Best Memory Foam Mattress

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7 Best Memory Foam Mattresses

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Linda Anderson

We receive referral fees when readers use our links to buy a mattress

Memory foam mattresses have long been regarded as ergonomic alternatives to traditional beds. They typically provide better pressure relief and contouring, allowing the sleeper to be surrounded in soft comfort, while still maintaining good back alignment. They also excel at motion isolation, making them great for couples.

In spite of all those advantages, early designs for memory foam beds had some small drawbacks—for example, increased heat retention. Nowadays, however, a good memory foam bed will be designed to reduce these drawbacks, allowing users to sleep on the perfect bed. Take a look at the feature-rich beds below to get an idea of what makes the ideal memory foam bed.

Top 7 Memory Foam Mattress Brands

Nest Alexander Signature Series Mattress

Luxury mattress offered at a great value price

Nest is a company known for making quality memory foam beds at an affordable price, with a direct-from-the-factory model. Their mattresses offer a number of improvements over traditional memory foam beds—like cooling and enhanced pressure relief—but for a fraction of the price of many other beds.

The top layer of the Alexander Signature Series uses contouring foam that conforms to the shape of your body perfectly, without causing uncomfortable sags in the bed. With its layered design, it hugs your body the way memory foam should, while lowering you gently into a strong supportive layer underneath.

The firmness of the mattress varies and is customizable at checkout. While most people will be drawn to the Medium version of the bed, the Soft version offers extra memory foam cushioning for those who want to soothe their tired joints.

The Luxury Firm version is notable for being one of the firmer mattresses on the market, so if you’d like a firm memory foam bed that combines the benefits of contouring with back alignment, then this may be the one for you.

It works well for a variety of sleepers, and most customers find that it relieves pain and keeps them comfortable all night.

Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Mattress

Additional edge support and bounce that other memory mattresses lack

Can’t decide between an innerspring and a memory foam bed? They both have their benefits. For example, innerspring can offer more support with less sagging, as well as sturdier edges. Memory foam for its part does a great job at relieving pressure and providing enhanced motion isolation, compared to the relative bounciness of coils.

The Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid combines these two popular styles of mattress, and the result is a comfortable, but extremely stable bed. The top layers are comprised of high quality memory foam.

These contour around your body and relieve pressure, while taking the edge off of the coils beneath. It comes in two firmness levels, Medium and Luxury Firm, each with varying memory foam cushioning between you and the array of springs.

The Alexander Signature Hybrid is great if you’re the kind of sleeper who needs a bouncier bed, but you’d like to take advantage of the ergonomic benefits of memory foam. The combination of these two designs leads to a cooler, more breathable, and more supportive alternative to traditional memory foam. This hybrid bed is one of the most affordable of its kind, and it comes with a good guarantee.

Layla Mattress

Prevents sleeping hot using innovative technology

The Layla is the perfect mattress for people who want to give memory foam a try, but are worried about temperature regulation. While old-style memory foam does tend to retain heat, the Layla is infused with copper, which helps carry heat away from your body and radiate it to the rest of the bed.

Its special Air Flow Foam helps to keep the mattress breathable as well, making it one of the best memory foam mattresses for people who tend to sleep warm.

In spite of the copper and other cooling mechanisms, the Layla is just as comfortable as a traditional memory foam mattress, if not more so. It contours your body evenly, while still providing stable support underneath.

There are no sags or dips, as it’s a very resilient type of foam. In addition, it’s great at dampening motion transfer, so your partner will never feel you tossing and turning.

For a  memory foam mattress, it’s adequately stable, too, so you don’t have to worry about rolling off the edges most of the time. The Layla is also customizable by simply flipping the mattress over. Both sides use a layer of comfort memory foam to relieve pressure, so you will wake up pain-free regardless.

#4 Nolah Mattress (The Surprise)

The perfect combination of comfortable and supportive

How did the Nolah mattress make our best memory foam list when it actually has NO memory foam inside? It's simple. Nolah uses foams that are like memory foam but better.

The Nolah mattress is built by an environmentally-conscious company that donates to Defenders of Wildlife with every purchase. As such, they take a somewhat different approach to memory foam and attempt to make the experience as natural as possible.

For example, most memory foam beds are build with viscoelastic foam, but the Nolah forgoes these chemicals for various reasons, including the simple fact that they tend to trap heat.

Because it is built differently, the bed sleeps naturally cooler than most memory foam, without the need for cooling gels. The feel of the bed is also very comfortable, offering an airy contouring sensation without the warmth or odd smell of viscoelastic foam.

In spite of this different approach, the Nolah manages to be fairly responsive. It uses an inner layer of Avena foam which helps make it a bit springy and also helps keep you from sinking too deeply into the bed.

The dense core helps your spine stay perfectly aligned as well. As a result, it offers great back support for a variety of sleeping positions, and it’s one of the most natural memory foam mattresses available—especially at its quite low price point.

Nectar Mattress

Comfort of memory foam with 365 night risk-free trial

The Nectar Mattress offers everything that you would expect in a memory foam bed and more. It relieves pressure with a contouring top layer, while also keeping you reasonably cool while you sleep.

Underneath that, its adaptive HI Core Memory Foam layer responds to the shape of your body slowly when you lie down, helping to keep you comfortable while supporting your back, and softly lowering your weight into the dense support layer at the bottom of the mattress. These layers do a great job of distributing your weight evenly, so that there are no deep impressions or slopes to get trapped in.

