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Best Mattress for Side Sleepers 2019

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Top 7 Mattresses for Side Sleepers

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Expert's Choice 2019 – DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud Mattress

The DreamCloud Mattress

The DreamCloud is a premium hybrid mattress-in-a-box manufactured from high-density memory foam, latex, and a durable 5-zone pocketed coil spring system. Customers say the medium firmness of the DreamCloud feels luxurious, plush and soft.

As a result, the DreamCloud works well if you are side sleeper. The multiple layers provide good pressure relief for your hips and shoulders while the coil springs keep you afloat on the bed. This brings good spinal alignment and reduces back pain.

As a premium hybrid mattress, the DreamCloud features high-end materials, including a cashmere blend tufted cover. With its 8-layer construction, the DreamCloud is built to last and can also handle heavier weight categories.

As such, if you are a larger individual and need a robust mattress that can withstand higher levels of pressure, the DreamCloud’s pocketed coil system will ensure you never sink too far into the bed. Additional benefits of the DreamCloud include a lifetime warranty and a industry-leading 365-night risk-free trial period.

Lower Back Pain – Brooklyn Bedding Signature

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature is a high-quality, competitively priced hybrid mattress. If you are a side sleeper that suffers from lower or generalized back pain, a hybrid design can provide the comfort and support you need.

The Brooklyn Signature has memory foam to cradle your key joint areas while pocketed coils ensure your back stays in alignment no matter how you like to sleep. Customers highly rate the mattress and say the bed has either reduced or completely eliminated their back pain.

Besides the hybrid design being effective for treating lower back pain, the Brooklyn Signature mattress features gel-infused memory foam, which sleeps cool in warm weather. The bed is also manufactured in the USA from premium materials. Despite this, the mattress has an affordable price point, making the Signature excellent value for money.

After ordering, the mattress will ship in a box directly to your doorstep. Brooklyn Bedding provide a 10-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial, so you can test the mattress over a period of nights to ensure it is 100% right for you.

Shoulder/Hip Pain – Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar Mattress

Nectar is an affordable and good quality memory foam mattress with a medium firmness that feels just-right for side sleeping. Positively rated by customers, Nectar is a reliable choice if you suffer from shoulder or hip pain and need pressure relief to ease aches and pains.

The mattress does a good job of protecting your joints to relieve stiffness. It also gently contours to your body while keeping your back supported. As a result, you will experience fewer aches and pains and a better night’s sleep. With a price that is more affordable than in-store brands of similar quality, the Nectar mattress is excellent value for money. The materials used in the construction are high-quality and built to last.

The bed also features CertiPUR-US foams that contain no toxic chemicals or ozone-depleting materials. Additional features include a lifetime warranty and an industry-leading 365-night sleep trial, so you can test the bed in the comfort of your home, free from risk.

Side & Back Combo Sleepers – Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress

The Aurora from Brooklyn Bedding is a premium hybrid mattress-in-a-box with three firmness choices: soft, medium, or firm. If you sleep on your side or back, the Aurora lets you find the perfect level of comfort and support. The medium option is best suited if you switch positions during the night, although if you prefer a softer feel, the ‘soft’ firmness will provide additional body contouring to cradle your body.

The Aurora's hybrid design with memory foam and encased coils means you gain excellent back support but plenty of pressure relief to protect your hips and shoulders. As a result, no matter how you sleep, you will remain supported and cozy all night long.

Aside from its excellent customer ratings and ability to accommodate all sleeping positions, the Aurora mattress sleeps cool and has a premium feel at a competitive price point. It also comes with a 100-year warranty and a 120-night risk-free sleep trial. This allows you to try out the mattress in your home.

Alexander Signature Series Mattress

The Nest Alexander Signature Mattress

The Alexander Signature Series from Nest Bedding is a multi-layer memory foam mattress available in two firmness options: medium and firm. For side sleeping, the medium firmness is the best choice and offers the ideal compromise between support and pressure relief.

The mattress has four premium foam layers that sleep cool and provide just the right amount of bounce while offering good protection for your hips and shoulders. This ensures fewer aches and pains and a better night’s sleep.

With a luxury look and feel but retailing at a competitive price, the Signature Series is among the best customer-rated memory foam beds for side sleepers. The high-density support layer provides good edge support, allowing you to sleep on the edge of the bed and still remain well-supported.

The level of motion isolation is also very good on the Alexander Signature Series. Therefore, if you sleep with a partner, you will experience less disturbance during the night. Made in the USA, the mattress also comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100-night risk-free trial period.

