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Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Review

The good, the bad and everything in between
Andy David
Reviewed by Andy DavidUpdated September 2019

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Quick Overview - How Good is a Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress?

Brooklyn Signature is a high-quality and great value hybrid mattress. It provides good comfort and support for different body weights and sleeping positions.

But customer opinions differ on the firmness. Some people complain about the 30-night minimum trial period (read the full details below).

  • Good – An affordable luxury mattress that supports all body weights and sleeping positions.
  • Bad – A minimum 30-night sleep trial before returns are accepted.
  • Buy or not – Buy Brooklyn Signature for comfort, support, and value. People worried about the 30-night minimum trial should look elsewhere.


  • Good value compared to in-store brands
  • Works well for most body weights
  • Made in the USA from quality materials
  • A choice of 3 firmness options
  • A 10-year non-prorated warranty


  • 30-night minimum trial before returns
  • Mattress can sometimes feel too soft or firm
  • Heavy couples may need better edge support
  • Mattress is heavy when unpackaged
  • Some reports that the mattress sleeps hot

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how Brooklyn Bedding Signature works for side, back and stomach sleepers

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Full Brooklyn Bedding Signature customer ratings



Customer Experience Summary



Most customers report good comfort. But people find some firmness options more comfortable than others



Customers say the mattress is well-made using high-quality materials



Many customers comment on the great value. Customers like the affordable price point



Some customers mention the mattress sleeps cool. But a few people find it sleeps hot

Side Sleepers


The medium option suits side sleepers best. Many report that the firm version is too hard for side sleeping

Back Pain


Most customers say the mattress helps with back pain. But a few customers think the mattress is too soft or too firm



Most people report little or no odor after unpacking

Edge support


The edge support is good for most people. Heavier customers find it less supportive



Couples enjoy the comfort and support. But it can be difficult to find the ideal firmness

Company reputation


Customers think Brooklyn has a strong reputation and gives great customer service

Everything you need to know about Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress

Superb Comfort & Support For All Body Weights

The mattress works well for all body weights

Customer reviews and our testing showed Brooklyn Signature is a comfortable and supportive mattress. It works well for all body weights.

Heavy weight sleepers
Heavy weight sleepers
Heavy weight sleepers

The firm and medium options work best for heavy sleepers. They keep the body afloat and protect key joint areas.

Average weight sleepers
Average weight sleepers
Average weight sleepers

Brooklyn Signature is perfect for average weight sleepers. The mattress gives good pressure relief and support in all positions.

Light weight sleepers
Light weight sleepers
Light weight sleepers

The soft and medium options work well for lightweight sleepers. The mattress offers good back support and pressure relief.

Buyers Can Choose From 3 Firmness Options

Brooklyn Signature is available in 3 firmness options

Brooklyn Signature is available in soft, medium, and firm options.

The medium option rates 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Soft is 4 out of 10. Firm is 8 out of 10.

Firmness scale

12345678910Too SoftMediumToo Firm
Soft side
Medium side
Firm side

Some customers find the mattress too soft or too firm. But with a 120-night risk-free trial, buyers can test the firmness over many nights.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Discounts

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Discounts

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A Hybrid Design Made In The USA From Premium Materials

The mattress is made of 5 durable layers

Brooklyn Signature has a hybrid design. The company uses quality materials that are built to last.

1. Cover
Quilted cover with gel memory foam. Provides a soft, luxurious feel and helps with cooling.

2. Titanflex Foam
Contours to the body like memory foam. But the layer is more responsive and sleeps cooler.

3. Energex Foam
A transition layer that lowers the body into the pocket coils. The layer also provides deep compression support.

4. Pocket Coils
A six-inch layer of pocket coils gives reliable support. The layer reduces motion transfer and provides plenty of bounce.

5. Base Layer
High-density foam layer for stability and strength. The base layer increases durability and reinforces the pocket coils.

