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Nectar - Best Value Comfort?

Review by Andy David
Mattress expert Updated Jan 2020


  • Nectar provides fantastic value, comfort and support at an affordable price. It is a good quality memory foam mattress for budget shoppers.
  • The 365-night risk-free trial is the best in the industry. Customers can test the mattress then return it for a full refund. Nectar also comes with a lifetime warranty (most brands have a 10-year warranty).
  • Nectar is one of the best all-foam mattresses for heavy people. But sleepers over 250 lbs will need the support of a hybrid mattress. Lightweight side sleepers prefer softer options like Tuft & Needle.

The mattress is best for:

  • Budget Shoppers – The affordable price and quality materials make Nectar a great value. Since it ships in a box directly from the factory, budget shoppers save money. The mattress is cheaper than in-store brands of similar quality.
  • Average Weight Sleepers – Nectar works best for people of average body weight. It has good weight distribution to keep the body supported in all positions. High-density foams ensure sleepers stay afloat on the bed.
  • All Sleeping Positions – The mattress provides comfort and support for back, side, and stomach sleepers. Combination sleepers will also like Nectar. This is because the foam is responsive and easy to switch positions on.
  • Couples – Most couples will enjoy Nectar’s medium firmness and good support. The motion isolation is excellent for couples who toss and turn. People who switch positions during the night will not disturb their partner.
  • Back & Joint Pain – Nectar is a great option for back and joint pain sufferers. The mattress keeps the spine in alignment to prevent back pain. It also has good pressure relief to protect the hips and shoulders of side sleepers.

Who should avoid Nectar:

  • Obese People – Nectar has a 325 lb weight limit on each side of the bed. This supports people who are a bit overweight. But obese people will sink too far down and experience sagging.
  • Hot Sleepers – Memory foam as a material provides poor temperature regulation. Nectar’s gel memory foam helps with cooling. But hot sleepers get better cooling on hybrid or latex mattresses.
  • Sexually Active CouplesCouples who engage in sexual activity should avoid Nectar. All-foam mattresses have little bounce and weak edge support. Hybrid mattresses are a better option for sexually active couples.
  • Lightweight Side Sleepers – Nectar’s medium firmness is too firm for lightweight side sleepers. They need more cushioning to protect the hips and shoulders. A softer mattress like Tuft & Needle is an affordable alternative.
  • People Who Want American-Made – Nectar is made in China from high-quality materials. This makes it durable yet cheaper than most competitors. But people who prefer USA construction should consider Purple or Leesa.

Value & Durability

  • Nectar is more affordable and provides better comfort than most competitor brands. And since it ships in a box directly from the factory, there are fewer overheads. Customers get a great value mattress without breaking the bank.
  • The 11-inch thickness is above average for the price. This allows it to support a wider range of body weights and sleeping positions. Nectar is also a great option for couples on a budget who need extra durability.
  • The mattress will last anywhere between 5 and 8 years with regular use. But like all memory foam beds, the firmness will soften over time. Heavy people will experience more softening than lightweight sleepers.
  • Nectar’s 365-night risk-free trial is the best in the industry. Customers can test the bed at home then return it for a full refund. A lifetime warranty is also available and reflects the good quality materials.

Back & Joint Pain Relief

  • Nectar is a great choice for back pain sufferers. The materials gently contour to the lumbar area to protect the lower back. The mattress also gives side and stomach sleepers perfect spinal alignment (to minimize back pain).
  • The pressure relief is good for most side sleepers. But lightweight side sleepers find Nectar too firm. Softer mattresses like Tuft & Needle give lightweight sleepers better cushioning and protection for the joints.
  • Nectar is not good for heavy people with back pain. The mattress will sink too far down and sag over time. This leads to ongoing back pain complaints. Hybrid mattresses are a better option and keep heavy people afloat.


  • Medium firmness (6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale) is a good compromise for many couples. The soft yet supportive feel mixes pressure relief and back support. This works well for most body weights and sleeping positions.
  • The mattress has excellent motion isolation. Tossing and turning create almost zero vibration across the mattress surface. Couples can switch positions without disturbing their partner.
  • Nectar has weak edge support like most memory foam beds. But it is stronger than similar competitors. Couples who need good edge support should consider hybrid mattresses.
  • There is good weight distribution across the mattress surface. This helps to prevent sagging and keeps couples afloat. But heavy couples will need the support of a hybrid or latex mattress.


