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Best Mattress For Combination Sleepers

Andy David
Guide by Andy David
Mattress expert Updated Jan 2020

Quick Summary - Which is the best mattress for combination sleepers?

Combo sleepers need all-around comfort and support from a mattress. Tossing and turning means the bed must accommodate different sleeping positions. Medium firmness and a responsive feel often work best.

Below are our best mattress picks for combination sleepers. They ship compressed in a box for convenience. And they are high-quality yet more affordable than in-store brands.

If you need more information and details, below are reviews for each mattress.

Best Mattress For Combination Sleepers Reviews

Nectar is a great value memory foam mattress with medium firmness. It has all-around comfort that makes it perfect for combination sleepers.
  • Comfort & Support – Combo sleepers find Nectar comfortable and supportive. There is good pressure relief and back support for all sleeping positions.
  • Temperature Regulation – The mattress has a breathable cover and gel-infused foams. Customers say the mattress sleeps cool for a memory foam bed.
  • 365-Night Trial – Nectar has a long risk-free trial period (best in industry). Customers can claim a full refund if the mattress is not right.
DreamCloud is a luxury hybrid mattress with medium firmness. The hybrid design has a soft yet supportive feel for side and stomach sleeping.
  • Pressure Relief – Side sleepers enjoy pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. Combo sleepers say they have fewer aches and pains.
  • Reliable Support – Pocket coils stop the body from sinking too far down. This works well for stomach sleepers who need good support.
  • Quality Materials – DreamCloud is competitively priced and made from high-quality materials. Combination sleepers think the mattress is a great value buy.
Next Alexander is a high-quality memory foam mattress with dual firmness. Combo sleepers can flip the mattress over to get a medium or medium-firm feel.
  • 2-in-1 Firmness – Dual firmness gives combination sleepers great flexibility. There is a good mixture of pressure relief and back support.
  • Great Pressure Relief – Customers say the mattress contours to the body to relieve pressure. Combo sleepers find no pressure points on their joints.
  • Good Back Support – There is good lumbar support on both sides of the mattress. Combination sleepers can fine-tune the feel by flipping the mattress over.
Novosbed is a luxury memory foam mattress with 3 firmness options. It provides great comfort for combination sleepers of different body weights.
  • Support & Comfort – Back and side sleepers enjoy good pressure relief and back support. The mattress works well in both sleeping positions.
  • Back Pain Relief – Many combo sleepers say their back pain went away after using Novosbed. The memory foam design provides great lumbar support.
  • Free Firmness Adjustment – A free Comfort+ adjustment kit is available. Customers can fine-tune the feel during the risk-free trial period.
Nest Alexander is a quality, USA-made memory foam mattress. It has a supportive, body-hugging feel that combination sleepers enjoy.
  • Dual Firmness – The mattress has a medium side and a medium-firm side. Medium works best for side and back sleepers. Medium-firm for back and stomach sleepers.
  • Advanced Foams – Proprietary foams are used in the construction. These are more responsive and durable than standard memory foam.
  • Cooling Technology – Copper and gel-infused memory foams help to keep sleepers cool. The foams are CertiPUR-US certified (non-toxic off-gassing).
Brooklyn Signature is a hybrid mattress mixing memory foam and pocket coils. It has an affordable price and comes in 3 firmness options.
  • Hybrid Comfort – Combination sleepers get a good mixture of pressure relief and back support. Soft, medium and firm options work for all body weights.
  • Great Value – One of the best value, quality hybrid mattresses. Brooklyn Signature is made in the USA from durable materials.
  • Good For Couples – Couples who are combination sleepers enjoy Brooklyn Signature. It has good bounce and provides comfort in all sleeping positions.
DreamCloud is a robust hybrid mattress with a medium-firm feel. It has no weight limit and provides great support for heavy combination sleepers.
  • Great Support – The mattress is made from many layers and strong pocket coils. Heavier combo sleepers stay afloat and never sink too far down.
  • Pressure Relief – DreamCloud has a luxury quilted cover and pressure-relieving foams. Heavy side sleepers report fewer aches and pains around the shoulders and hips.
  • Back Pain Relief – Heavy combo sleepers say their back pain went away. DreamCloud keeps the spine in alignment in different sleeping positions.
Nest Alexander Hybrid is a great value, USA-made hybrid mattress. It has 3 firmness options that provide comfort and support for combination sleepers.
  • Hybrid Design – The hybrid design provides pressure relief and back support. Combo sleepers enjoy the soft yet supportive feel.
  • Responsive Mattress – Pocket coils and responsive foams stop the “stuck in the mud” feel. Combo sleepers say the mattress is easy to move around on.
  • Great Value – For the quality of materials, Alexander Hybrid is a great value. The mattress is more affordable than in-store brands.
Botanical Bliss is a 100% natural mattress made from organic latex, cotton, and wool. It provides good support and pressure relief for combination sleepers.
  • 100% Natural Materials – The mattress is made from 100% natural materials. Botanical Bliss is a good choice for combo sleepers who suffer from allergies.
  • Comfort & Support – Combination sleepers report great support and pressure relief. The mattress works well for back, side, and stomach sleeping.
  • Sleeps Cool – Organic latex is temperature neutral and never overheats. Customers say the mattress sleeps cool on warm nights.
Layla is a quality, great value memory foam mattress with dual firmness. Couples can flip the mattress over to get a soft or firm feel.
  • Dual Firmness – Dual firmness works well for combo sleeping couples. Firm is good for back and stomach sleeping. Soft is good for side and back sleeping.
  • Good For Couples – The mattress has durable, supportive foams that prevent sagging. Couples enjoy good pressure relief and back support.
  • Great Motion Isolation – A key factor for combo sleeping couples. Layla has great motion isolation. Couples report zero disturbance when tossing and turning.