A Hotel-Like Mattress Experience For All Sleeping Positions

Brooklyn Signature works for all sleeping positions

Customers say Brooklyn Signature feels like a luxury hotel bed. It has a soft yet supportive feel and works for all sleeping positions.

Side sleepers
Side sleepers
Side sleepers

The mattress provides good pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. But there is still plenty of support to keep the spine aligned.

Back sleepers
Back sleepers
Back sleepers

Brooklyn Signature works well for back sleepers. There is good lumbar support to prevent lower back pain.

Stomach Sleepers
Stomach Sleepers
Stomach Sleepers

The firm version is perfect for stomach sleepers. The mattress stops the hips from sinking too far down. This is important for stomach sleeping.

Good Motion Isolation - But Expect A Little Motion Transfer

Motion isolation is good, but there is some motion transfer

Brooklyn Signature’s pocket coils are good at reducing motion transfer. This is helpful for couples who toss and turn.

But some couples still feel movements during the night. If this is important, a memory foam mattress will provide better motion isolation.



Customer Experience Summary

Motion Isolation


Customers report little or no motion transfer in most cases. But heavy tossing and turning will create some disturbance

Heavy Couples


Heavy couples who sleep on their backs find the mattress comfortable. Heavy side sleepers may need more support

Sex Activity


The mattress provides good support and response for sex. Customers say the bed is easy to move around on



Customers get great bounce thanks to pocket coils. All firmness options offer good bounce

Couples Enjoy Comfort & Bounce For Sex

The mattress is responsive and has a good bounce

Brooklyn Signature is a good choice for couples who like fun between the sheets. Pocket coils provide bounce and responsive foams are easy to move around on.

With its hybrid design and gel-infused foam, the mattress has good airflow. This helps to keep the temperature low during steamy sessions.

Where Is The Brooklyn Signature Mattress Made?

The mattress is made in Phoenix, USA. Brooklyn own and operate their own dedicated factory.

This cuts out the middlemen and ensures a quality mattress at an affordable price. The design and manufacture is all done in-house.

Trial Period And Full Warranty Details

Sleep trial






Brooklyn Signature is made in the USA from high-quality materials. Customers can expect at least 8 years of comfortable use.

The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects only (not wear and tear). The company will provide a repair or replacement if needed.

Risk-Free Trial Details

  • 120-night risk-free trial period
  • 30-night minimum trial before returns are accepted
  • Returns are free. A third party courier will collect the bed

Warranty Details

  • A non-prorated 10-year warranty
  • Company will repair or replace a defective mattress
  • Returns appear to be free (no mention of cost on website)

Brooklyn Signature Mattress Positive Customer Reviews

Brooklyn Signature is a great value mattress

Overall customers are happy with Brooklyn Signature. People like the great value and fantastic comfort.

  • Superb Value – Customers think the mattress is good value and worth the money. People comment on the durable materials and improved sleep quality.
  • Luxury Feel – People think the bed feels like a luxury hotel mattress. Customers say the top feels soft but there is plenty of support.
  • Pain Relief – Most customer reviews mention pain relief. People find their back pain goes away after sleeping on the mattress.
Top Rated Mattress
Brooklyn Signature Mattress Discounts

Brooklyn Signature Mattress Discounts

Save 25% off your Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress

Brooklyn Signature Mattress Customer Complaints

Some customers complain about the 30-night minimum trial period. Others mention a lack of pressure relief and temperature regulation.

  • Trial Period – Customers cannot return the mattress within the first 30 days. Some people find this ‘breaking in’ period problematic.
  • Temperature – Some customers said the mattress sleeps hot. The softer firmness options can sleep hotter than the firm.
  • Too Firm For Some – Firmness is sometimes an issue with this mattress. Many people like the overall feel. But some people find it too hard.

Good Edge Support - Pocket Coils Keep Sleepers Afloat

The mattress edge is supportive

Brooklyn Signature has good edge support. Most people find sleeping on the edge supportive.

