Best Hybrid Mattress 2018

Best Hybrid Mattress 2018

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When faced with the daunting task of shopping for a mattress, the choice that you have can often be overwhelming. How do you choose between a memory foam and a hybrid, do you really need a mattress with a coil system or without? There are so many considerations to make, many of which will depend on your unique sleeping preferences. If you have quite specific requirements that requires a combination of features the hybrid mattress can be the perfect solution.

These types of mattresses address a variety of sleeping requirements by incorporating into the design several materials such as coils and foams, not to mention advanced cooling technologies. This guide should serve as a one stop shop, guiding you through the most popular hybrid mattresses on the market.

Nest Alexander Hybrid

The Alexander Hybrid Mattress

The Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress

The Nest Alexander Hybrid mattress brings together multiple benefits of both foam and coil mattresses, combining them into one. The foam provides the pressure relief that many people need while the coils deliver targeted support, particularly for those who sleep on their stomach or their back. In these sleeping positions a hybrid mattress is recommended because the spine needs to be perfectly aligned to prevent aches, pains and discomfort.

The mattress is constructed in three layers; the first of which is a memory foam designed to gently hug your body, alleviating pressure while stopping you from sinking too far which can cause you to overheat. This layer is also infused with copper which also helps with cooling. Beneath this is the SmartFlow layer which eases the transition between the foam layers and the coil system beneath. The final layer of the mattress is the network of small, pocketed coils that give the mattress its responsiveness and support, ideal for stomach or back sleepers.


The DreamCloud Mattress

The DreamCloud Mattress

As one of the thickest mattresses that you can find, the DreamCloud mattress packs in a huge eight layers in this advanced hybrid design. Each of the layers has been hand crafted to contour, support and comfort in all the right places. The mattress has a patent pending support system and lifetime warranty, it is difficult to find a hybrid that can compete.

The DreamCloud is the only mattress on the market that has a cashmere tufted top which increases breathability and makes the mattress suitable for use in hot and cool sleeping environments. Also featuring a gel memory foam, this gives the mattress its stability and reduces motion transfer, always an important feature if you share your mattress with a restless partner. The memory foam construction is also beneficial if you are prone to back pain because it will reduce the pressure on your body, alleviating common aches and pains particularly around problematic areas such as the hips, neck and back.

As well as the gel memory foam, the DreamCloud also incorporates a layer of natural latex which improves responsiveness. Hypoallergenic, this layer will provide an excellent balance between comfort and bounce. The hybrid design means that you can enjoy the best of both worlds; the support that you find in a memory foam and the bounce of a latex layer.

The coil system within the mattress delivers just the right amount of support. All of these features combined makes you feel as though you are sleeping on a cloud!

Avocado Green

The Avocado Green Mattress

The Avocado Green Mattress

The Avocado Green is a superior latex and pocket spring mattress constructed from non toxic, safe materials which has been highly commended by many customers for its comfort and pain relieving qualities. When it comes to buying a new mattress, comfort really matters, and this is often down to the design. The Avocado Green is a hybrid mattress with a difference because it only uses the finest natural materials, so you can rest assured that you won’t be inhaling any harmful or noxious chemicals as you sleep.

Comfort and contouring are two words that you will hear a lot with this mattress and both of these combined will alleviate pressure, so when you wake in the morning you will feel refreshed and pain free. The top layer made from organic cotton, will not only keep you cool but is also free from toxic fire retardants. Rather than using artificial foam, Avocado Green incorporate 100% Dunlop latex into the mattress.

This latex is found within the two middle layers of the mattress, giving it the responsiveness that you need while also making sure that your back remains aligned as you sleep. The coil system forms the thickest layer of the mattress, providing even more responsiveness and targeted support to each area of your body. Overall, the Avocado Green is a very comfortable hybrid mattress.

Bear Hybrid

The Bear Hybrid Mattress

The Bear Hybrid Mattress

The Bear Hybrid mattress is relatively new, and it is already receiving admiration for its ability to significantly reduce pain and improve sleep quality. Customers particularly recommend the mattress for its ability to eliminate aches and pains in the back and around the body. This is owed to the premium materials, advanced design and innovative technologies used by Bear to create an unrivalled hybrid mattress.

The Bear has a combination of high quality materials, Celliant technology and advanced design to create the ultimate sleep experience. There are two foam layers, the 3 inch Performance Foam Layer and a 2 inch memory foam infused with gel. The upper layer is both adaptive and breathable supporting you in whatever sleeping position you prefer, and the cooling gel foam is designed to enhance air flow to regulate temperature.

Towards the lower half of the mattress is the coil system which gives the mattress its support and luxurious feel. This section will also provide the support that you need for your back, neck and hips which is one of the reasons why so many customers report reduced pain after using the Bear hybrid mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

The Aurora Mattress

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress

When you purchase the Aurora mattress from Brooklyn Bedding, one of the things that will be immediately apparent is the quality of the materials for such an affordable price. Many customers report that the Aurora is a high quality, luxury mattress that provides maximum comfort, the best cooling and a range of benefits that you would expect at a price much higher than this. The construction of this hybrid mattress includes a variety of features including copper which has antibacterial and cooling properties and the polyester blend cover which also aids cooling.

Beneath the cover is the first layer, made of TitanFlex foam. This is a blend of foam which provides excellent contouring, pressure and pain relief. The visco-elastic form is a transition layer which provides compression support and stops you from sinking too far into the mattress. The 8 inch layer of pocketed coils delivers the support, pressure relief and contouring that you would expect from a superior quality mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature

The Signature Mattress

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress is renowned for its comfort, cooling and pain reliving properties. It is a mattress that sleeps cool because of its excellent air flow allowing customers to sleep more soundly. When you purchase the Signature mattress, you will immediately notice the quilted foam cover.

