Best Mattress For Couples

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7 Best Mattresses for Couples

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Linda Anderson

We receive referral fees when readers use our links to buy a mattress

As a couple, you’re always going to have your differences. Even when it comes to a mattress, you’re likely going to have slightly different needs, especially if you don’t share the same body type or weight. Because of this, you have to be extra careful when shopping for a mattress if you have a partner.

You need a bed that will isolate motion in case one of you is moving around, one that won't sink or sag from your active love life, and – more importantly – one that will keep the two of you perfectly comfortable all night.

Best Mattress for Couples in 2018

Layla Mattress

Extreme Motion Isolation for a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Does your partner toss and turn at night? The Layla’s advanced pressure relief and contouring foam tends to help sleepers feel comfortable in any position, so it will probably reduce a lot of the movement first of all. Second of all, even if your partner is restless no matter what, the Layla has extremely good motion isolation properties making it the best mattress for minimizing partner disturbance.

Thanks to the dampening effects of memory foam, and the Layla’s really strong core layer, it’s a good mattress for couples who tend to wake each other up. If you have different schedules and are considering sleeping on different beds, you may just want to get the Layla instead. It can help keep your partner blissfully unaware as you slip out of bed with zero motion transfer.

The Layla isn’t very bouncy, but it’s responsive enough that it won’t get in the way of your love life, either. You won’t feel stuck and it’s easy to roll around. As long as you don’t put all of your dead weight on the edges, it’s quite stable, too.

Conveniently, it comes with two different firmness levels built in—a soft side and a firm side—which can be accessed by simply flipping the mattress. This makes it great for couples with different preferences, since you can try two different feels and decide which is the best for you both.

Nest Alexander Signature Series Mattress

Responsive Memory Foam Bed That Works for Active Couples

If you want to give a memory foam bed a try, but don’t like the idea of feeling “stuck” in your mattress when it’s time to get romantic, then the Nest Alexander Signature Series is a good mattress to try. It offers all of the benefits of memory foam—the contouring, the pressure relief, the comfort—but it doesn’t let your body sink so deeply into the top layer that you’re unable to move around.

It also is quite responsive for a foam bed. It doesn’t have the trampoline quality of an innerspring bed, but it offers just enough push-back that you’ll be able to put it to good use. The edges don’t have the best support, but this isn’t too surprising with a memory foam bed. Considering all of its features, small flaws like these are easily overlooked.

It has good motion isolation to keep you from waking each other up, and the cooling gel layer helps keep you from transferring too much heat to each other. In addition, with three firmness levels to choose from, you are bound to find a feel that you can agree on. The vast majority of people find the Medium to be most comfortable.

The Alexander Signature Series is a high quality bed built from luxury materials. If you’re looking for something high-end at an affordable price that can work for both of you, this mattress is definitely worth a try.

Nolah Mattress

Silent Bed With Good Bounce for Intimacy

The Nolah mattress takes a different approach to foam. Instead of using viscoelastic foam, which can retain heat, sleep hot and occasionally give off fumes, the Nolah uses a more natural foam that has a different texture from typical memory foam. They call this the Nolah Air Foam layer.

It is airy and tends to sleep cool, which is great for people who like to cuddle, but who get overheated easily when the body heat starts to build. It also is naturally quieter than most mattresses and tends to isolate motion very well, even compared to other memory foam beds.

For couples who like to be active in bed, the Nolah has another very nice feature. Underneath its Air Foam layer, there is Avena foam, which is bouncy and supportive, while still remaining breathable.

This will help you move around the bed easily, never falling into any uncomfortable dips. The edge support on this bed is also better than the average memory foam mattress, so you don’t have to worry about rolling off the sides.

Overall, the Nolah is a good choice if you like to prioritize natural materials and you appreciate the bounce of Avena foam.

Nest Love & Sleep Mattress

Great Bounce for Intimacy and Comfort for Sleep

As you might be able to tell from the name, the Love & Sleep by Nest is built with couples in mind. Unlike traditional memory foam, which tends to leave the sleepers flat or sinking into the mattress, the Love & Sleep is made of an extremely responsive and springy foam blend called Energex.

The Energex foam helps to keep you bouncing when you’re showing affection, but it is still soft and offers enough contouring that it relieves pressure and gives you a comfortable night’s sleep.

The Love & Sleep comes in two different firmness levels, making it easy to find a feel that will work for the both of you. Keep in mind that of the differences in the two versions of the bed is the thickness of the Energex Layer, which is the important layer of the bed. This means that the Medium version of the bed, with the thicker Energex layer, may be a bit springier than the Luxury Firm version.

No matter which version you choose, though, you can sleep next to your partner knowing that you won’t get overheated – this mattress sleeps cool. The Love & Sleep employs a phase-changing cooling cover and SmartFlow air flow technology to keep your bed breathable.

It’s perfect for couples who need a bit of extra bounce, but don’t want to have to resort to a coil mattress.

Nectar Mattress

Responsive Layers Mean You Never Feel Stuck

The Nectar is an extremely affordable memory foam bed that excels at both support and pressure relief. It comes with a medium-firm feel, which is perfect for most people and will work for the vast majority of couples.

One of the things that makes this bed superior to traditional memory foam is simply its incredible responsiveness. It rebounds extremely quickly and does a great job at keeping you from sinking into the mattress.

Its HI Core Adaptive level conforms to your body, while still allowing you to float comfortably on the top layer of the mattress. This makes it the ideal bed for couples who tend to move around a lot at night, and don’t want to feel stuck in any one position.

Even with its responsiveness, it has good motion isolation as well. You don’t have to worry about waking up your partner if you’re getting up for a glass of water or you have vastly different schedules.

Finally, it uses cooling gel to keep you from building up too much heat under the covers, making it comfortable for two people, even during the warmer seasons. With a year-long trial period and a lifetime warranty, it also has one of the best guarantees in the market.

Avocado Green Mattress

Non-Toxic Bed For Health-Conscious Couples

Naturally, you want to keep your family safe and you want your partner to have the healthiest sleeping experience. The problem with a lot of beds nowadays is that they can be made using harmful materials (such as toxic fire retardants) or can even trigger allergies.

The Avocado Green tries to circumvent this by making a natural bed with as many organic ingredients as possible—something that appeals to everyone. It uses 100% natural Dunlop latex, which gives the bed a pleasant bounce. This is not only an environmentally-friendly choice, but it’s also perfect for couples who have a very active love life.

Since it’s a latex bed, it also tends to be naturally firmer than just memory foam alone. This makes it very supportive, and it’s more than sturdy enough for two people. If you’d like some extra pressure-relief, though, you can get an optional pillow top to take the edge off.

The Avocado Green does an adequate job at motion isolation, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your partner if you decide to get up in the middle of the night. Since it sleeps naturally cool, with a moisture-wicking organic cotton cover, you don’t have to worry about too much body heat building, either.

Overall, it’s the perfect bed for an environmentally-conscious couple who are looking for a natural alternative.