Best Value – Layla Mattress

Layla Mattress

The Layla Mattress

The Layla mattress is a two-sided memory foam bed with one soft side and one firm side. The soft side is plush and recommended if you are a side sleeper and like to sink slightly into the bed. The Layla’s memory foam layers contour to the natural shape of your body, cradling your joints, such as your hips and shoulders.

This provides welcome relief from aches and pains when sleeping on your side. However, the mattress also has a high-density core to keep your back well-supported, which prevents the occurrence of back pain. Besides its soft but supportive feel, the Layla mattress is fairly unique in that it uses copper-infused memory foam that provides a firmer response in areas where your body creates more pressure.

Therefore, the mattress is among the best on the market for side sleeping since it feels plush but remains supportive in the areas that count. And if you need a firmer feel, you can simply flip the mattress over to the firm side. Additional benefits include a lifetime warranty and a 120-night risk-free trial.

Innerspring – Nest Alexander Hybrid

Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress

The Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress

The Nest Alexander Hybrid is a luxury mattress-in-a-box that receives consistently high ratings from customers. Available in plush, medium, and luxury firm, the Alexander Hybrid combines 8 inches of pocketed coil springs with multiple memory foam layers, making it ideal for side sleepers who need pressure relief to prevent hip and joint pain.

However, the mattress also works well for side sleeping couples because it has the bounce of an innerspring bed and good edge support. Therefore, the Alexander Hybrid can be considered a true all-rounder that will satisfy most people. Manufactured in the USA by the highly established Nest Bedding company, the Nest Alexander Hybrid has a durable construction and a premium feel at a fraction of the price of in-store brands.

This makes the mattress great value for money. The Alexander Hybrid is available with a lifetime warranty and also features a 100-night sleep trial, so you can test the bed in the comfort of your home, free from risk. If you are not completely happy, you can return the bed free of charge for a full refund.

How to Choose the Right Mattress for Side Sleeping

When buying a new mattress, it is useful to be aware of what to look for to ensure the highest level of comfort and support. Our guide below provides an overview of key things to think about to help you find the perfect bed.

The Best Mattress Type For Side Sleepers

  • Memory foam: A memory foam mattress is a good option if you are a side sleeper because it conforms to the curves of your body and allows you to sink slightly into the bed. If you sleep on your side, this will provide good pressure relief for your hips and shoulders, easing aches and pains for a better night’s sleep.
  • Innerspring: An innerspring or hybrid mattress combining foam and coils can also work well if you like to sleep on your side. Coils provide more bounce than memory foam and bring extra edge support. Therefore, an innerspring or hybrid bed is a reliable choice if you want the response and support that coils provide.
  • Latex: A latex mattress is a popular alternative to memory foam and provides good pressure relief and body contouring characteristics. Latex is also quicker to respond than memory foam and delivers more bounce. Additionally, natural latex contains no harsh chemicals or ozone-depleting materials.

The Best Firmness For Side Sleepers

A medium or a medium-soft firmness is usually best for side sleeping because this offers just the right amount of body contouring and back support. If you sleep on your side on a mattress that is too soft or too firm, you will likely experience aches and pains.

If the bed is too soft, your hips will sink too far down, causing your back to become misaligned. This can lead to lower back pain. Likewise, a bed that is too firm will not provide adequate deep compression support to protect your shoulders and hips. As a result, a medium firmness tends to work best for side sleeping.

Having said that, if you are a heavier individual, a firmer mattress can offer extra support. While this is a guide, there is no real substitute for trying out a mattress yourself. And since most mattress-in-a-box brands offer sleep trials, you can now test beds in the comfort of your home, free from risk.

Mattress Support & Side Sleeping

Aside from buying a mattress that will reduce pressure on your hips and shoulders, it is also useful to think about the level of support a bed has. Sleeping on your side can place strain on your body if your mattress is less than adequate.

Mattresses with good support promote correct spinal alignment. This is important if you sleep on your side because your hips will not sink too far into the mattress.

Memory foam or latex mattresses with multiple layers work well to keep you afloat while providing adequate pressure relief. Innerspring or hybrid mattresses can also help you avoid the “sinking” feeling that can cause your back to become misaligned. Therefore, be sure to consider the level of support of each mattress brand.

Reduce Neck Pain With The Correct Pillow

Ensuring your neck and spine are well-aligned when lying on your side is key to preventing aches and pains. A supportive pillow will promote good neck alignment and reduce the likelihood of neck ache. Therefore, the best pillow for side sleeping will have a comfortable depth and medium firmness.

Pillows that are too soft tend to cause aches and pains. The same applies for pillows that are too firm. Many mattress brands offer their own recommended pillows that can be purchased at the same time as the bed. For maximum comfort, it can be worthwhile investing in one of these pillow sets.

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