Best Memory Foam Mattress

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There is no shortage of memory foam mattresses on the market today. But not all memory foam is equal.

Common issues with lower quality memory foam include ‘sleeping hot’, lack of support leading to back pain and foam that rapidly wears out leaving you with a dead mattress.

To save your time and money, we have put 100s of hours into researching which memory foam mattresses are the best.

We looked at many different aspects that matter to you – from quality of the memory foam to customer satisfaction and comfort reviews.

We quickly eliminated memory foam mattresses that did not deserve a top rating.

Below you will find reviews for the top rated memory foam mattresses based on our mattress expert’s research….

Top 3 Memory Foam Mattresses on the Market

Ghostbed Mattress

Value: Excellent
Returns: 101 Days
Comfort: Excellent

The Ghostbed mattress is made with quality memory foam that sleeps cool, does not wear out and is highly rated by customers for comfort. The Ghostbed comes with a 101-night sleep trial to make sure you like it

Leesa Mattress

Value: Excellent
Returns: 100 Days
Comfort: Excellent

The Leesa mattress is made by a well-known and highly reputable company. The mattress is made in the USA using high quality memory foam that sleeps cool. It’s a popular mattress that is comfortable to sleep on and a safe choice with a 100 day risk free trial

Loom and Leaf Mattress

Value: Excellent
Returns: 75 Days
Comfort: Excellent

The Loom and Leaf is a luxury mattress made in the USA with high quality memory foam. The mattress is offered at a very affordable price and backed by a 15 year warranty from an ethical mattress manufacturer with a long history of customer satisfaction

What’s most important when buying a memory foam mattress?

Buying a memory foam mattress has a few unique things which have greater importance (compared to buying other mattress types).

How supportive is the mattress?

With memory foam, if the foam is low quality, it won’t support you well and you will sink into the mattress. Memory foam naturally allows you to sink in but you don’t want foam that does not support well.

We have eliminated memory foam mattresses with low quality foam that sinks too much and lacks good support.

Does the mattress sleep hot or cool?

Memory foam is known to sleep hot because it can retain heat. Especially the lower quality, cheap memory foam on the market. So ensuring the mattress sleeps cool is very important.

We have eliminated mattresses that tend to sleep hot because sleeping hot is uncomfortable.

Will the memory foam wear out rapidly?

Lower quality memory foam is known to wear out and lose its comfort qualities fast. This is a major issue because you are left with a dead mattress over time that just doesn’t ‘work’.

So we’ve eliminated mattresses with low quality memory foam that wears out rapidly.

Are customers comfortable on the mattress?

Sleep Cupid mattress reviewers eliminated the memory foam mattress brands that customers were consistently not happy with and comfortable sleeping on.

With memory foam, it’s really hit or miss for comfort. The mattress is either super comfortable or super uncomfortable.

Memory foam mattresses in our top rated list have consistently high customer satisfaction and comfort level feedback.