Our testing found this to be true. Although some heavy people may need better edge support.

Brooklyn Signature Mattress Pricing And Dimensions

Brooklyn Signature is a great value buy. Customers get a quality mattress at a cheaper price than in-store brands. Multiple mattress sizes are available.

Swipe left to view more








Twin Extra Long (XL)












California King



Shipping & Payment

Shipping Method

Ships by FedEx

Where does the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress ship?

Mainland United States (Alaska & Hawaii extra cost)

White Glove Delivery

Not available

  • Brooklyn Signature ships by FedEx. Standard delivery is within 8 business days
  • Alaska and Hawaii delivery available from $125
  • White glove delivery is not available
  • Occasional delivery delays during busy periods

Buy Brooklyn Signature Online - Quickly & Securely

Shoppers can buy Brooklyn Signature online within minutes. The website has a secure online shop.

All major credit cards are accepted, as well as PayPal. Affirm finance is available for those who want to spread the cost.

Works With Most Bed Bases - And Adjustable Bases

The mattress is suitable for most bases

This mattress works fine with most bed bases. Brooklyn Bedding recommend using a box spring, solid platform, or metal frame.

Adjustable bases can also be used. Slatted bases should have narrow slats.

Although the mattress can be placed on the floor, this is not recommended.

Quick & Easy Setup - But The Mattress Is Heavy

The mattress is bit heavy and has a slight smell at first.

Brooklyn Signature ships compressed in a box. Customers should open the box and let the mattress expand.

There may be a slight smell at first. This is the mattress off-gassing. Any odor soon goes away.

Two people may be needed to carry the bed. The mattress is ready for use within 24 hours.

Should You Buy A Brooklyn Signature Mattress?

Shoppers looking for a quality, comfortable, and great value mattress should consider Brooklyn Signature. But buyers who like a classic memory foam feel should avoid.

Consider Before Buying:

  • Mattress Firmness – The mattress comes in 3 firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm. The medium firmness provides good comfort and support for most people.
  • Minimum Trial Period – Buyers get a 120-night risk-free trial. But there is a minimum 30-night trial period before returns are accepted.
  • Hybrid Design – The hybrid design has decent edge support and bounce. Most people stay afloat on the mattress. This is unlike memory foam beds that contour to the body.

Popular Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Alternatives

Frequently Asked Questions

The mattress works well to relieve back pain. Customers get lower back support and good spinal alignment. People report fewer aches and pains.

Side sleepers get good pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. The medium and soft options are best for side sleepers.

The mattress comes in three firmness options: soft, medium, and firm. The medium is 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

The Brooklyn Signature mattress is 11.5 inches in height.

Customers can sleep on the mattress within a few hours. But it is best to leave it 24 hours.

Brooklyn Signature is a hybrid mattress made from memory foam and pocket coils.

Customers can expect the mattress to last at least 8 years. There is a 10-year warranty to cover manufacturing faults and defects.

Few people report a smell. Any off-gassing odor will soon go away.

A third party courier handles returns. Brooklyn Bedding will help to arrange mattress collection. Most people find returns straightforward.

The mattress works with most bed bases. Including adjustable bases. Customers should place the bed on a supportive surface. Slats should be narrow (less than 3 inches apart).

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Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress review summary

Overall rating

4.8 out of 5
4.8 out of 5
Andy David
Rated & Review by Andy David
Side Sleepers
Back Pain
Company Reputation


An affordable luxury mattress that supports all body weights and sleeping positions


A minimum 30-night sleep trial before returns are accepted

Buy or not

Buy Brooklyn Signature for comfort, support, and value. People worried about the 30-night minimum trial should look elsewhere

Where To Buy The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress?

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About the author

Andy David
Andy David Mattress expert

Andy is the chief editor at Sleep Cupid. Andy researches and reviews leading mattress brands to help our readers get the right mattress and enjoy better rest.

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