It’s fully of improvements over traditional memory foam, both ergonomically and when it comes to cooling, but what really makes the Nectar stand out from competitors is the value. For a memory foam bed, the Nectar is very durable and built by a company that is eager to back up their workmanship.

You can try the Nectar for a full year risk-free before you decide whether it’s right for you. After that, the warranty lasts for the life of your mattress, which is a much better deal than what you find with most foam beds on the market.

Bear Mattress

Praised by customers for helping to relieve aches and pains – best mattress for sports people and athletes

If you live an active lifestyle, a bed that can help your tired bones and muscles recover is a must. Memory foam beds tend to offer great support without the pressure points of traditional coil beds, so they’re a great choice for athletes and other people who need to focus on recovery the moment they lay down at night.

Bear takes this a step further, though, but infusing their bed with Celliant fibers, which are theorized to help boost blood flow and help your muscles repair themselves.

In addition to this feature, the Bear is infused with graphite, which helps transfer your body heat away from you as you sleep. Graphite is a metal that offers an effective and naturally conductive alternative to cooling gels. While the Bear does have that pleasant hug that you get from memory foam, it won’t make you sweat like traditional beds, and it will help you wake up refreshed.

The Bear is great for people who want a firmer than average bed with more support than your typical memory foam. It falls at around a 7 on a firmness scale of 1 to 10, yet it still does a great job at relieving pressure. If you tend to simply crash at night and need a foam bed that will help you experience pain-free mornings, the Bear Mattress can deliver.

What You Should Look For in a Memory Foam Mattress

A thicker mattress offers optimum comfort and extra support

Aside from the size of the mattress itself, one of the most commonly advertised features for memory foam mattresses is their thickness.  Typically, mattresses range from as thin as 7 inches to a mighty 16 inches thick, depending on their individual characteristics and their price bracket.

While the thicker mattresses do usually offer extra comfort and higher levels of support, in certain circumstances you may want to consider opting for something a little thinner; for instance, if you have an adjustable bed frame that would work better with a more flexible mattress.

Generally, thicker mattresses tend to be more expensive. This is often due to the mattresses offering more than the 3 conventional layers of a memory foam design; for instance, the mattress may offer an extra layer, purely for the purpose of ventilation or increased comfort.

While, typically, the thicker mattresses do claim to offer more, it's worth remembering that a thicker mattress does not necessarily mean it's better quality. Before committing to a purchase, ensure you have looked into the materials and foam type used within the model, conducting research into the benefits and pitfalls of each one.

A firmer mattress is great for those suffering from back pain

When choosing your mattress, it is essential to consider the density of the material used. Typically, the higher the density, the less of a sink you will experience; with a mattress of higher density, you will still experience the sought after body contouring that memory foam offers, but overall the mattress will feel more firm and supportive than a model of lower density. It's worth noting that one isn't better than the other, it all comes down to personal preference.

Typically, density is measured in pounds with most mattresses featuring a foam density somewhere between 2 and 5 lbs. While a low-density model may provide a luxurious sinking feeling when tested, it is important to remember that a higher density mattress tends to offer a firmer support, ideal for those suffering from back pain.

Viscoelastic foam is ideal for silent usage

Today, the market offers memory foam mattresses with a wide array of different foam types. Before selecting your ideal model, it is wise to look into the pros and cons of each type; doing so will allow you to make an informed decision on which foam type best suits your personal needs.

Established in the early 1990's, viscoelastic foam was the first type of memory foam to hit the shelves. Typically, viscoelastic foam may be advertised as Standard, Traditional Polyurethane, or Petroleum-Based. To this day, almost all memory foam pillows are crafted from this foam type, rather than from the contemporary competitors on the market today.

While there are certainly benefits and pitfalls to each material, viscoelastic memory foam is ideal for motion isolation, joint aches and back pain relief, silent usage and availability. Available in almost every local bed store and online retailer, viscoelastic mattresses are seen as being one of the most popular and most affordable memory foam mattresses available today. Due to their widespread availability, this type of mattresses is typically available in a variety of models, varying in characteristics and price-bracket depending on the quality.

While viscoelastic memory foam is arguably still one of the preferred types, with state-of-the-art technology producing alternative designs such as gel-infused models, it is clear that the traditional type now has some competition.

One of the biggest cons of this foam type has to be heat retention. For many years, it was considered standard that memory foam mattresses often induced sleeping hot – with many customers deciding that the exceptional comfort far outweighed this issue. With gel-infused models claiming to solve this issue with innovative technology, many customers are now opting for the newer foam styles, instead.

Gel-Infused foam allows a cooler sleep

The newest addition to the market, gel-infused memory foam is quickly becoming all the rage. Simply put, the gel-infused models is the traditional viscoelastic foam, jam-packed with millions of gel beads. With studies showing that this new material retains far less heat than the classic viscoelastic foam, it's no surprise that many customers are opting for this latest style.

In regards to pros, there is no question that they sleep cooler than traditional memory foam. Additionally, gel-infused models tend to boast minimal motion transfer, meaning that you are free to move around without the worry of disturbing your partner. While viscoelastic foam is still more readily available, it can be just as easy to get your hands on a gel infused model, thanks to retailers stocking up to support the new craze.

Pitfalls of gel-infused mattresses are minimal, though some reviews have suggested the gel tends to warm up throughout the night when two people are sharing the mattress. Also, much like classic viscoelastic foam, gel models tend to release VOC's, meaning that the mattress may exude a chemical-scented odor for the first couple of days; however, this is quick to disperse, with customer reviews confirming that the scent completely disappears within two to three days.