Best Mattress for Heavy People

Get a better night's sleep with the right mattress

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Not every mattress is a good match for heavy people. Some sink. Some are not supportive enough. Some are just not comfortable for heavier folks.

Sleep Cupid is here to help you find the perfect mattress for heavy people like you.

To save your time, we have eliminated mattresses not suitable for heavier people. That means you won’t find a single mattress on this page that is not suitable for you. 

We have done a huge amount of research and our mattress experts have found the best mattresses for heavy people available on the market.

Sleep Cupid mattress experts have made sure only mattresses that are consistently well liked by heavy customers are reviewed here on this page.

Below are the best mattresses for heavy folks. The higher the rating, the more comfortable and suitable our mattress experts found the mattress to be for you.

Sleep Cupid’s Top Mattresses for Heavy People

Leesa Mattress

Value: Excellent
Returns: 100 Days
Comfort: Excellent

The Leesa is a supportive and comfortable mattress ideal for heavy people. The Leesa mattress is supportive with good edge support, sleeps cool and has the right firmness that won’t sink on you. Overall an excellent match for heavy people.

Purple Mattress

Value: Excellent
Returns: 30 Days
Comfort: Excellent

The Purple mattress uses special technology that makes it a great match for heavy people. The mattress is very supportive, won’t sink under your weight and the mattress ‘adjusts’ to your body. Read Sleep Cupid’s review to find out more details.

What’s important for heavy people buying a mattress?

The needs of heavy people buying a mattress are different to body types. There a few main considerations for heavy people like you that are important.

Does the mattress sink?

A mattress that sinks under your weight won’t be the right mattress. So we’ve eliminated mattresses that sink.

Does the mattress have good edge support?

Heavy people need a mattress that is supportive all the way around the mattress – including the edges.

Sleep Cupid mattress experts have eliminated mattresses that don’t have the right edge support for larger people.

Does the mattress sleep hot or cool?

One of the main issues heavy people have with mattresses is when they sleep hot. Poorly manufactured mattresses retain heat and the heavier you are, the more hot the mattress will get.

Our mattress experts have only included mattresses that sleep cool.

How firm is the mattress?

Heavy people need a 6-7/10 mattress firmness rating. You don’t want a mattress that feels like sleeping on a rock. But you need a mattress that is firm enough to support you.

All our best mattresses for heavy people are 6, 6.5 or 7 out of 10 on the mattress firmness rating scale. Perfect for your body.

Are heavy customers happy with the mattress?

Sleep Cupid mattress raters eliminated every mattress that heavy customers consistently had problems with. We looked for mattresses that heavy customers were consistently happy with.

No mattress displayed here has customers complaining about problems for heavy people.