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Best Pillows For Back Sleepers 2019

Andy David
Guide by Andy David
Pillow expert Updated Oct 2019

Top Picks

If you need more details, below are reviews for each pillow.


Layla Pillow is a quality pillow with shredded foam and kapok fill. Adjustable loft lets back sleepers personalize the feel.
  • Neck Pain Relief – There are many reports of neck pain relief. Back sleepers say they no longer wake up feeling stiff.
  • Copper Technology – The polyester-blend cover has copper-infused yarns. Copper is antimicrobial and helps with cooling.
  • Adjustable Fill – Back sleepers can remove or add to the fill. This allows customers to find the perfect feel.


  • Great choice for neck pain relief
  • Customizable loft (the cover unzips)
  • Good cooling for foam material


  • Off-gassing smell at first
  • Expensive price tag ($99+)
  • Removing the fill can be messy
Tuft & Needle is a great value memory foam pillow. Medium loft works well for back sleepers with neck pain.
  • Neck Pain Relief – Most back sleepers report neck pain relief. People say they wake up with less stiffness and pain.
  • Soft Yet Supportive – The pillow has a soft yet supportive feel. The average loft and firmness suit most back sleepers.
  • Keeps Shape Well – The proprietary foam material is responsive like latex. There is no need for constant re-fluffing.


  • Great value, high-quality pillow
  • Medium loft for back sleeping
  • Many reports of neck pain relief


  • Non-adjustable loft and firmness
  • Odor at first (but soon goes away)
  • Too expensive for budget shoppers
Avocado Green Pillow is a 100% organic pillow. It provides great support for back sleepers who snore.
  • Good Neck Alignment – The pillow has average loft and a medium-firm feel. Back sleepers get good neck alignment to prevent snoring.
  • 100% Natural Pillow – All the materials are 100% organic. This includes GOLS certified latex and GOTS organic cotton.
  • Competitive Price – For the quality of materials, the price is competitive. Back sleepers think the pillow is a great value buy.


  • Great neck support & alignment
  • Customizable fill (the cover unzips)
  • Non-toxic & hypoallergenic option


  • Can be too firm for some sleepers
  • Messy to remove the latex-kapok fill
  • May need re-fluffing regularly
Snuggle-Pedic Pillow is a great value, quality pillow. Shredded memory foam provides relief from neck and shoulder pain.
  • Great Pain Relief – Most customers say their neck and shoulder pain disappeared. Snugglepedic Pillow is highly rated for pain relief.
  • Adjustable Loft – Back sleepers like the adjustable loft. Customers can unzip the cover to personalize the feel.
  • Good Value – Compared the competitors, the pillow is a great value. Back sleepers think the pillow is well-made and affordable.


  • Soft yet supportive for back sleepers
  • Good reports of neck/back pain relief
  • Can be machine washed and dried


  • May need re-fluffing from time to time
  • Slightly heavier than some pillows
  • Minor odor at first (but this goes away)
Nest Easy Breather is a quality memory foam pillow. Back sleepers like how it contours to the head and neck.
  • Good Neck Support – Back sleepers report good neck support. The pillow keeps the neck and spine in perfect alignment.
  • CertiPUR-US Foam – The shredded memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified. No toxic chemicals are used in construction.
  • Customizable Loft – The pillow works for back sleepers of different body weights. Customers can remove or add to the fill to get the perfect feel.


  • Great quality, luxury foam pillow
  • Many reports of neck pain relief
  • Shredded foam is soft yet supportive


  • Above average price ($99+)
  • Spot clean only (no machine washing)
  • May need regular re-fluffing
Latex For Less is a great value, natural latex pillow. It sleeps cool and provides great neck support for back sleepers.
  • Great Neck Support – Many back sleepers report good neck support. Both fill options reduce neck pain and stiffness.
  • 100% Natural Materials – The pillow uses all-natural, OEKO-TEX certified latex. This works well for back sleepers with allergies.
  • 2 Fill Options – Shredded latex feels light and fluffy. But sleepers who like a firmer feel can choose solid latex.