This is a breathable and soft cover which gives the mattress a luxurious, plush feel. The cover also works to keep the mattress cool which is perfect during the summer months. Beneath the cover is a 2 inch layer of gel infused comfort foam. This works to alleviate pressure around the shoulders, back and hips, reducing the likelihood of you waking with aches and pains.

The pocketed coil spring system also improves air flow which increases the cooling properties of the mattress and allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted sleep. One of the great benefits of the Signature hybrid is that you can choose from three different firmness levels; medium firm, soft and firm so you can really tailor the mattress to suit your specific sleeping style and preferences.

Idle Sleep

The Idle Sleep Mattress

The Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress

The Idle Sleep hybrid mattress offers several features including advanced technology and innovative design, using the finest materials in its construction. The Idle Sleep is one of the only mattresses that is double sided and as it is super soft, it provides amazing comfort and the best support. The mattress is designed to combine memory foam with traditional coils.

There are six high performing layers within the mattress, each of which has been designed to serve a unique purpose. The Thermocool layer will help with cooling, the quilting foam is specially designed to offer extra softness, the Airflow foam increases air flow, the buoyancy foam reduces aches and pains and the coil system supports the body. All of these layers combine to complement each other and provide the best sleep experience that you can find.

When shopping for a mattress, one of the most important considerations is the firmness; too soft and the mattress won’t support and too firm and it could leave you with pressure pain. With the hybrid you will receive a comprehensive mattress that sufficiently supports your stomach, shoulders, back and joints, reducing pain and providing support where it’s needed most.


The Luft Mattress

The Luft Hybrid Mattress

The Luft Hybrid mattress offers several benefits for back sleepers including excellent support for the spine and just the right comfort level that reduces and in some cases even eliminates back pain. The Luft works very well in combining the comfortable feel of pressure relief and plush foam while still providing the support that you need through the innerspring layer. As the springs are covered by the foam, you won’t feel them as you sleep, but you will see and feel the benefits of them being there.

Targeted support in the right places is achieved through the innovative design and the construction of the mattress. The first mattress layer is made from a contouring foam which will create a gentle hug without feeling overwhelming. Another key feature of this layer is the gel infused foam which helps to dissipate heat, preventing you from overheating.

Pressure relieving memory foam infused with graphite also works to regulate temperature and the dense support layer will help with spinal alignment and support, providing an all round mattress which is perfect for back sleepers, particularly those who are prone to recurring back pain.


The Sapira Mattress

The Sapira Mattress

As a sister brand of the Leesa mattress, Sapira is one of the newest hybrid mattresses. It is perhaps one of the most luxurious bed in a box mattresses for the price. As with many hybrid mattresses, the Sapira features multiple layers consisting of high performing foams and coils, but it is on the firmer side.

That being said it does offer great support and the best comfort and cooling. The mattress is designed to alleviate pain, particularly for people who are prone to back problems. The advanced pocketed coil system provides excellent support particularly for stomach or back sleepers.

This is because it is one of the firmer hybrid mattresses that you can buy. Very similar to the Leesa mattress, the Sapira is a step up, providing a little more luxury. The design of the mattress also helps with cooling and it has a low volatile organic compound which means that there won’t be any nasty off gassing when you take it out of the box.

Tomorrow Sleep

The Tomorrow Sleep Mattress

The Tomorrow Sleep Mattress

Tomorrow Sleep are one of the newest companies in the industry and this hybrid design has been crafted to offer the highest level of comfort, unrivalled support, body contouring and a cool surface to sleep on. Built around four layers of high quality materials combining memory foam and innerspring, the mattress is available in two firmness levels that will meet the sleep requirements of many different types of sleeper. The mattress also delivers a cool sleeping surface and excellent motion isolation, making it a good choice if you share the mattress with your partner.

The Tomorrow Sleep mattress has been carefully designed to deliver the best in comfort, support, contouring and cooling. Crafted in four layers featuring an individually wrapped coil system and temperature regulating memory foam, the mattress has been designed to target problem areas for all types of sleeper.

Although the mattress is a hybrid, it has been designed to act as more of a memory foam than a spring mattress. In addition, the mattress is hypoallergenic and free from toxic materials as well as high quality materials to ensure that you receive a high quality product that is not only long lasting but comfortable too.

Eco Terra

The Eco Terra Mattress

The Eco Terra Hybrid Mattress

Although the Eco Terra hybrid mattress is a basic design, it is still packed with many features including latex foam and an advanced coil system. As well as being responsive, the mattress is very supportive and comfortable too. It has just two layers, one of which is latex foam and the other is a tiny pocketed coil system.

The natural latex foam will alleviate common problems relating to the shoulders, hips and joints, making it the best mattress for side sleepers and the best innerspring hybrid. This is because the pocketed springs will adequately support your weight while contouring your body to ensure perfect alignment of your spine as you sleep. When your spine is more aligned, and your body sufficiently supported, you will feel more rested and wake with less aches and pains.

In addition, the Eco Terra mattress is designed for customers who prefer chemical free mattresses which is healthier for you and better for the environment too. The Eco Terra must be one of the best luxury hybrid mattresses on the market that ranks very highly for both comfort and support.

When buying a hybrid mattress there are lots of things to consider. For some people comfort will be the most important while for others firmness and support will be. There are many options available on the market and many of the mattress companies offer risk free trials, some of which last a full year which means that you can try the mattress to see if it’s right for you and then return it, no questions asked if you are not convinced it’s right for you.

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