  • Nectar has decent cooling for a memory foam mattress. Gel memory foam helps to improve airflow (a common problem with foam beds). The materials work better than most competitors at this price point.
  • The mattress has a cover made from Tencel fabric. This is known for its great breathability and cooling properties. Sleepers will find the mattress cool to the touch and good at wicking away sweat.
  • Latex and hybrid mattresses are better at cooling than Nectar. Natural latex is temperature neutral and never overheats. Hybrid mattresses have pocket coils that improve airflow and temperature regulation.
  • Even with cooling technology, memory foam can still sleep hot. People who overheat should consider other brands. Good quality, affordable options include Latex For Less and Purple.


Nectar is more affordable and better value than Purple. The Purple Grid takes longer to adjust to than Nectar’s supportive foam feel.

Better Value & Durability – Nectar is cheaper and more durable than Purple. The 11-inch height gives greater stability and support. Purple’s 10-inch thickness is more prone to sagging, especially after regular use.

Shorter Adjustment Time – The Purple Grid layer is unique and takes a while to get used to. Nectar has a classic memory foam feel that feels soft yet supportive. Most types of sleepers will find Nectar easy to adjust to.

Longer Trial & Warranty – Nectar has a best-in-industry trial period and warranty. The company provides a 365-night risk-free trial and a lifetime warranty. Purple comes with a 100-night risk-free trial and 10-year warranty.

Chinese vs USA Manufacture – Nectar is made in China from high-quality materials. This makes it more affordable than Purple. People who want 100% USA construction should consider Purple, Tuft & Needle, or Leesa.

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Tuft & Needle has a similar firmness and price to Nectar. But Nectar is better value and comes with a longer trial and warranty.

Similar Price Tag – Both mattresses are great options for budget shoppers. Tuft & Needle is sometimes slightly cheaper than Nectar. But the cost depends on any discounts or sales the companies promote.

Both Medium Firmness – Medium firmness works well for most types of sleepers. But Nectar is a bit more firm than Tuft & Needle. This works better for back and stomach sleepers who need extra support.

Better Support & Durability – Nectar is more durable and supportive than Tuft & Needle. The 11-inch height supports a wider range of body weights. Nectar also has more layers and keeps its firmness for longer.

Better Trial & Warranty – Nectar’s 365-night risk-free trial is the best in the industry. The company also provides a lifetime warranty. Tuft & Needle comes with a 100-night risk-free trial and 10-year warranty.

Similar Cooling – Both options have decent cooling for memory foam. Nectar has 2 layers of gel-infused memory foam. Tuft & Needle has a mix of graphite and gel-infused foam. The cooling is better than traditional memory foam.

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Leesa is more expensive and responsive than Nectar. But Nectar’s taller height, longer trial and warranty make it a better value.

More Expensive – Nectar has a cheaper price tag than Leesa. But both mattresses are a great value buy. Budget shoppers should consider the pros and cons of each to ensure the best comfort and support.

All Sleeping Positions – Nectar and Leesa work well for back, side, and stomach sleepers. Both options have medium firmness to suit most individuals and couples. Heavy weight sleepers will find better support on hybrid mattresses.

Longer Trial & Warranty – Nectar gives customers a 365-night risk-free trial. A full refund is available if the mattress is unsuitable. Leesa provides a 100-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty.

More Responsive Feel – Leesa has a proprietary foam blend that feels similar to latex. Nectar has decent response but feels more like classic memory foam. Both mattresses provide great comfort and support for combination sleepers.

Thinner Height – Nectar’s 11-inch height is superior to Leesa’s 10 inches. This gives better support and stability. Heavy weight sleepers get more comfort and support on the Nectar mattress.

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Nectar’s high-density foam helps to minimize back pain. The mattress supports the lower back and keeps the spine aligned. But heavy weight sleepers will need the support of a hybrid mattress.

The mattress works well for side sleepers. Memory foam layers provide pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. But some lightweight sleepers need a softer mattress like Tuft & Needle.

Nectar has a medium firmness that suits most types of sleepers. It is rated 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Some sleepers can find Nectar too soft or too firm.

Nectar is 11 inches in height. This is above average for most memory foam beds at this price point. Competitor brands are usually 10 inches thick.

The mattress has decent cooling for memory foam material. Two layers of gel memory foam prevent trapped heat. But memory foam can still sleep too hot for some people.


Overall rating
4.7 out of 5
Rated & Review by
Andy David

Shoppers who like medium firmness and memory foam should consider Nectar. It provides great comfort and value at an affordable price. The 365-night risk-free trial is the best deal on the market.

Key reasons to buy and not buy:

  • Affordable Comfort – The mattress is affordable and a great value compared to competitor brands. There is good support for most body weights and sleeping positions.
  • Long Trial & Warranty – The 365-night risk-free trial is longer than all other competitors. There is also a lifetime warranty (most brands provide a 10-year warranty).
  • Heavy People Need Better SupportHeavy weight sleepers should avoid Nectar. The foam will sink too far down, leading to back pain.
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