  • Good support for back sleepers
  • Great temperature regulation
  • 100% non-toxic, natural materials


  • Too responsive for some people
  • The fill is non-adjustable
  • Heavier than some pillow brands
Brooklyn Shredded Foam Pillow is an affordable, good quality pillow. Back sleepers of different body weights report great support.
  • Great Value – Back sleepers enjoy the quality materials and affordable price. Most customers are happy with the great value.
  • Neck Pain Relief – Customers say their neck pain went away. There are many positive reports of pain relief.
  • Adjustable Loft – The cover unzips so customers can adjust the loft. Back sleepers can customize the height to get perfect support.


  • Excellent value and price ($44+)
  • Good support for most back sleepers
  • Fluffy yet supportive feel


  • Personalizing the loft can be messy
  • Can go flatter (needs re-fluffing)
  • Off-gassing odor (but goes away)

Best Pillows For Back Sleepers Buying Guide

Top 3 Shopping Tips For Back Sleepers

Before buying a pillow, consider neck support, loft/firmness, and materials. This will ensure good comfort and support when back sleeping.

Consider Before Buying:

Neck Support – Back sleepers need correct neck alignment. Pillows that conform well to the neck and head reduce aches and pains.

Loft & Firmness – Most back sleepers need average loft and firmness. But lightweight or heavy people may need taller or lower loft.

Material Type – Some pillow materials are fluffy and supportive. But others have a more solid feel. The best material depends on personal preferences.

Buyer’s Pro Tip

Andy David

Andy David

Choose a pillow that contours to the neck and head. Adjustable loft allows sleepers to fine-tune the level of support.

Andy David

Back Sleeping Pillows & Bodyweight

Bodyweight is an important factor. Some pillows work better for lightweight or heavier people.

Average loft and firmness work for most back sleepers. But pillows with adjustable loft give more flexibility.

Heavy Weight Sleepers: Heavy people sometimes need above-average loft. Especially back sleepers with a larger head and shoulders.

Average Weight Sleepers: Most average weight back sleepers like medium loft. This gives good neck and spine alignment.

Lightweight Sleepers: Lightweight back sleepers also prefer medium loft. But adjustable loft allows sleepers to find their perfect feel.

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Sleeping Position

Light Body Weight

Average Body Weight

Heavy Body Weight

Back Sleeper

Medium Loft

Medium Loft

Above Average Loft

Best Pillows For Neck & Shoulder Pain

Back sleepers often get neck and shoulder pain. Bad sleeping posture can lead to stiffness and other issues.

Supportive pillows contour well to the head, neck, and shoulders. They also keep the neck and spine in perfect alignment.

It is important to choose the right loft. Pillows that are too firm or soft can make neck and shoulder pain worse.

Back Sleeping Pillows & Cooling Features

Back sleepers who overheat should consider cooling features. These can reduce sweat and improve temperature regulation.

Natural latex is the best material for cooling. But graphite and gel-infused memory foam are affordable alternatives.

Pillows with good airflow and breathability keep sleepers cool. So consider pillows with breathable covers and cooling fill materials.

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Pillow Brand

Cooling Feature

Cooling Rating

Copper-infused yarns


Natural latex & organic cotton


Graphite-infused memory foam


Cooling bamboo-blend cover


Best Washable Pillows For Back Sleepers

It is also useful to consider pillow care details. Washable pillows are more convenient and improve hygiene.

Some pillow brands have removable, washable covers. Others may be completely washable or “spot clean only”.

A pillow protector can be a good investment. But note that these can reduce the level of cooling.

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Pillow Brand

Pillow Care

Cleaning Rating

Spot cleaning is best. Only machine wash if necessary


Spot clean only. Avoid machine washing or drying

 Not good

Machine wash and dry. Use a mild detergent for washing


Spot clean only. Do not machine wash or dry

 Not good

Frequently asked questions

Back sleepers get good support with average loft. But pillows with adjustable loft allow customers to personalize the height.

Memory foam and latex are popular materials. But some people like the fluffy feel of down.

Back sleepers usually like medium firmness. But this depends on personal preferences.

Good quality pillows are priced from around $50. But cheaper options are available for people on a budget.

Nearly all back sleepers need a pillow. Good neck support minimizes neck pain.

Firm pillows are comfortable for some back sleepers. But most people are happy with medium firmness.

Latex For Less Pillow and Snugglepedic Pillow are good for cooling. Natural latex pillows work best for temperature regulation.

Latex For Less Pillow is an affordable natural latex pillow. But also consider Avocado Green Pillow.

Latex and memory foam pillows are good for pain relief. But down is a good alternative.