Best Mattress For Combination Sleepers Buying Guide

Top 3 Shopping Tips For Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers come in many forms. So consider firmness, body weight, and sleeping positions. Materials are also important to think about.

Consider Before Buying:

Firmness – The right firmness depends on sleeping positions and body weight. Consider these factors when choosing a mattress.

Body Weight – Body weight makes a big difference in comfort. Heavier sleepers should choose firmer options. Lightweight people prefer softer options.

Materials – Latex is perhaps the best material for combo sleepers. But it is not cheap. A memory foam mattress is the most affordable option.

Buyer’s Pro Tip

Andy David

Andy David

Consider body weight and favorite sleeping positions. This helps buyers choose the right mattress. Medium firmness works well for average weight combo sleepers.

Andy David

Best Mattress Type For Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers have different preferences. Latex provides the best all-around comfort. But the ideal mattress type depends on personal taste.

Memory Foam: A good, affordable option for combination sleepers. Especially for side and back combo sleepers.

Latex: Latex is responsive and easy to switch positions on. The material provides good pressure relief and back support.

Hybrid: Hybrids work well for heavier combo sleepers and couples. They mix foams or latex with pocket coils. This gives good response and bounce.

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Choosing The Right Firmness For Combo Sleepers

It is important for combination sleepers to choose the right firmness. Otherwise a mattress will not provide enough support.

Most average weight combo sleepers enjoy medium firmness. This works well for different positions and couples.

Lightweight sleepers often prefer a softer mattress. Heavy weight sleepers usually need a medium-firm mattress.

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Sleeping Position

Light Body Weight

Average Body Weight

Heavy Body Weight

Combination Sleeper

Medium-Soft or Medium

Medium or Medium-Firm

Medium-Firm or Firm

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Sleeping Positions



Back and Side


Memory Foam

Back and Stomach

Medium-Firm or Firm


Side and Stomach



Back, Side, and Stomach


Memory Foam/Latex/Hybrid

Combination Sleepers With Back Pain

Sleepers with back pain are often combination sleepers. So it is important to find a mattress that provides good all-around support.

Best Option: A medium hybrid or latex mattress. This will give good back support and pressure relief.

Worst Option: Soft memory foam will lead to sagging. This can give combination sleepers backache.

Also Consider: The right firmness is key for sleepers with back pain. There should be good lumbar support and pressure relief for the upper back.

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Back Pain Rating

Lower back support is key to avoiding back pain. Mattresses with good lumbar support work best.

Best Mattress For Heavy Combination Sleepers

Heavy combo sleepers need good support and pressure relief. Firmer mattresses with enough cushioning tend to work best.

Best Option: A medium-firm hybrid or latex mattress. This will provide reliable support and pressure relief for back, side, and stomach sleeping.

Worst Option: A soft memory foam mattress. Heavy people find memory foam sinks too far down. This can cause back pain.

Also Consider: Think about mattress responsiveness. Latex makes switching positions easy. Memory foam can be difficult to move around on.

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Heavy People Rating

 Not good
 Not good
Heavy sleepers can sink too far down on memory foam beds. This often leads to pain in the hips and shoulders.
Heavy sleepers enjoy hybrid mattresses best. They mix the support of pocket coils with the pressure relief of foam.

Frequently asked questions

A medium-firm hybrid mattress should work well. Pocket coils will support the hips for stomach sleeping. But there will be enough pressure relief for side sleeping.

Stomach sleepers enjoy firmer mattresses. A hybrid or latex mattress is a good choice. This will give good support and prevent the hips from sinking too far down.

A hybrid mattress provides all-around comfort and support for couples. Nest Alexander Hybrid or Brooklyn Bedding Signature are popular choices.

A medium-firm or firm mattress is best for stomach sleepers. This stops the hips sinking too far down (causing back pain).

It depends on body weight and personal preferences. Most combo sleepers like medium firmness. But lightweight or heavy people may prefer other options.

Hybrid mattresses give excellent support and pressure relief. Combination sleepers enjoy the benefits of foam with the support of an innerspring bed.

Memory foam can be good for light and average weight combo sleepers. But heavier sleepers and stomach sleepers should consider other options.