most mattresses have weight limits. Some mattresses have lower weight limits on their Twin and Twin XL models.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora and Signature work well for heavy couples. They have good support and high weight limits.

Some mattresses can help with back pain. Hybrid and latex mattresses provide good upper and lower back support.

Most memory foam mattresses lack support for heavier sleepers. Especially around the midsection and edges.

Nest Alexander is a highly-rated memory foam mattress for heavy people. Nectar also provides good support for slightly overweight people.

Thicker mattresses usually provide more support. But firmness and materials are also important to consider.

A high-quality hybrid or latex mattress will normally cost over $1,000 for a Twin. Memory foam is more affordable but can lack support.