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Brooklyn Bedding Signature - Cheap But Good?

Review by Andy David
Mattress expert Updated Jan 2020


  • Brooklyn Signature combines durable USA construction with a great value price. It is more affordable than in-store mattresses of similar quality. And it is also better value than more expensive online brands, such as Saatva.
  • The mattress is comfortable and supportive for all body weights and sleeping positions. 3 firmness options give sleepers plenty of choices. It is one of the most versatile mattresses for individuals and couples
  • The hybrid design of Signature makes it perfect for back and joint pain sufferers. Pocket coils promote neutral spine alignment to prevent back pain. Quality foam layers give great pressure relief for the hips and shoulders.

What makes Brooklyn Signature a great value?

Brooklyn Signature is a great value, USA-made mattress-in-a-box. It costs $949 for queen-size and ships directly from Brooklyn Bedding’s dedicated factory. The durability, comfort, and support are excellent for the low price.

Factory-direct pricing makes Signature better value than in-store brands. The quality is comparable to luxury in-store hybrids. But customers get an affordable price, a 120-night risk-free trial, and a 10-year warranty.

Signature is also more affordable than most online competitors. It is better value and similar quality compared to more expensive brands like Saatva and DreamCloud. Customers who choose Signature benefit from affordable luxury, great comfort, and support.

Who is the mattress best for?

  • Most Sleepers – Signature comes in 3 firmness options (soft, medium, and firm). This allows back, side and stomach sleepers to get perfect comfort and support. There is a good mix of back support and pressure relief.
  • Side SleepersSide sleepers benefit from neutral spine alignment to minimize back pain. Signature also provides good pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. Heavy side sleepers stay afloat and never “bottom out” the mattress.
  • Couples – The mattress is an affordable, supportive choice for couples. Medium firmness is the most popular and gives plenty of bounce and response. There is also good motion isolation for couples who toss and turn.
  • Heavy People – Signature’s hybrid design keeps heavy people afloat on the bed. The mattress is made in the USA and has great durability for the price. Heavy back, side, and stomach sleepers get great comfort on Signature.
  • Combination Sleepers – Pocket coils and responsive foams make Signature good for combo sleepers. The mattress is easy to switch positions on without feeling “stuck in the mud”. 3 firmness options give combo sleepers plenty of choices.

Who should avoid this mattress?

  • People Who Like Classic Memory Foam – The hybrid design and responsiveness feels different from classic memory foam. People who want a body-hugging feel should choose Nectar or Tuft & Needle.
  • People On A Low Budget – Signature is a great value hybrid mattress. But the price is higher than some budget brands. Options like Nectar are more affordable, good quality, and suitable for individuals and couples.

Back & Joint Pain

  • With a soft quilted top layer, quality foams and pocket coils, Signature is great for back and joint pain. Soft, medium and firm options work well for different body weights and sleeping positions.
  • Back sleepers of all body weights enjoy good lumbar support for the lower back. The upper foam layers contour to the curves of the body to prevent back pain. Pocket coils ensure heavy back sleepers stay afloat.
  • Lightweight side sleepers should choose the soft option. This gives soft, cozy protection for the hips and shoulders. Average and heavy weight side sleepers get good pressure relief for the hips and shoulders on medium firmness.
  • Stomach sleepers benefit from Signature’s hybrid design. This keeps the hips and abdomen afloat to prevent back pain. Heavy stomach sleepers like the firm, supportive feel that Signature provides.


  • Signature is a supportive and affordable mattress for couples. 3 firmness options support all sleeping positions. Medium firmness is the most popular option for people who sleep with a partner.
  • The durable materials and hybrid design keep couples afloat. Including heavy weight couples. Strong pocket coils and quality foams prevent sagging in the middle and around the edge of the bed.
  • The mattress is responsive and easy to switch positions on. It also has plenty of bounce due to the pocket coil system. Sexually active couples will enjoy Signature’s good back support and durable construction.
  • Couples who toss and turn benefit from great motion isolation. The mattress works well to isolate motion transfer across the mattress surface. People can switch positions at night without disturbing their partner.

Heavy People

  • Signature is a durable, USA-made mattress. The hybrid design can withstand heavy weight loads of up to 450 lbs on both sides of the bed. This makes it a great mattress for heavy back, side, and stomach sleepers.
  • For the price, the durability is tough to beat. Signature has high-density foam layers and a 1,024-spring pocket coil system. This prevents sagging and keeps heavy weight sleepers afloat on the bed.
  • The mattress works well for heavy side sleepers who need good support and pressure relief. The top layers cushion the hips and shoulders to relieve aches and pains. The pocket coils below keep the spine in alignment (to prevent back pain).


Brooklyn Aurora is more expensive and feels plusher than Signature. But Signature is significantly cheaper and better value for the price.

More Expensive – Aurora costs $1,699 for a queen-size bed. Signature is similar quality and more affordable at $949 for queen-size. Shoppers on a low budget get better value with Brooklyn Signature.

Better Cooling – Aurora has better cooling than Signature. The mattress has a phase change material cover to draw heat away from the body. Both mattresses have a similar amount of airflow due to their hybrid design.

Better For Side SleepersSide sleepers get better pain relief for the hips and shoulders on Aurora. The top layers have a plusher feel and more cushioning depth. Average and heavy weight side sleepers can push further into the material.

Both USA Made – Both Aurora and Signature are good quality, USA-made mattresses. Aurora and Signature ship compressed in a box directly from the factory. Customers can make significant savings compared to in-store brands of similar quality.

Same Trial & Warranty – Brooklyn Aurora and Signature have the same risk-free trial and warranty. Customers can test the mattress at home risk-free for 120-nights. Both mattresses have a 10-year warranty that protects against material defects.

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DreamCloud is a bit more expensive than Signature but comes with a longer trial and warranty. Signature is better value overall and has proven long-term durability.

Made In China – DreamCloud is made in China from quality memory foams. Signature is made in the USA in a dedicated factory. Shoppers wanting an affordable and good quality American-made mattress should choose Signature.

Single Firmness – DreamCloud has medium firmness while Signature is available in soft, medium, and firm. Signature is more suitable for lightweight side sleepers. Heavy stomach sleepers will also get better support on Signature.

More Expensive – At $999 for queen-size, DreamCloud is a little more expensive than Signature. Although Signature is slightly cheaper at $949 for queen-size, it appeals to more types of sleepers. Especially stomach sleepers and heavy people.

Lesser Quality – DreamCloud lacks the quality and proven durability of Signature. There are more reports of manufacturing and material defects on DreamCloud’s latest model. Heavy sleepers and people wanting long-term durability should choose Signature.

Taller Height/Thickness – DreamCloud is one of the tallest mattresses-in-a-box at 15 inches. Signature is 11.5 inches in height. Heavy people and couples who like medium firmness may prefer DreamCloud’s thicker design.

Lesser Cooling – People who sleep hot should avoid DreamCloud. The many foam layers can trap heat and cause overheating. Signature is a better and more affordable option for people who need decent cooling.

Longer Trial & Warranty – DreamCloud has the best trial and warranty in the industry. A 365-night risk-free trial and 10-year warranty. Signature has a 120-night risk-free trial and 10-year warranty.

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Saatva is more expensive than Signature and comes with free white glove delivery. Signature is cheaper and has more variation in its firmness options.

More Expensive – Saatva costs $1,099 for queen-size. Signature is more affordable at $949 for queen-size. Both mattresses have similar durability and features. Shoppers on a low budget will prefer Signature’s cheaper price.

Free White Glove Delivery – Saatva does not ship compressed in a box unlike Signature. The mattress arrives ready to sleep on. The delivery firm will remove the old mattress (if needed) and set up the new one.

Better For Stomach Sleepers – Saatva’s medium-firm and firm options feel firmer than Signature. Heavy weight stomach sleepers get better support on Saatva. Lightweight and average weight stomach sleepers find similar support on both.

Better For Side Sleepers – Saatva’s “soft” firmness option works better for lightweight side sleepers. The plush Euro-top contours to the curves of the body to protect the hips and shoulders. Signature has less contouring but still works well for most people.

Less Firmness Choice – Saatva has 3 firmness options just like Signature. But the medium-firm and firm options are on the firmer end of the scale. Signature has more diversity between firmness options and appeals to a wider audience.

Two Height Options – Saatva gives customers a choice of 11.5-inch or 14.5-inch height. Signature has a single height option of 11.5 inches. Heavy people concerned about bottoming out the mattress may prefer Saatva’s taller height.

Better Customer Service – The customer service at Saatva is better than at Brooklyn Bedding. Problems are solved quickly and the company provides free white glove delivery. But customers pay more for improved service quality.

Similar Trial & Warranty – Both Saatva and Signature come with a 120-night risk-free trial. But Saatva has a $99 returns fee. Saatva’s 15-year warranty is longer than the 10-year warranty of Signature.

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Signature is one of the best online mattresses for back pain. It keeps the spine in alignment in all sleeping positions. And it also works well for heavy back pain sufferers.

The mattress works well for side sleepers. There is enough pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. But a few people prefer a plusher feel.

Brooklyn Signature comes in soft, medium, and firm options. The most popular option is medium firmness. This is about 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

The mattress is 11.5 inches in height. This is about average for a hybrid mattress-in-a-box. Some competitor brands like DreamCloud are taller at 15 inches.

People who sleep hot will not overheat on Brooklyn Signature. The hybrid design ensures good airflow. But Brooklyn Aurora sleeps cooler.


Overall rating
4.3 out of 5
Rated & Review by
Andy David

Shoppers who want a great value, good quality mattress should consider Brooklyn Signature. Few mattresses provide this amount of value for the price. But people on a low budget or who want a classic memory foam feel should choose other brands.

Key reasons to buy and not buy:

Amazing Value For The Price – Signature’s durable USA construction and great support cannot be beaten for the price. Customers get a lot for their money.

Works For All Sleeping Styles – The mattress has 3 firmness options that work for back, side and stomach sleepers. Signature can support all body weights.

Lacks A Body-Hugging Feel – The hybrid design is responsive and bouncy. People who like the contouring of classic memory foam will prefer Nectar.

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